Yoko Taro’s Next Game; Nier, Drakengard? Something New?!

Yoko Taro's next game.

The gaming world is reeling from the mind-baffling decisions and failures of Western game developers because of the tone-deaf executives in charge. Thankfully, we have legendary Japanese video game creators to give us entertaining, engaging, fun, and thought-provoking gaming experiences. Case-in-point: Mr. Yoko Taro’s next game is getting a tease in true Yoko Taro fashion. The quirky, eccentric, and insanely genius mastermind is once again tugging at our heartstrings. Because he knows exactly how to rile up his most devout fans.

That kind of talent is a rarity, and therefore we must cherish every moment we get to hear from this guy. His games and the philosophy he incorporates within them have a weird, and bizarre vibe in them. The emotional beats hit you like a freight train. You’re left with feels that’ll make you bawl your eyes out. So, without further ado, let’s first discuss the news and then begin the entertaining bit where we speculate on it. Let’s roll~

What Is Yoko Taro’s Teasing Exactly For His Next Game?

Yoko Taro's next game is a mystery.

Yoko Taro is one man that always grabs ourattention in a positive way. Recently he declared that the first major blockbuster from Korean developer Shift UP, Stellar Blade is much better than his own game Nier Automata. That’s some high praise folks, and the hype for Stellar Blade was and still is unreal. It’s so grand that people want more of it. To the point that we were scampering to quickly assemble a list of games like Stellar Blade.

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So, anyway, back to the subject of Yoko Taro’s next game. He’s not directly spoken about his new game project recently, but there’re more than a few rumor rumblings. The first one’s from the producer of Nier, Mr. Yosuke Saito, who is also an executive officer at Square Enix.

His recent interview with Famitsu which Gematsu generously translated, provided some juicy teases.

Game Creator Yosuke Saito’s Interview With Famitsu Hints Vaguely At Next Nier

First let’s look at the exact wording Mr. Yosuke is using.

“I’ve (Yosuke Saito) been talking about wanting to do something with Yoko (Taro) and Okabe (Keeichi; he’s a composer for video game soundtracks) for some time now.”

For context, Mr. Yoko Taro is a man who needs no introduction, right? However, the one doing the interview is a former producer with time at Capcom under his belt. In case you didn’t know, Capcom is 2023’s Meta-Critic Publisher Of The Year. But before y’all get too buzzing, the man’s conducting an interview here and is involved with NetEase directly in the video game creation but not in this particular collaborative effort.

Circling back to the people in the statement, Mr. Yasuke Saito is speaking of his wish to collaborate with Yoko Taro and Keeichi Okabe. The latter is a composer whose work speaks for itself with Nier, Tekken, and other Japanese gaming soundtracks.

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Now, let’s get into what Mr. Yosuke Saito is hinting at working together with them. Mr. Yosuke Saito continues:

“I’ll have something a bit more put-together to say in the not-too-distant future, so please stay tuned. It might be NieR, it might not be NieR (Laughs) That’s about all I can say for now… ”

Darn it! We wanna know more!!… This is the part which got our ears all twitchy, folks. ‘Cause the possibility of proper Nier sequel is making our mouths water (no, mobile games, do not count!). We so badly want this to be NieR!

What Could Be The Next Game Involving Yoko Taro’s Genius?

Let the guessing commence.

Alright, let’s get to the fun part now. It’s time to play the guessing game to find out more ’bout what exactly is Yoko Taro’s dream team working on next. Well, let’s look at the contenders for this one. Some have a greater chance than others, but then again nothing with Yoko Taro you never really know. He does nothing exactly within the ordinary range, in case you hadn’t noticed…

The guy wears a creepy mask 24/7 of a fictional character from his own games whenever he’s in public. Yeah, no one’s ever got a glimpse of what he really looks like, either. He’s quirky like that. In fact, quite a few Japanese game creators have some form of direct and outlandish traits.

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But, yeah, now let’s get into the likely franchises that could be the one to get a new entry.

1.) Nier Is The Best Bet

NieR is clearly the best choice for Yoko Taro's next game.

So, the first and the most sensible choice for Yoko Taro’s next game is NierR. It is one of our favorite video game series that we absolutely adore, which we want a sequel to. Seriously, the existential dilemmas, the blurring of the lines of morality, and how you won’t get the complete picture until you play through the game multiple times are surreal and timeless. NieR thrives in such content, and it’s all thanks to Yoko Taro’s vision for every game he makes. The sheer depth of the lore and how things can drastically change in the finale as you make different choices, it is just chef’s kiss~

The post-apocalyptic backdrop, with a bleak outlook for humanity, gives the NieR games a unique aesthetic. Then there’s the gameplay element itself. The game requires some degree of skill, but the easier difficulty options provide a much more accessible experience. Prepare the tissues, though, ‘cause the stories of the NieR games are some real tear-jerkers. You’ll regret your actions in fighting the enemies, especially the bosses, which have tragic origins. You’ll appreciate Yoko Taro’s genius once you realize the narrative’s subtle changes in subsequent playthroughs. The maddening quest to obtain the ridiculous extra endings is the extra layer of silliness we need.

Of course, we’re just guessing here, but by brand recognition alone, this one’s a no-brainer. Then again Square Enix isn’t doing so hot lately, with their recent $140 million loss. There’re multiple in-development games that got scope reductions. Some projects were even outright canceled, too. This stems from the profit-first approach of the company. Square Enix is ditching the exclusivity of all future games, including Final Fantasy, for a multi-platform approach. So… the concerning part is how much freedom, or lack thereof will, Yoko Taro’s next game operate with.

2.) Drakengard Is The Unlikely Choice For Yoko Taro’s Next Game But It Is Worth Mentioning

Next up, we got the throwback video game series from Yoko Taro’s wacky mind. We’re talking ‘bout Drakengard, the original mind-breaking and disturbing RPG franchise of Yoko Raro. This isn’t hyperbole, people. The Drakengard games were so much divisive and yet had an intriguing allure to them. Especially if you’re like us and love amazing JRPGS to lose yourself in. Fun fact: the original NieR game is actually a spin-off of the first Drakengard game’s joke ending. Go figure~ Also, in comparison between NieR and the Drakengard games, NieR is much… much tame. Trust us when we say the Drakengard series is such an unapologetic and freaky one that’ll make you question your sanity.

The characters are all unhinged, and their backstories and motivations are shady. Every ending leads to new and even more dark truths and outcomes. Even the NPCs feel like they’re not regular people. It’s the entire state of the world itself. Hell, the game literally tells the main character to satiate his bloodlust in one of the levels. That means to kill enemies until he gets the urge out of his system. Yoko Taro, during his earlier interviews for Drakengard was talking more in-depthly about this kind of thing.

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He wanted to highlight how horrific it must seem to the protagonist’s enemies that a man keeps killing their fellow soliders and is taking pleasure in the act, too. It’s edgy, it’s dark, and all kinds of unnerving. The Drakengard series doesn’t shy away from overtly salacious content, too. But it’s nowhere near the wholesome and spicy combo with feel-good moments like in our favorite steamiest dating simulator romance games with great stories. No, even the mature depiction of adult acts has frightening undertones.

3.) A Mobile Title Is Not Desirable But It Is A Likely Possibility

A mobile game is not what we want but we might get.

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the true hardcore RPG franchises with the most potential to be Yoko Taro’s next game, let’s discuss the worst case scenario. We hope to high heaven this isn’t the case, but we gotta consider the possibility, too. **Sigh** look, we’re primary console gamers who love indie and big budget AAA blockbuster titles. We occasionally enjoy non-wifi mobile games that are playable without internet, on the go. But the fact is, having Yoko Taro devote time and energy to a mobile titles is gonna be shocking and underwhelming. He’s done it in the past, so it’s not entirely impossible it might be just that again, given Square Enix’s troubles.

We’re hoping this isn’t the case, but in life, we hardly get everything we ever want, right? With the state of the video game industry and rising costs, developing for mobile is by far the economical option. It’s a sad, bitter truth that we gotta accept otherwise, we’re just gonna delude ourselves. So, if it’s a mobile title with gaccha mechanics and other crappy monetization gimmicks, we’ll rant and rage. But, ultimately, it’s not something we’ll end up playing. These kinds of games aren’t for us.

What’s funny is that earlier this year, Yoko Taro even poked fun at the audience, giving them some hope before trolling them at a concert in London. He asked the public to show their enthusiasm for a new NieR game. The crowd was showering him with applause, which he then masterfully got them to go quiet, too. He was teasingly referencing the word ’Repent’ multiple times during the show. The first ‘e’ in repent flashed three times, and during the final time, the word’s font changed to ‘R3pent’. Now, we’re no Sherlock Holmes, but come on, this is a dead giveaway, right?! Except one problem… the is a mobile game sequel to Nier Automata… which could be the reference… **sigh** like we said, not big on this one.

4.) A Brand New IP Is Something That Is The Most Riskiest Move But Could Pay Off

Maybe something new?

Look, it’s obvious, this is probably just wishful thinking, but hear us out, yeah? Perhaps Yoko Taro’s next game involves nothing of his previous works. Maybe the man is gonna branch out to do something new, and that’s why the vague hints and teasing instead of outright admitting it? The goal is to test the waters, and see if there’s enough interest for something different from before. If that is the case, we gotta say, we don’t mind that at all.

It could even be a remake of previous games, and we certainly won’t mind that one bit. Given how remakes are a mixed bag but a hot trend these days. There’re certainly bad eggs, too, like the ones in our list of the worst video game remakes of all time. However, there are some awesome ones, too like the Lollipop Chainsaw Remake reveal that’s set to sizzle the summer of of 2024. Anyway, if Yoko Taro’s not working on a remake, and it’s something new instead, then Yoko Taro is going to blow our minds with it.

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We’re pretty darn sure that in this situation of a new IP, the brand is Yoko Taro himself. His name attachment to the project is the assurance of quality. Gamers trust him to deliver unforgettable and depressing yet thought-provoking philosophical experiences through his games. The new IP could be something over-the-top or mellow with dark and blek undertones. Perhaps a combination of both will be best. Whichever route he goes with, it’ll be an unforgettable journey, and we look forward to it.

Final Thoughts

Well, there y’all have it, folks. Our coverage and hottake on Yoko Taro’s next game. What do you all make of it? We sure are pretty esctatic ’bout it, but we wanna hear from you. Do you share our enthusiasm or do you feel like you’re burned out on Yoko Taro’s style of gaming? Either way, tell us your thoughts and feelings on it in the comments down below. Personally, we don’t think we can ever tire of seeing what Yoko Taro has to offer. His status is that of a legend in the industry, and we really are thankful for all his contrubutions to gaming.

Now, before we take off, we’d like to point you toward another key figure of Japanese gaming. It’s regarding another legend of the video game industry who’s work is just as invaluable. We’re referring to Mr. Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, The Evil Within, he recently explained his decision to leave Tango Gameworks. You know, the studio that Microsoft shutdown in it’s meltdown disaster. But anyway, we cover his responses which make for a fascinating read, so take a look. We’ll see y’all next time, folks. We’ll update you as soon as we can with new infor on Yoko Taro’s next game.


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