Elsewhere Entertainment Activision Studio For New AAA Games

Elsewhere Entertainment Studio by Activision.

Welp, it looks like we’re officially in the next chapter of Xbox, with Activision opening up a new studio, Elsewhere Entertainment. Sure, we’re still sour and raging from the Microsoft disaster that saw 4 Xbox Game Studio shutdowns. Hell, adding more fuel to the fire is the dangling sword of more Xbox Studio shutdowns and the price hike of Xbox Game Pass on the cards. But, we’re positive peaches here.

We just love finding that elusive silver lining and hope that things take a turn for the better. We got some flicker of good news this week, too, with some juicy Xbox game scoops. It got us buzzing with excitement ‘cause it shows there’s some fight left in the Xbox brand. It’s better for gamers all around when there is competition. Now, with the rapid-fire opening of a studio by Activision, it seems Microsoft is showing seriousness in competing in the gaming market. Good! Now, let’s talk ‘bout this new studio.

Why Did Activision Green-Lit Elsewhere Entertainment Studio?

Elsewhere Entertainment Activision Studio.

So, what’s the deal with this new Activision studio, Elsewhere Entertainment? The short answer? Microsoft finally is realizing they need aggression to win players over. The long answer is that after years of getting trounced by Sony and Nintendo in the first-party offerings, they’re finally getting it. They need to foster and nurture homegrown IPs and not just throw money at their problems. 

The demand for AAA blockbuster titles akin to the greatest action games of all time is at an all-time high. So is the desire for games that tell riveting stories that offer emotional and complex narratives. Now, after seeing this market’s demand, Microsoft’s big brain energy finally clicked that light bulb in the executives over at the corporate side. Well, better late than never, ‘cause while we’re on the subject, Microsoft! If you’re reading this, we’ve got a bunch of Xbox classic games that deserve remakes. You’re sitting on a gold mine of IPs, for cryin’ out loud!

What a shocker, right? Gamers want good games, not gimmicky trend-chasing lifeless and soulless live-service crap! If only the morons at WB Games who are all in for embracing the live-service model for games get this message, too. But what do they do instead? Mr. WB Game CEO Blames Rocksteady Studios for his own failure, which is just pathetic. But… anyway, we’re focusing on the happy place right now that is Elsewhere Entertainment Studio. So, the statement for the studio by Activision speaks of the vision behind it.

“The new team (Elsewhere Entertainment Studio, by Activision) headquartered in Poland, with additional resources in U.S.is exclusively focused on creating a new narrative-based, genre-defining AAA franchise.”

Now, this right here… this is what we’re talking ‘bout! We want more AAA franchises. Excuse us while we do our happy dance!

What Type Of Franchise Is The New Team Going To Work On?

This step feels like an Uncle Phil Spencer move.
Would be great if Uncle Phile sheds some light here.

Alright, alright, now that we know the why, let’s find out the what. Just what kind of franchise will the new Activision studio, Elsewhere Entertainment will create? This one’s a toughie, but they’re packing some serious talent here. In the mission statement that Activision released, there are some credentials of the staff’s creditors. It reads something like this:

*Disclaimer: the parentheses are our opinions inserted into the statement~

“The talent at Elsewhere Entertainment consists of a collection of storytelling experts whose credits include The Last Of Us… (meh…), Uncharted… (Yay!), The Witcher (Awesome!), Cyberpunk 2077 (Dang~), Destiny (…no), Tom Clancy’s The Division… (couldn’t care less), and Far Cry (whatever… 3’s still the G.O.A.T in the series).”

Now if we were to hazard a guess, it’s that not everyone was at the lead role in these mentioned games. Some were just part of the team taking directions from those in-charge. Others might just be there to pitch ideas that may or may not have gotten included in the final version of the games. The point we’re making here is that there is too much guess-work and not a lot of concrete info, right now.

Hopefully, that changes soon in the future. Also, whoever is in charge here gets the freedom to direct as they please without corporate tying their hands. Seriously, Western studios need to get their act together. Those with the passion and drive for narrative-driven games need to be brought into the fold, too. If not full time, then as consultants.

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Final Thoughts

That wraps up our coverage of Activision and their new studio, Elsewhere Entertainment. We gotta say Microsoft’s track record for keeping promises is not great. They’ve consistently just overpromised and severely underdelivered the past two gaming generations. However, now’s the do-or-die situation for their gaming division and the Xbox brand itself. It’s not encouraging that corporate keeps strongarming Phil Spencer and Co. to gift Xbox exclusives to the rival consoles. But, if they keep their word and make owning an Xbox worthwhile by flooding their fans with exclusive games, they might convince us they still have some skin in the game.

That’s our take anyway, and we firmly believe that it’s the only way Xbox is justified to exist. This new studio, hopefully, a sign of more to come, is a positive indication that Microsoft will tackle Sony and Nintendo head-on in the coming years. What do you think of this step by Microsoft? Do you think that it’s the correct path forward? Frankly, we’re still salty that this studio opening is coming off the heels of Tango and Arkane Austin closures. It just leaves a sense of ill will on Microsoft’s part. Tell us your thoughts on the whole collective issue at large in the comments below. We wanna see what others make of it. Anyway, that’s all we got for y’all; we’ll catch you later with more hot takes and gaming lists real soon. Until next time, take care, stay safe, and happy gaming, everybody!


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