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Warzone: Latest XM4 Buffs Make It Even More Deadly

Call of Duty: Warzone is thriving as the days are passing by. Its player base is ascending on daily basis and the community is getting bigger. With this increasing hype, it receives consistent patch updates to keep the game balanced and make it the best experience for players. On July 2nd, Warzone received a new […]Read More

NICKMERCS Wants Warzone Devs To Create Better Maps

Although Activision keep things running by handing out timely updates and patch notes, Warzone hasn’t seen an entirely different chapter yet. That is exactly why famous Call of Duty Pro Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is calling on the devs to add more POIs and make better maps. Warzone’s recent update introduce quite a lot to the […]Read More

Warzone Broken Ping System Is Causing Serious Frustration

The live ping system in Warzone play a crucial role when it comes to marking opponents and ensuring kills. However, players have been reporting issues with live ping like it completely disappears or just doesn’t register sometimes. An ineffective ping system can not only cause problems in communication but can also affect the overall performance […]Read More

Warzone Might Be Getting A New WW2 Themed Map

According to reports, Raven Software might be working on introducing a new map into Warzone. This map could be drawing its inspiration from the latest Call of Duty 2021 that will soon be releasing with a World War II theme map. If rumors are to be believed than the latest franchise of Call of Duty […]Read More

Warzone Season 4 Set For Major Reveal At Summer Game

Warzone Season 4 is on the horizon and players will soon get a first look at the upcoming season at the Summer Game Fest 2021. Players are quite eager to find out what the next season holds in store for them. Fortunately, we have gathered everything you need to know about the big reveal. Starting […]Read More

Call of Duty: Unreleased Warzone Map Gets Leaked

At the start of 2021, it was said the Raven Software is going to replace Warzone’s Verdansk map with something entirely different. Although these were just rumors at that time. Some leaked images appeared here and there but they did not make a ruckus. All of this made leakers from all over the world really […]Read More

Warzone World Records For Most Kills In All Formats

Back in March 2020, when Warzone went live, no one knew it would become this big of a sensation in esports. But thanks to the continuous efforts of the devs, Warzone become one of the most successful games in less than two years. Recently, the integration of Warzone with Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold […]Read More

Warzone: Tier List Of 10 Most Favorite Picked Weapons

It is almost impossible for the weapon’s meta to stay the same after an update in Warzone. Since the Season 3 Reloaded update is in full swing, the title’s arsenal has changed once again. Here’s the latest list of the top 10 most favorite weapons in Warzone. Although Warzone has a wide range of weapons […]Read More