Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale Walkthrough

Dragon's Dogma 2 A Beggar's Tale Walkthrough
Dragon's Dogma 2 A Beggar's Tale Walkthrough

A Beggar’s Tale is an amusing sidequest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 in which you have to investigate a beggar, as the quest name alludes. One of the strongest areas of the Game of the Year contender Dragon’s Dogma 2 is its side quests that aside from giving a lot of player choice, have very interesting self-contained stories.

A popular side quest is A Beggar’s Tale in which you have to investigate a beggar who seems to be earning coin far more than he possibly could as a beggar. There are three ways to complete this quest, with all three having different rewards. While we’ll share all three, we recommend doing it the first way as it rewards you best.

Preliminary Work (No Path Choices)

Benton in A Beggar’s Tale sidequest

Travel to the Merchant Quarter in Vernworth and just around the town square, you’ll find the NPC Benton through whom this side quest will start. Benton explained that he heard about a beggar who was ‘doing well for himself’, so he came out here to investigate but was unsuccessful in finding out anything of substance. Benton points out how the beggar is not doing much of any work which asks the question about how is he supposedly doing well according to the rumors.

Now it is on you to investigate and find out the source of this beggar’s riches and that is if the rumours are true. You can either wait around and follow the beggar or skip until night. When you come back at night, you’ll notice that the beggar has already gone.

Walter’s Tavern – A Beggar’s Tale

The beggar will now be hanging out at Walter’s Tavern from where he will run away after he notices you. As you follow the beggar, you will be brought outside a house whose door is locked. Don’t worry as soon the beggar will be coming out with a change of clothes interestingly. If you try to open the door now, it will be unlocked and you can gain access to the house.

When inside, you’ll notice that the beggar has left his torn garb here. After retrieving it, there are three possible quest paths you can choose from.

Beggar’s Garb – A Beggar’s Tale

1. Give the Beggar’s Garb to Hilda

Hilda is the beggar’s noble wife and she can be found in the Noble Quarter. As you give the garb to her, she is not convinced that her husband is acting as a beggar in the town because he refuses to do an honest day’s work. Nevertheless, she decides to use the garb to test her husband’s reaction to it and find out the truth through it. When you return to Hilda after a day, she sounds very happy as her husband immediately went off to work after seeing his beggar outfit lying around the house, and he has been working properly since. As a reward for indirectly helping out the city, Hilda will give you three onyx gems.

2. Give the Beggar’s Garb to Celina

Celina is Albert’s mistress in the slums. She can be found back at Walter’s Tavern. When you talk to her, she refuses to believe this tale as she completely trusts her husband Albert. However, she says that she can’t deny that the garments the Arisen has brought are Albert’s. Therefore, she decided to visit the place where we found these garments to investigate for herself. Visit the house that you initially found the garb in after a day and you will find that Celina has sadly killed Albert and then proceeded to kill herself. While this was a somber quest path, you will be receiving 3000 Gold and a Noonbloom.

3. Return the Beggar’s Garb to the Beggar

If you don’t feel good about stealing Albert’s ‘precious’ garments, you can return them to him back at his house in the Common Quarters. Visit Albert a day or two after you stole the Garb. As you talk with him, he begs you not to disclose anything that you have learned and runs away with the garb after giving you 5000 gold as a bribe.

Of these three quest paths, we recommend the first because you can sell the three Onyx Gems for 7200 Gold which means it gives you the best rewards. Secondly, it looks like the best outcome out of the three from a moral standpoint, especially against the grim Cilda path.

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