Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller, Everything We Know, So Far

Well, howdy, fellow Team Green fans! Are y’all bummed ’bout the whole Microsoft disaster from last week? The follow-up was even worse since there’re more Xbox Game Studios shutdowns on the cards, too. But worry not; we come bearing some positive news on the hardware front from Microsoft. Well… we say news, but until it’s official, it’s speculation. Anyway, today, we’re gonna talk ’bout the elusive Xbox Elite Series 3 controller and what you need to know regarding it.

Since, apparently, Microsoft doesn’t wanna bother with it, we’ll just compile the facts ourselves. We’re gonna give our take on how the new Elite Series 3 is gonna end up. Seriously, Microsoft, get your act together; don’t ignore the enthusiastic paying customers. Anyway, let’s not waste more time and kick things off; here we go!

When Will The Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller Launch Exactly?

No release window yet for Xbox Elite 3 Series controller.
While we don’t have the whole picture, speculating sure is fun ’bout it.

Believe it or not, even though Microsoft is being extremely lazy with its marketing push for the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller, it is gonna drop. It’s a question of when not if. But the problem is when to expect its release date. While there’s no chatter or even insider leaks ’bout it, we’re pretty sure we can narrow it down somewhat. The yearly hardware refresh by Microsoft isn’t that much of a thing, and thank goodness for that. ‘Cause it’ll be a permanent strain on the wallet, otherwise.

So, going all the way back to E3 2019, we got to see and learn more ’bout the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Before that, the Xbox Elite Series 1 was first announced in 2015. This means there are significant gaps between them. This is good for gamers who wanna spend their saving on one piece of hardware that’ll see them through a console generation. So, it’s the 4-year mark in 2024, and the time is ripe for the next iteration of the Xbox Elite Series to come out. So, we kinda figure it’ll happen sometime this year, and if not, next year for sure.

Since Microsoft hasn’t officially announced anything yet, we can’t say exactly when the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller will launch. All we have to go on is that Elite series controllers are the perfect accessory for gamers who want durable, more performance-centric hardware. This is especially true for competitive gamers in e-sports. Or, hell, even casual players who just want to game with their buddies and show off their maaad skills. So, if you’re someone who hasn’t dipped their toes yet with the Elite Series, we recommend getting the Xbox Elite Series 2 or waiting it out for the new one. It’s up to you.

What Specs Will The New Controller Have?

Xbox Controller spec speculation.
New features along with older ones is the key to making customers happy.

Now, we’re pretty sure, the phrase can’t improve upon perfection fits with the Elite Series 2 Xbox controller. But then that begs the question: what can the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller do to one-up its predecessor? The short answer is not much. But there are a couple of nitpicks with the previous iteration that the newer one can address. So, let’s bring them up and put them under the spotlight, shall we?

  • The Weight – One of the common complaints of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is that it’s on the heavier side. What the new iteration can do is keep it mostly the same way but reduce the weight component. This will help gamers focus more and not use up a lot of energy during crunch moments in games. The user-experience will improve significantly because of the lighter weight. But truly, the best option would be if they added in weight adjustability.
  • Paddles & Customizable Thumbsticks – Of course, it’s a freaking controller, so it’s gonna have those smooth-feeling paddles and customizable thumbsticks. They can only improve in quality and feel. If they eliminate drift altogether, then it’s the perfect upgrade. Oh, and more customization options, please.
  • Extended Battery, Bluetooth Integration, Built-In Speaker – The whole modern quirks of the previous Xbox Elite Series 2 controller should be a given that they’ll be in Series 3, too. The battery life, in particular, is a gripe many players have, so if it’s somehow more extensive and has a backup mode, that would be dope.

How Much Will The Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller Cost?

How much will it cost?
We need those colors and variants for the controllers, Microsoft, so make it happen!

So, now we come to the big question surrounding the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller: the cost. Simply put, a good price is essential for securing goodwill and word-of-mouth from the customer base. For our money, we strongly believe Microsft will stick the landing with the features and improvements. But the price can be quite steep for premium or high-end products like the Elite Series.

Since there’s no official word on the price-point for the Elite Series 3 controller, we can estimate it. Now, we have a strong inclination that the cost of the new controller will be around the $200 mark. Of course, we could be way off, and the price exceeds a staggering $250 or even $300 too. It wouldn’t be surprising if it happened, even if it disappoints us. The problem is the lack of information from Microsoft’s end. It’s like they just don’t care they’re leaving money on the table.

But, whatever the case, we’re certainly saving up for that bombshell of an announcement to drop. When Microsoft does wake up, we suspect, it’ll be quite a surprise for most gamers. So, do the smart thing and set aside some moola for whenever we get the inevitable launch of the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller. Now, if only Microsoft could arrange for some actual first-party games to go along with the Xbox home console, we’d be golden.

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Final Thoughts

Well, that’s our speculative talk on the elusive Xbox Elite Series 3 controller, folks. We realize not a lot of info’s been dropped by Microsoft, which is a darn shame. It’s the one piece of Xbox hardware that constantly helps our gaming experience get better. But other than that, Microsoft’s got nothin’ much to show us. So, do you agree with our assessments for the new controller? Or do you feel it’ll be radically different from its previous versions? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below; we’d love to hear your input on this one. In fact, mention which controller do you usually use for gaming, too. Let’s compare notes, yeah?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Xbox, you might wanna take a gander at our piece focusing on Uncle Phil Spencer’s decade milestone at Microsoft. Give it a read; it’s got tons of bits that highlight the important questions regarding the uncertainty surrounding the Xbox brand. If you’re looking for more tech-related pieces, we recently made a list of the top 5 gaming mice to play CS2 like a pro; you can take a gander at them. Alrighty, then, that’s gonna do it for now, but before we go, we just wanna say that we appreciate your feedback and love interacting with our readers. So, until next time, folks, take care, stay safe, and happy gaming, everybody!

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