eSports and its synergy with Bitcoin SV blockchain technology continues

Within the last few weeks the meeting of minds between eSports and blockchain technology have found a mutually beneficial path. Blockchain eSports operator Kronoverse uses the Bitcoin SV chain for three main reasons; it is the only blockchain that can scale to handle huge amounts of data; rewards can be given to players via micro-transactions […]Read More

Overwatch’s New Competitive Mode Now Out On PS4

After about a week, Blizzard has finally added Competitive Mode to the PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch. Competitive was already out for the PC version of the game. As they needed verification from the developers of Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions were expected to come out later this week. But it […]Read More

Secret Becomes Third Team to Withdraw From Nanyang Championship

The Nanyang Championship (NYC) is one of the SEA’s biggest DOTA 2 tournaments, where top teams from all over the world come and compete at Shanghai. As the qualifiers for season 2 approach a conclusion, three of the directly invited teams have already withdrawn from the tournament. Originally, Fnatic was the first one to withdraw […]Read More

Street Fighter V Breaks Registration Records for EVO 2016

After only a few days since the registrations opened, Street Fighter V has broken registration records at Evolution Championship Series. More than 5,000 people have signed up to play in EVO 2016 this July. This makes it the largest tournament in EVO history. But it doesn’t stop with the large number of entrants. EVO 2016 will also […]Read More

The International 2016 Prize Pool Hits Yet Another Milestone

The qualifiers for The International 2016 are over, and it seems like Valve is moving onto the next step. The developers are making final adjustments to the patch and Valve is focusing on the prize pool for the main event, which, by the way, may just break last year’s record of $18 million. With the […]Read More

Rumors Suggest KnOxXx to Join Rogue, Replaced by ToxikeN at

As the competitive scene for Overwatch is rapidly shaping up, we can notice some changes to major teams. Notably, there were rumors of frenchman Joshua ‘ToxikeN’ Campos leaving Rogue to go and join Creation eSports. Rogue in return would sign up Jean-Lous ‘KnOxXx’ Boyer, a former team member of Creation eSports. KnOxXx used to be a top-tier Team […]Read More

Evil Geniuses’ DOTA 2 Roster May Be Rebuilt Around Captain

Following today’s replacement of w33 and MiSeRy from Team Secret with Arteezy and UNiVeRsE, there is naturally a void of two players in Team Evil Geniuses’ DOTA 2 roster. Arteezy and UNiVeRsE were two core players from EG, playing positions 2 and 3 respectively. Even though Arteezy was not with the team when it won The […]Read More

Team Secret Stuns Fans With Last Minute Roster Changes

There’s only 4 days left before the roster lock for the Manila Major season. Team Secret has made some notable changes to their roster, by adding in UNiVeRsE and Arteezy to the team. Team Secret previously comprised of Puppey, MiSeRy, w33, EternaLEnVy and PieLieDie. What was a top-tier stable roster has been dismantled as w33 and […]Read More

Permanent eSports Channel May Be Launched In Asia By ASTRO

There is a chance that ASTRO Malaysia Holding Bhd, Malaysia’s highest paid TV operator is ready to launch a permanent Esports based channel. The company has already taken a step towards hosting Esports shows on TV as it does screen major Esport events on channel 808. The popularity of that channel has possibly made ASTRO […]Read More

Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov Featured In TEDxTTÜ 2016

Two days ago, Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov, pro player and captain of Team Secret, gave a speech at TEDxTTÜ, where he spoke about a lot of topics including life as a pro player and the development of DOTA 2 and eSports in general. “Society expects people to go through the stable steps in life. You know, mid […]Read More