TWT 2023 Global Finals: Arslan Ash Wins Tekken World Tour 2023, Ending An Era of Tekken 7 eSports

Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Final Winner Arslan Ash - TWT 2023 Arslan Ash - TWT 2023 Finals Bracket

The TWT 2023 Global Finals are finally over. The Top 8 TWT 2023 competitors from across the globe were gunning for the Grand Finals. The competition consisted of TWT 2023’s Top 8 Contenders for the Finals Bracket, including Arslan Ash( Two-Time Tekken EVO Japan Champion), ULSAN, CBM, and LowHigh in the Semi-Finals. At the bottom tier, in the Loser’s Bracket, Rangchu, Knee, AO, and JeonDDing were trying to scrape their way somehow to the Winner’s Finals.

Arslan Ash won the Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Global Finals (TWT 2023 Global Finals) by a landslide, decimating LowHigh in the semifinals and wiping the floor with ULSAN in the Winner’s Finals. Climbing out of the loser’s bracket, CBM made his way to the Grand Finals, in hopes of becoming the Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Champion.

Ultimately, Pakistan’s Arslan Ash won the TWT 2023 World Tour Grand Finals and won The First Prize of $50,000.

Katsuhiro Harada, Creator of Tekken, and Michael Murray, Producer of the Tekken Project, congratulated him on stage with the Golden Iron Fists, the winner’s trophy for Tekken World Tour 2023.

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Tekken World Tour 2023 – TWT 2023 Finals Bracket:

Tekken World Tour 2023 - TWT 2023 Arslan Ash - TWT 2023 Finals Bracket

The TWT 2023 Finals Bracket started With Aslan Ash at the top spot, ranked number 1 Globally going up against LowHigh.
Following suit, the second matchup for the Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Winner’s Semifinals featured CBM and ULSAN of Team KDF going up against each other.

Moving down to the Loser’s Finals, all hope was not lost as the remainder of The Final Top 8 Tekken Globalists were hoping to crawl their way out of the Loser’s Bracket and make their way to the Winner’s Finals.

Losers Round One of TWT 2023 Global Finals featured Varrel’s Rangchu and DRX’s Knee facing off. The next face-off was between GYOGUN’s AO and DH CNJ’s JeonDDing.

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TWT 2023 Global Finals – Winner’s Semifinals

TWT 2023 CBM  - TWT 2023 Semifinals

Tekken World Tour 2023 Semifinals: ULSAN vs CBM

The Top 4 contenders duked it out in the semifinals, with CBM facing off with ULSAN from South Korea. ULSAN managed to edge his way out to the winner’s finals, while CBM was dropped to the Loser’s Bracket to face off against AO from Japan in Loser’s Round 2.

Tekken World Tour 2023 Semifinals: LowHigh vs Arslan Ash

Arslan Ash, Two-Time Tekken EVO Japan winner, went up against LowHigh in the Semifinals. Things didn’t seem so good for Arslan Ash with Noctis as LowHigh swept the floor with him in the first set using Bryan Fury.

Arslan switched things up with Kunmitsu and dominated LowHigh, winning two sets in a row, guaranteeing his venture to the Winner’s Finals.

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TWT 2023 Global Finals – Losers Bracket

Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals  Loser's Bracket

Loser’s Bracket – Rangchu vs Knee

Rangchu and Knee, both from South Korea, faced off as Julia and Bryan Fury. Rangchu took the lead in the first set, but Knee made a quick comeback in the second set. Things didn’t work out in Knee’s favor as Rangchu decimated Knee by 3-0 in the third set.

Loser’s Bracket Round – AO vs JeonDDing

AO and JeonDDing faced off in the second part of Loser’s Bracket of Round 2. And AO made quick work of JeonDDing, winning against JeonDDing by 2-0 and making his way to the Loser’s Quarter Finals.

Loser’s Bracket Quarter Finals: LowHigh vs Rangchu

Rangchu and Knee prepare to fight in the Losers Quarter Finals

It was time for the Loser’s Bracket Quarter Finals to begin where Round 1 featured RangChu’s Julia facing off against LowHigh’s Steve Fox. Things didn’t go so well for LowHigh as Rangchu’s Julia swept the floor with him.

LowHigh decided to make a quick swap to Bryan Fury and managed to regain his footing. As the rounds went on, both opponents put up a solid fight but ultimately, LowHigh dominated Rangchu by 2-1, allowing him to move to the Loser’s Semifinals.

Rangchu vs LowHigh TWT 2023

Loser’s Bracket Quarter Finals: CBM vs AO

TWT 2023 CBM vs AO in the Loser's Semi Finals

It was now CBM against AO. Both players seemed calm and collected as the match started. As expected CBM went with his main Noctis, followed by AO who chose Kunmitsu. AO took the lead in the first set, followed by CBM who took some advice and dominated the second set. It was now 1-1.

CBM finally found his groove, dominating AO round after round. With three rounds in the lead and not one round win, AO was desperate. CBM finally ended things with a low kick and the rest was history. CBM won 2-1 against AO. The Dethroned Winner’s Semifinalist was back in the picture as he won the Loser’s Quarter Finals.

CBM's Noctis defeats AO's Kunmitsu in the Loser's Quarter Finals by 2-1

TWT 2023 Global Finals: Winner’s Finals

Arslan Ash and ULSAN gear up for Winner's Finals at TWT 2023

It was not time for the Winner’s Finals to see who would fall from grace into the Loser’s Finals and get their last shot at winning TWT 2023. Things seemed pretty tense and both ULSAN and CBM took some big gulps from their water bottles.

Winner’s Finals: ULSAN vs Arslan Ash

As the Losers Bracket continued, the Winner’s Finals was well on its way. It was ULSAN up against Arslan Ash. The TWT 2023 Winner’s Finals were overwhelming as ULSAN and Arslan Ash went toe-to-toe for 5 sets. As expected, the undisputed Tekken EVO champion, Arslan Ash, won the match 3-2 and guaranteed his position in the Grand Finals.

Arslan Ash's Kunmitsu won by a slight margin against ULSAN's Kazumi in the Winner's Finals at TWT 2023

TWT 2023 Global Finals: Losers Semifinal

LowHigh and CBM getting ready to face off in the Loser's Semifinals

The Loser’s Semifinals were well on their way as both LowHigh and CBM were glued to their screens and gamepads. The stage was set; who was going to make it to the Losers Finals and face off against ULSAN? Was it going to be LowHigh or KDF’s very own CBM?

Losers Semifinal: LowHigh vs CBM

Loser’s Semifinals were right around the corner, and it was Low High against CBM. LowHigh managed to execute a perfect 3-round win over CBM in the first set, but CBM was not backing down. As set 2 started, CBM made a great comeback with Noctis, decimating LowHigh by 3 rounds to 1. Tensions picked up as LowHigh managed to win 2 rounds but ultimately, CBM won three rounds and made his way to the loser’s finals by 2-1 sets.

LowHigh vs CBM - CBM wins by 2-1 and makes his way to the Loser's Finals

TWT 2023 Global Finals – Losers Finals

Tekken World Tour 2023 ULSAN CBM Losers Finals

Unfortunately, ULSAN dropped to the Losers Finals Bracket, facing off against CBM one last time. It was KDF’s ULSAN against his very own KDF teammate, CBM. ULSAN seemed a bit frustrated while CBM kept his cool poker face intact.

Losers Finals: CBM Vs ULSAN

A composed CBM goes up against a nervous ULSAN in the Losers Finals of TWT 2023 Global Finals

History did not repeat itself this time like it did in the Semifinals. CBM took the initiative with Noctis winning 3 perfect rounds in a row, winning his first set and putting ULSAN in a frustrating position.

Set 1 of Losers Finals - CBM wins three rounds in a row against ULSAN's Kazumi

ULSAN decided to make the switch from Kazumi to Bob, and the tides had turned. ULSAN won 3–0 rounds in a row for 2 sets, putting everyone on the edge of their seats. It was now either ULSAN or CBM who would make it to the Tekken World Tour 2023 Grand Finals. All bets were on ULSAN as he’d wiped the floor with CBM earlier but in a surprising twist of events, CBM bounced back with Noctis, winning 3–2 sets against ULSAN.

CBM's Noctis went toe-to-toe against Uslan for Five Sets and ultimately came out the winner, making his way to the Grand Finals

The crowd was in uproar. CBM fell from grace in the Semifinals, crawled his way back up, and gave ULSAN a taste of his own medicine, putting him up against Arslan Ash in the TWT 2023 Grand Finals.

KDF's CBM and ULSAN hugging it out as CBM makes his way to the Grand Finals of TWT 2023

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TWT 2023 Global Grand Finals – Arslan Ash vs CBM

Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals - Arslan Ash vs CBM

It was now Arslan Ash up against CBM for the Grand Finals of the Tekken World Tour 2023. In a surprising twist of events, Arslan switched from his main Kunmitsu and picked up Katrina. While CBM stuck to his main Noctis. The tension was all on CBM as he had to win 2 sets in a race to 3.

Arslan Ash vs CBM: Set 1 – TWT 2023 Global Grand Finals

Arslan Ash and CBM TWT 2023 - Both players gearing up for the Grand Finals of the Tekken World Tournament 2023

Round 1 – Set 1

Round 1 started with your usual sets of blocks and sidestepping until CBM drew first blood. He parried Arslan’s Katrina, putting him in a bound state, and performed a juggle till Katrina was pinned to the wall.

CBM's Noctis juggling Katrina

Arslan Ash quickly got up and tried to regain his footing, but with his back to CBM’s Noctis, his fate was sealed. Again Arslan Ash was bound and juggled, broke the wall furthering Arslan’s Bound state, and wrapped things up with a Noctis’s Teleportation Spear to close the gap.

With only a sliver of health left, Arslan Ash started to make a comeback, getting a few hits in. Arslan pulled the rug out from under CBM’s feet and started to make a quick comeback. But CBM decided to end this with Noctis’ Rage Art, allowing him to win the first round against Arslan Ash.

CMB wins round 1 with Noctis' Rage Art in the Grand Finals Round 1 of Set 1

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Round 2 – Set 1

Round 2 was evenly matched, with both Arslan and CBM getting some hits in, but the round ended quickly with Arslan scoring his first-round win against CBM. It was evident that Arslan Ash finally found his groove.

Arslan Ash finds his footing against CBM in Set 1 of the Grand Finals

Round 3 – Set 1

Round 3 started with Arslan Ash gunning for CBM, drawing first blood with a flurry of juggles followed by wall-bound attacks. CBM quickly recovered and got a few hits in, but ultimately Arslan Ash won the round.

Arslan finds his groove and hits CBM with a low in the scoring his second round win

Round 4 – Set 1

Round 4 started evenly with Arslan Ash and CBM, both getting their fair share of hits in until CBM performed a quick side step and ended Arslan’s attempt at winning the round.

It was now 2–2 rounds. The final round started and Arslan entrapped CBM with a juggle but missed the wall follow-up as CBM rolled over. With an exchange of hits and a failed throw attempt, Arslan Ash broke CBM’s tempo and won the intense set with a simple 3-3-3 combo.

Arslan wins his first set againsts CBM putting him in the lead 1-0 in the Grand Finals

Arslan Ash (Katrina) vs CBM(Noctis) : Set 2 – TWT 2023 Global Grand Finals

CBM and Arslan Ash get ready for Set 2 of the Grand Finals

Arslan was in full focus, while CBM seemed a bit troubled and had a chat with ULSAN, planning his next move on the chessboard. To mitigate any wall splats or combos, CBM took the route of an open stage – Infinite Azure.

Round 1 – Set 2

CBM made the most of Noctis’  Transitions tools and Noctis’s nature for verticality using a 4-4-4 and dealt a 2-2 on wake-up. Ultimately, CBM took the win in the first round.

Round 2 – Set 2

Round 2 started with a few hits and perfect blocks performed by both Arslan and CBM. Both of them got their fair share of hits. Everything seemed to be even until Arslan pulled a sneaky move and entrapped CBM’s Noctis in Katrina’s Rage Drive, pretty much winning the round.

Arslan Ash wins the round using Katrina's Rage Drive

Round 3 – Set 2

Round 3 was evenly matched once again, with both players swinging at each other and blocking ferociously. With a few hits and sidesteps, CBM ended the round with Noctis’ Shadow Scissors and a quick mid-kick.

CBM wins his second round of Set 2 in the Grand Finals against Arslan Ash

Round 4 – Set 2

Round 4 was again very intense, and it seemed like CBM had the upper hand.  The same verticality fumbled Arslan’s composure. And he fell into the same Shadow Scissor’s trap set up by CBM, giving CBM his first victory Set.

Arslan Ash (Katrina) vs CBM (Noctis): Set 3 – Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Global Grand Finals

The Grand Finals of TWT 2023, Arslan Ash and CBM are 1-1 as Set 3 begins.

Another Wall Stage made its way into the mix, and Arslan maintained his solid poker face while CBM took a sip of water to rehydrate himself.

Round 1 – Set 3

Round 1–Fight! CBM managed to find his groove and landed tons of repeated moves and Shadow Scissors, ultimately winning the first round of Set 3 against Arslan.

CBM took the first win in round 1 of Set 3

Round 2 – Set 3

Round 2 started with CBM, calm and collected, while Arslan was trying to find his share of openings. Arslan successfully managed to dupe CBM, adding lows into the mix and pinning him to the wall. The round ended with Arslan’s usual side-step 3-3-3 and a Down-4-1.

Arslan started dominating CBM in Round 2 of Set 3.

Round 3 – Set 3

Round 3, CBM went full-aggro, as he started a flurry of attacks until he managed to land a hit in and side-stunned Arslan against the wall. Arslan still made the most of Kartina’s Harrier Stance, but CBM took the lead once again, winning the third round. It was now a 2–1 round, CBM to Arslan Ash.

CBM played aggressive, winning his second round of Set 3 in the Grand Finals

Round 4 – Set 3

Round 4, Arslan dived in with a counter and reaped a chunk of CBM’s health pinning him to the wall. CBM sidestepped and blocked landed one nasty stun, and followed up with a flurry of attacks. Arslan landed a successful side-step 3-3-3, followed by another punish, ending CBM’s round streak.

Arslan drops CBM with a 3-3-3 kick, wining him Round 4 of Set 3

Final Round – Set 3

The Final Round of Set 3 was pivotal in who won the Grand Finals of TWT 2023. An exchange of blows, evading shadow scissors — both contestants were evenly matched. Both players did their best in a heated exchange of attacks.

With both players only left with a sliver of health and their Rage Drive’s depleted as a result of successful blocks, all both players needed was one final hit. And Arslan won the round with a successful Harrier. It was now 2 sets to 1 and CBM was of course on the losing end.

Arslan wins his second set against CBM, putting him 2-1 in the Grand Finals

Arslan Ash (Katrina) vs CBM (Noctis) – Set 4: Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Grand Finals

Arslan Ash and CBM getting ready for the Tekken World Tour 2023 Grand Finals Set 4

Again, ULSAN came to CBM’s side to give him some advice. The pressure was on CBM, with only 2 more games to tie it up and even the odds. Both finalists went with the same characters. The Precipice of Fate was once again chosen, with both players elites in the open stage settings of Tekken 7.

Round 1 – Set 4

Again, CBM landed an aerial streak but failed to complete it, allowing Arslan to recover. With enough pokes chipping away at Arslan’s health, CBM ended the round with Noctis’ Shadow Scissor earning him a Perfect to his first round of Set 4.

CBM picked up pace as the crowd started cheering for Arslan - earning him a perfect round 1 of Set 4

Round 2 – Set 4

Round 2 went in Arslan’s favor as both finalists chipped away at each other’s health while maintaining their ground. In an exchange of final blows, Arslan depleted CBM’s health, earning him the round win. It was an even 1–1 round victory.

Arslan Ash and CBM traded blows only for Arslan to win Round 2 of Set 4

Round 3 – Set 4

Round 3 started with Arslan trying to close the gap and confuse CBM, but Arslan unfortunately got clipped by CBM’s Shadow Scissors, depleting half of Arslan’s health. With an exchange of attacks, a failed Rage Drive attempt by CBM, Arslan took out CBM with one single low Harrier kick.

Arslan Ash deals a low kick, regaining his footing in Round 3 of Set 4

Round 4 – Set 4

Round 4 started with early celebrations until CBM swiftly pulled off aerial combos. Arslan fought back with some chips, a launch, and a juggler. And CBM ended the round with just one simple punch.

CBM picks up pace to tie with Arslash Ash and win round 4 of Set 4

The crowd was getting hyped. CBM needed the round win to engage in another set to ensure a route to victory, but Arslan Ash needed just one final round win to become crowned as the TWT 2023 Champion.

Final Round – Set 4

The Final Round of Set 4 started with Arslan Ash taking the initiative; a sidestep 3-3-3, a Harrier Fake, and went for a low kick. CBM followed up with a normal combo chipping a chunk of health but failed to repeat the same manure once again. And the moment of truth was about to drop.

Arslan Ash successfully landed a launcher and juggled CBM down to just one chip of health. A simple low kick, ended Set 3. And it was official, Arslan Ash won the TWT 2023 Grand Finals without a single loss.

Arslan Ash wins the Grand Finals against CBM by 3-1

Arslan Ash Wins The Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals By A Landslide

Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals - TWT 2023 Arslan Ash Winner

Katsuhiro Harada stepped onto the stage wearing his iconic shades and bearing the Tekken World Tour 2023 Trophy, symbolizing Jin Kazama’s Gauntlets adorned in Gold. Michael Murray, producer of the Tekken Project, stood at Arslan’s side as he held the TWT 2023 Trophy in the air. Arslan Ash was crowned as the winner of the TWT 2023 Global Finals.

Katsuhiro Harada presents the Tekken World Tout Trophy and Michael Murray join in.

Arslan Ash finally established himself as the Tekken 7 World Tour Champion and won the lion’s share of $50,000 from the prize pool of $100,000. He’s earned the triple crown – winning Two Evo Japans and the TWT 2023 Grand Finals. Arslan cemented himself as the champion of the King of Iron Fist–through and through, and put Pakistan on the map of hidden gems, waiting to get a chance to make it to the big leagues of professional eSports.

Arslan Ash raises the King of Iron Fists Trophy for the Tekken World Tour 2023 Championship

Tekken World Tour 2023: TWT 2023 Global Finals Results

Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Final Results

All Top 8 contestants at the Tekken World Tour 2023, TWT 2023, put up a good fight with ULSAN, CBM, and LowHigh making arduous efforts to make it to the Winners Finals while Arslan Ash smoothly glided to the Grand Finals, overlooking the Losers Bracket. CBM and Ulsan duked it out and CBM clashed against Arslan ferociously, but the Two-Time Evo Champion came out on top winning the Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals by a landslide. Here are the results for TWT 2023’s Top 8 Global Finalists:

Tekken World Tout Finals 2023 Results
  1. Arslan Ash – 1st Place ($50,000)
  2. CBM – 2nd Place ($13,000)
  3. ULSAN – 3rd Place ($6,000)
  4. LowHigh – 4th Place ($4000)
  5. Ao – 5-6thth Place ($3000)
  6. Rangchu – 5th-6th Place ($3000)
  7. Knee – 7th-8th Place ($2,500)
  8. JeonDDing – 7th-8th Place ($2,500)

What’s Next For Tekken? A New Era of Tekken eSports Will Sprout With The Release of Tekken 8

And that’s a wrap for the TWT 2023 Global Finals, with Arslan Ash winning the TWT 2023 tournament by a landslide. Tekken 7 has finally reached its end in eSports gaming as everyone has to start fresh – even Arslan Ash to master the new intricate movement and combat mechanics that have made their way to Tekken 8. With the end of Tekken 7, a new era of Tekken is about to start — featuring the Heat System; consisting of Heat Smashes, Heat Engagers, Heat Bursts, new combos, and new Rage Arts as the old Rage System has been finally put to rest. Stay tuned for more in-depth News, Features, and Updates at EsportsNext.

Tekken 8 will be released on January 26, 2024, for the Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.


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