How to Get The Eternal Wakestone in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Eternal Wakestone in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the rarest item in the game’s world considering there is only one available in the whole game and you need to pass all of the riddles in the A Game of Wits sidequest to attain it. We’ll guide you on how to get the Eternal Wakestone step by step.

The Eternal Wakestone can revive all NPCs in the surrounding area. While plenty of normal Wakestones are available in the game, they are limited to only being able to revive one NPC.

Arisen holding the Eternal Wakestone in Dragon's Dogma 2

Complete the Sphinx Riddles to get the Eternal Wakestone in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

The Sphinx meeting The Arisen

To get a chance to attain the highly sought-after Eternal Wakestone, you need to start the A Game of Wits sidequest and complete it. To start the sidequest, you will have to find the Sphinx at the Mountain Shrine in Vermund and correctly answer the riddles asked by the Sphinx to unlock all of the chests the Sphinx seems to be guarding.

We recommend reading our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx Riddles Solutions article in which we detail each Sphinx Riddle and their respective solutions so you do not miss out on any rewards or end up failing the quest. 

After you have completed all of the riddles, you are probably wondering why the huge golden chest behind the Sphinx is still locked. Well, the only way to unlock it is to stop the Sphinx from flying away and defeating her. The chest contains The Eternal Wakestone that you have been grinding after.

How to Defeat The Sphinx

The Sphinx Defeated in Dragon's Dogma 2.
The Sphinx Defeated in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Note: The Sphinx is a fairly powerful opponent so you need to be on your guard and be powerful enough to defeat her (at least level 30). She uses all of the elements in the fight and you need to be constantly running to even have a chance of dodging her attacks. 

  1. Before she can fly away, start attacking the Sphinx. After you deal enough damage, she will accept your challenge to a duel.
  2. So, we meant it when we said you should use the Unmaking Arrow against the Sphinx but that is one of the two ways you can defeat her. One is the easier way by using the Unmaking Arrow and the harder way is to charge on and deal enough damage to defeat her.
  3. The issue with the harder choice is that if you deal enough damage to the Sphinx’s head/chest then she will fly away and you won’t be able to defeat her. So, you will also need to fight without your pawns as they will damage whatever part of her is in range of them. You need to focus your attacks on her back or legs to have a chance of completing the fight.
  4. After taking enough damage, the Sphinx will accept your victory and say that you have solved the final riddle. She will drop a huge key and a ton of gold as she fades away.
  5. The much easier way to win the fight is by using The Unmaking Arrow. As soon as the key around her neck starts to glow; equip the Unmaking Arrow from inventory and shoot it at the Sphinx.
  6. Make sure to be in close range and not miss as then you will have to proceed with the charge and constantly strike strategy mentioned above. Alternatively, you can reload at your last inn rest albeit losing a ton of progress. 

As a reward for completing the final (final) riddle, you earn the Eternal Wakestone from the big chest.

If you wasted your only Eternal Wakestone in Dragon’s Dogma 2 because of the cruel Dragonsplague then don’t worry; at least if you are okay with starting a New Game+ save and doing all this again. Dragon’s Dogma II allows you to get The Eternal Wakestone a second time in the New Game+ save so you could theoretically earn it twice.

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