South Korea Flexin’ And Investing More In AAA Console Gaming

Well, would y’all look at that? Finally, some great gaming news. We’re not gonna lie: Learnin’ ‘bout South Korea lookin’ to investing in AAA console gaming is just perfect. We get to cap off the week, which otherwise had some depressin’ bits like Remedy Entertainment still not at breakin’ even for Alan Wake 2. Or Square Enix in the red with $140 million loss and them cancelin’ games. But, all that’s behind us. Now we can focus on somethin’ that’s a positive for the video-game industry and a win-win for fans.

It doesn’t mean much in the immediate future, but plans are in place to ensure we get some more Korean flavor in our gamin’. We got a sample of it last year in Lies Of P, which is one of the better souls-like action games. But, really, the biggest reason is ‘cause of the hottest hype fest that is Stellar Blade. Ya’ know, the one that’s got the cancel culture mob all riled up. Plus, we love pushin’ their buttons with our own hot takes like listing the worst female characters in video games. Anyway, let’s circle back to the South Korean initiative for gaming. We got loads to yammer on ‘bout, so here we go~

What Is South Korea Planning Specifically By Investing In The AAA Console Gaming Industry?

South Korea investing in AAA console gaming space.

So, we’re gonna give you this word for word,  straight from the source, capeesh? The official statement from the (South) Korean Ministry of Culture, Tourism, & Sports ‘bout their plans for investing in console gaming. Don’t worry, they’re not launchin’ a new home console, that’d be somethin’ else, eh? But no, here’s what they said specifically.

“South Korea will focus on fostering its console game sector over the next five years as part of efforts for reviving the country’s game industry.”

Now, let’s take a second to digest that bit, yeah? So, basically, the government is plannin’ to capitalize on the AAA console gaming demand. Fans want more blockbuster gaming hits, and the serving heads wanna deliver on that front. We couldn’t be more prouder. But wait, the statement doesn’t end there. The sweetest bit comes after this already wonderful news. Basically, the South Korean government spokesman explains why they’re investing so much in the AAA console gaming space. Here it is:

“The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, & Sports is going to work to expand the country’s (South Korea’s) share in the global console game market by 2028, aiming to reduce its heavy dependence on online and mobile game platforms.”

Be still our beatin’ hearts. The South Korean ministry understands gamers better than business executives of the actual gamin’ industry. Next thing ya’ know, it’ll be like pigs are gonna fly. Seriously, though, the mind-bafflingly dim-witty decisions of executive veterans of the gaming industry like WB Games embracin’ live-service model or Ubisoft’s idiotic paywall controversy for Star Wars Outlaws, when you juxtapose them with the South Korean government’s official stance, the difference is night and day. It’s like two polar opposin’ forces.

Why This Power Move By The South Korean Ministry Of Culture, Sports, & Tourism Matters

Boing boing~

Look, most greedy executives are only in it to make money. That’s why they chase trends and push monopolized monetization. Customers and the fan base be damned. So, in that climate, it’s so endearin’ when South Korea goes: ‘nope, we’re gonna be investing and organically grow the AAA console market’. It’s somethin’ we should all feel proud and relieved for, actually. Since the dunce-heads won’t listen, we can take our money and support the devs who give a toss ‘bout creativity.

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Just this week, another note of the rise in creative freedom was from a Japanese company’s head honcho. The CEO of Level-5 Games wants to make games that’re bloody violent, and erotic; go figure. Seriously, it’s a bold thing to say, and we have nothin’ but maad respect for the guy. He’s in the same boat as South Korea. The former wants to not be known for just one type of game. Whereas the latter is tryin’ to stop relying on mobile and always online titles. Ya’ know, the scourge of the gamin’ industry.

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Maybe that’s part of the reason that gamers are sick of Western devs, too. They’re so done with forced MTX, predatory live-service titles which are inferior to actual AAA games. Case in point: Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones (Self-proclaimed-1’st-ever-Quadruple-A-2024-title) is inferior to the decade-old Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, a decade old. It’s just so infuriatin’ that these greedy executives toy with shareholders’ money. They line up their pockets while gamers and employees get the shaft. So, seein’ the government of South Korea investing in AAA console gaming space, it just fills us with joy.

Which Types Of Games Can We Expect In The Future From South Korean Devs?

Expect dope marketing for games by South Korea and their investment in console gaming.
Killer promotions will be a thing for all the South Korean developed games, at least the ones that have the budget for it

Well, now that the government of South Korea has let us in on their plan of investing in console gaming, what now? Like, what type of gaming experiences can we expect from the creative side? Well, if Stellar Blade is anythin’ to go by. We’re pretty sure it’s gonna be awesome if you’re into underrated action games. But also, you’re in for a treat if you like unique games with hot and cool female heroines, too.

The point is: with the potential for collaboration of video game giants, the possibilities are endless. Like, can y’all imagine a team-up of Shift-UP with Microsoft? The internet would explode, and besides, Microsoft needs aggression to win players over. Sony can come back to talk ’bout a sequel to Stellar Blade sequel. While Nintendo…. y’all know their unpredictability to dazzle gamers. With the Nintendo Switch 2 pushed to 2025, lockin’ down an exclusive from Korean devs would be bananas.

Final Thoughts On South Korea Investing In AAA Console Gaming

Well, there y’all have it, folks. Our legit excitement and giddiness for learnin’ ’bout the government of South Korea investing in console gaming. Honestly, it’s the silver linin’ we were chasin’ all week after some headache-inducin’ news throughout. So, then, what do y’all make of this positively stunnin’ development? Are y’all aboard the hype train as us? We’re super pumped and lookin’ forward to what the Korean investment will bring to gaming in the next few years. Tell us your take on this little nugget of info. We really wanna see your feedback on this one. So, chop-chop into the comments section, y’all go.

Anyway, after this week’s drainin’ news coverage, we’re gonna dive into some gamin’ to relax, unwind, and just have a great time. We’re gonna take off for now. But before leavin’, here’s somethin’ else that’s really upliftin’ and sure to put a smile on your mugs. We recently did a ranking of the 8 best JRPGS of 2024, and SPOILER ALERT! They’re all awesome and addictive as hell, too. So pick one, and get ready to lose track of time. Alrighty, folks, that’s gonna do it for now; we’ll see y’all after the weekend. Until next time, stay safe, take care, and happy gaming, everybody!

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