Best Paldium Fragment Locations To Farm Palladium In Palworld (Paladium Farming)


Paldium Fragment Locations in Palworld and how to farm Palworld Palladium Fragments fast? Paldium Fragments are one of the most crucial building materials in Palworld. Essential for progressing like greased lightning early on, Paladium Fragments are used to craft supernatural items and structures, including some of the most integral technologies in the game, such as the Pal Sphere. So what are the best places to mine Paldium in Palworld? Let’s dive into how to get Paladium Fragments and venture your way to build the best Palladium Farm in Palworld.

Moreover, this vital resource also has the effect of giving you crystallized energy from the World Tree. You can gather it by mining its primary source, Paldium rock. Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about the best Paldium Fragment locations to get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

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Best Places To Mine Paldium In Palworld – Palladium Farming Locations

Best Places To Mine Paldium Palworld How To Get Paldium Fragment Palworld Best Paldium Farm Palword How to Farm Paldium Palworld
Paladium Farm Palworld

Some of the best places to manually mine Paladium or with the help of a mining pal like Digtoise is to explore Paldium deposits near the dungeons, and shorelines, or build a base near Paldium Fragment Boulders. Paladium Stones can be easily spotted along shorelines but that’s just one of the best locations tp farm Palladium in Palworld.

  • The Dungeon
  • Shorelines
  • Your Base! (Stone Crusher and Water Pal Method) (Requires Level 8 Technology)

How to Get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

How To Get Paldium Fragments Palworld- Best Places To Mine Paldium Palworld How To Get Paldium Fragment Palworld Best Paldium Farm Palword How to Farm Paldium Palworld 
Paladium Farm Palworld
Palworld Palladium Farm
  1. You can use a few methods to get Paldium Fragments in Palworld. The most basic way to acquire Paldium Fragments is to mine it from Paldium Rock, which is quite easy to spot with its blueish hue. Paldium Fragments also randomly drop when mining regular stones

    After acquiring the pickaxe, go wild with it! You will receive one Paldium fragment for every five stones that you mine. Unfortunately, stone deposits found in your base will not be so bountiful. Keep an eye out for Paldium Fragment Boulders, which give one hundred percent Paldium. 
  2. Apart from just picking up scattered fragments you find along your journey of the Palpagos Islands and mining, your best bet to stocking up on this indispensable resource is to mechanize the whole process. At this point, the Crusher enters the scene. However, you can only access it from the technology tree for two points after reaching level 8

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Best Palworld Palladium Farms in Palworld

Best Locations How To Mine Paldium Palworld
Paladium Farm Palworld
Palworld Palladium Farm

If you’re looking to build a base near Palladium Boulder deposits and automate the whole process, then these are the best farming or mining locations you should aim for in Palworld. To farm Paladium fragments in Palworld, make your way to The Dungeons and Shorelines.

The Best Paldium Fragment Locations Are The Dungeons – Paladium Farm Palworld

The Dungeons - Best Places To Mine Paldium Palworld How To Get Paldium Fragment Palworld Best Paldium Farm Palword How to Farm Paldium Palworld
Paladium Farm Palworld
Palworld Palladium Farm

The best location to get huge Paldium Fragments is around the Dungeon Caves. Go to work on them with your Pickaxe and farm very fast, farm Palworld Palladium in large quantities. The location arrives in an earlier part of the game and is a spawn spot as well. 

Best Paldium Fragment Locations Are At The Shorelines – Palworld Palladium Farm

Shorelines - Best Places To Mine Paldium Palworld How To Get Paldium Fragment Palworld Best Paldium Farm Palword How to Farm Paldium Palworld

Another great area to focus on when looking for Paladium Farms in Palworld is near bodies of water, especially rivers, and shorelines. You can have a treat mining and scavenging away. We have to say, these locations aren’t the most effective way to get Paldium, but the last one sure is.

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Paldium Farm In Palworld – Automated Crusher Method Palladium Farm Palworld

Paladium Farm Palworld
Palworld Palladium Farm

Yes! You read that right. Your base is the best location to farm Paldium Fragments, since that’s where you’ll use the Crusher

A crusher requires two Water Pals, such as the Teafant and Surfent, to operate it. You only need 50 wood, 20 stone, and 10 Paladium fragments to craft one. The Crusher will turn wood and stone into fiber and Palladium fragments as your water pals help you out. 

To completely automate the process, use the Stone Pit at your base, which you can unlock at Level 2. Use mining Pals like Digtoise and Transportation Pals like Vanwyrm to transport stone to your Storage Chests. Just allot a couple of pals to mine, another two to carry the Stone to the Crusher, and a Water Pal to power it all. 

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What are Paldium Fragments used for in Palworld? 

Paldium Is Used To Make Pal Spheres

Paldium Fragments or Palladium Fragments in Palworld have myriad uses in Palworld. From the essential Pal Sphere, used to catch low-level Pals early in the game, to heavy structures such as The Crusher, Sphere Line Assembly, and Primitive Workbench

You can also use Paldium Fragment to craft the Palbox, a terminal to manage Pals at your base, and the Common Shield

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Best Paldium Fragment Locations – Summary

That’s it for today from our side. We’ve given you the complete rundown on the best Palworld Palladium Farm Locations, their primary uses, and how to get Paldium Fragments in the game. Happy building and crafting, and may your Pals become the strongest of them all. 

For more on Palworld and other easy guides, check other articles on our website. We have covered the easiest ways to farm Iron Ore, Coal, Sulfur, and more in the game to help players progress faster and more conveniently, so sneak a peek if you’re interested. You can also check out the official website of Palworld by Pocket Pair.

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