Author: Yahya Zuberi

Yahya is an accomplished contributor that specializes in game guides for multiple platforms. He has covered many games as part of his gaming-focused beat but his strengths are aligned with First Person Shooters, a niche he can call his own.

How To Get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld (Best Pals + Dune Shelter Location)

Very accurately dubbed Pokemon with guns, Palworld brings you the type of ammunition-filled joy contrasted with bursting cuteness that few other games can. To...

Best Pal Fluid Locations To Get Pal Fluid in Palworld (Farming Guide)

Pal Fluids have a variety of uses. From Hot Springs to bathing in the Fluids of your Pal Brethren, here's our the definitive guide to farm Pal Fluid in Palworld

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