Best Coal Farming Location to Find Coal in Palworld

Palworld Coal Farming
Palworld Coal Farming

Coal is a necessary resource in Palworld in the later sections of the game as you will need it for most guns. To live up to the Pals with Guns clips online, you need Refined Ingots which are used to make most guns, and this resource is crafted through Coal.

Palworld has taken over the gaming space with over 8 million copies sold in under 6 days! The game combines survival game mechanics like crafting, and base building and adds on top of it Pals with Guns to churn out this weird mixture of a game that surprisingly works great hands-on.

Palworld Coal - 8,000,000 Pal Tamers on Steam in less than 6 days!

What is Coal used for?

If you are seeing all the hype online but feel like you are missing out on the guns blazing action then you only need to persevere until you reach Technology Level 34, where you will be able to build an Improved Furnace. Through this structure, you will be able to churn out Refined Ingots by using Coal and the abundantly available Ore resource and use the ingots for mayhem-causing weapons like the Rocket Launcher. 

Where to get Coal in Palworld?

Palworld Coal - -162, -98 Coordinates Desert Biome Palworld Map

Coal will not be available in the earlier sections of the world map so you will have to travel to the desert region where this resource is abundantly available. Travel to the exact location in the picture above where you can find multiple Coal nodes to farm from. Note: You need relevant armour for the weather as it is pretty harsh due to the area being well a desert.

Getting your Coal back to Base

We recommend, that you drop all of the unnecessary items that you are carrying at your base and then travel to this spot with multiple Cattivas as their skill will increase your carrying capacity. Mine coal to the full of your capacity and use the nearest fast travel point to travel back to your base. You can repeat this a few times to clear all the coal. Since these Coal deposits will respawn, you can later return to the area and farm this spot again!

Building a Coal Farming Base in Palworld

Palworld Coal - 189, -40 Coordinates east of Sealed Realm of the Guardian Palworld Map

Since the area isn’t a great spot and it is a bit out of the way, it might not be a good idea to build a base around here just for coal, early in the game when you can not spare bases like this. However, in the late game, you can go east of the Sealed Realm of the Guardian at coordinates 189, -40. You will also need to stock up on Mining Pals that you can release in your base to mine Coal.

Step 1: Catch multiple Mining Pals if you want automatic mining in your base, we recommend going for Digtoise as it will be available readily in the late game and is well suited for mining.

Step 2: Head to the coordinates 189, -40 and set up a Palbox at a suitable point in the center around which you can build out your base.

Step 3: Make Beds for each Pal that you plan to release in the Base, Hot Springs would also be necessary to ensure that your Pals stay healthy and happy to keep working.

Step 4: Your Pals also need a constant supply of Food which is why you will need to set up 2- 3 Berry Plantations and 1 Feed Box near the centre of the base where the food will be deposited for Pals to eat from. 

Step 5: You also need to place Wooden Chests and 1 would be enough if you are only planning to store Coal however if you want to decrease the time it will take your Pals to walk to a Chest then consider placing 2-3 around the Base.

Step 6: We recommend also building a Pickaxe and Helmet as it will passively improve the mining speeds.
Now that the preparations for the Base are complete, you can bring out your Pals. The combination that worked best for us is having 5 Digtoise, 4 Tanzee and any random Water Pal.
Tanzees will help in Planting and Gathering for the Feed Box / Berry Plantations and also transport Sulfur to the Wooden Chest. Digtoise is needed for Mining and a water Pal is necessary to water the Berry Plantation for which you can choose Pemgullet as it is widely available.

Other Ways to Get Coal

Palworld Coal - Blazamut

Coal is also dropped by the Pals Blazamut and Menasting, other than that you can also loot it from the Overworld.

EsportsNext has multiple Palworld guides up for you including the best way to farm Iron Ore in the game and where to find Sulfur in Palworld, so feel free to check out our website for guides that would help you conveniently get through the game.


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