Kazuya Sneaker Collection in Tekken 8? INSANE – Kazuya Is A Certified Sneaker Head

Kazuya Sneaker Collection Tekken 8 Kazuya Mishima Sneaker Head Kazuya Sneakerhead Does Kazuya Like Sneakers

Is Kazuya a Sneakerhead? The Tekken franchise has been known to include some character bios that weren’t taken seriously. The Tekken 8 Kazuya Character Episode Ending is, of course, non-canon. But the ending seriously shows that the Tekken Project Team deeply loves everything Tekken. The ending reveals that Kazuya is a Sneaker Head. Kazuya Mishima’s Sneaker Collection was a long-time mystery until now. So, how many sneakers does Kazuya Mishima have?

In Tekken 8, it’s set in stone that Kazuya Mishima is a certified Sneaker Head. Kazuya Mishima Sneaker Collection boasts 3600 pairs on display. Putting worn ones into the equation, Kazuya’s sneakerhead hobby could result in an astronomical figure of 6400 pairs of sneakers. Yes, Kazuya likes Sneakers, and it was first depicted in his character bio in Tekken 1. It just goes to show The Tekken Project Team and Bandai Namco still haven’t forgotten their roots.

Is Kazuya A Sneakerhead? Kazuya Sneaker Collection – Tekken 8

Kazuya Sneaker Collection Tekken 8
Are those Air Jordans?

Kazuya is a Sneaker Head in Tekken 8, as revealed from his non-canon Tekken 8 Character Episode Ending. The G-Corporation leader, after winning the King of Iron Fist Tournament 8 and conquering the world, takes his throne as the Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Jin Kazama, his son, and Heihachi Mishima, former Mishima Zaibatsu leaders, were now out of the picture. Kazuya’s eyes were set on the world, and it’s revealed that he wasn’t after Power all along. Kazuya Mishima was after Sneakers. He wanted all the drip in the world.

Does Kazuya Like Sneakers Is Kazuya a Sneakerhead Tekken 8
A close-up of one of Kazuya’s Sneakers – Is it supposed to be an Adidas Sneaker?

In the non-canon ending of Tekken 8, the Warlord reveals a hidden door behind his office, boasting Kazuya’s Sneaker Collection. The Kazuya Sneaker Collection boasts every shoe you could imagine. As Bandai Namco does not have the rights to model authentic sneakers, we’re given sneak peeks of what appears to be a grandiose number of Air Jordan 1’s and Adidas Boost sneaker counterparts in the Tekken Universe.

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How Many Sneakers Does Kazuya Mishima Have in Tekken 8?

Does Kazuya Like Sneakers Is Kazuya a Sneakerhead Tekken 8
Kazuya’s Outrageous Sneaker Collection

So how big is Kazuya’s Sneaker Collection in Tekken 8? Sneakerhead Kazuya Mishima puts all the sneakerheads of the world to shame with his incredible sneaker collection, with only one pair on each rack. 

Somebody had to do the math, and it was Reddit user u/pinkpugita, who deducted that Kazuya’s Sneaker Collection adds up to nearly, 3600 pairs of sneakers. Now knowing Kazuya is a real sneakerhead, that could mean that Kazuya Mishima’s Sneaker Collection could also consist of separate pairs to wear, and the sneakers in Kazuya’s ending, are just on display.

Double the number and that means, Kazuya Mishima owns 6400 pairs of sneakers by the end of Tekken 8. That pretty much sets in stone the fact that Kazuya Mishima is a certified sneakerhead. But when it comes to in-game customization, Kazuya has a few pairs of shoes to equip, but nothing quite as impressive as Kazuya’s sneakers shown in his Character Episode Ending.

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Kazuya Is A Sneaker Head – Drip-Certified

Kazuya Sneaker Collection Tekken 8 Kazuya Mishima Sneaker Head
Another Rack of Kazuya’s Sneaker Collection

Tekken 8 is full of comical moments, despite the dark and gritty lore surrounding the Generational Father-Son Hatred, Lust for Power, and The Curse of the Devil Gene. Everyone has their character quirks and soft spots, and the Tekken Project Team made sure to stay true to their roots. 

Kazuya Mishima’s Sneaker Collection is impressive, cementing Kazuya as a Sneaker Head. And if anyone has something to say otherwise, they could throw hands with him and end up flat with one single Electric Wind God Fist to the chin.

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Does Kazuya Like To Collect Sneakers?

Does Kazuya Like Sneakers?

Putting the lore aside, if we take a deep dive into Kazuya Mishima’s character Bio in Tekken 1, it’s revealed that Kazuya’s hobby is collecting sneakers. This might have been added just for no reason or due to the apparent rise in Sneaker Culture in the ’90s when Tekken 1 was released in 1994 for Arcades and 1995 for the Sony PlayStation.

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That pretty much wraps up everything we know about Kazuya’s Sneaker Head hobby and Kazuya’s Sneaker Collection in Tekken 8. Stay tuned for more interesting posts, updates, news, and guides on ESportsNext!

Tekken 8 is now available on The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and Windows PC.


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