Best Sulfur Farming Location to Find Sulfur in Palworld

Palworld Suflur Farming
Palworld Suflur Farming

If you see all the Pals with Guns clips online but feel stuck with your Stone Age weapons, get to farming Sulfur in Palworld! You can manufacture gunpowder and ammo through Sulfur which you can use for high-powered guns to blaze through your enemies. Sulfur provides us with gunpowder and ammo and Coal is used for refined ingots necessary for many guns like the assault rifle and the rocket launcher.

What is Sulfur used for?

You need to stock up on Sulfur so you can readily provide ammo to your Pals with Guns, as you do not want to be caught empty-handed when your Pal wants to do some shoot ’em up but you did not bring the goods! You can make gunpowder through Sulfur which in turn is used to make ammo.

Where to get Sulfur in Palworld?

You will be able to get Sulfur from Sulfur deposits that have a yellowish layer on them. As we suggested for the Coal Farming guide, the Desert biome is again a good spot for Sulfur farming. The desert makes up for its harsh weather with the best farming spots in the game especially for new players. Sulfur Deposits are available in quantity here, along with Ore and Coal deposits, so make sure not to mix them. Just head to the location shown in the image above and get to farming! Note: Sulfur deposits are also available around Mount Obsidian but that is a late-game area so it is better to stray away from that for now.

Getting your Sulfur back to Base

Ditch the Pals that you are currently carrying and fill up with Cattiva as they will help increase your carrying capacity for the trip. Also, try to drop all unnecessary items at your base to further increase space. After reaching the location, get to mining and stock up on plenty of Sulfur. As the Sulfur deposits will respawn later, you can travel back to this same spot and farm Sulfur again.

Building a Sulfur Farming Base in Palworld

You will not need a Sulfur farm in the early game, but if you plan on making one in the late game then you should go for the Sulfur nodes available in Mount Obsidian at coordinates -593, -408. You will also need to stock up on Mining Pals that you can release in your base to mine Sulfur.

Step 1: Catch multiple Mining Pals if you want automatic mining in your base, we recommend going for Digtoise as it will be available readily in the late game and is well suited for mining.

Step 2: Head to the coordinates -593, -408 and set up a Palbox at a suitable point in the center around which you can build out your base.

Step 3: Make Beds for each Pal that you plan to release in the Base, Hot Springs would also be necessary to ensure that your Pals stay healthy and happy to keep working.

Step 4: Your Pals also need a constant supply of Food which is why you will need to set up 2- 3 Berry Plantations and 1 Feed Box near the centre of the base where the food will be deposited for Pals to eat from. 

Step 5: You also need to place Wooden Chests and 1 would be enough if you are only planning to store Sulfur however if you want to decrease the time it will take your Pals to walk to a Chest then consider placing 2-3 around the Base.

Step 6: We recommend also building a Pickaxe and Helmet as it will passively improve the mining speeds.
Now that the preparations for the Base are complete, you can bring out your Pals now. The combination that worked best for us is having 5 Digtoise, 4 Tanzee and any random Water Pal.
Tanzees will help in Planting and Gathering for the Feed Box / Berry Plantations and also transport Sulfur to the Wooden Chest. Digtoise is needed for Mining and a water Pal is necessary to water the Berry Plantation for which you can choose Pemgullet as it is widely available.

While Palworld has had a very successful launching, grasping people’s attention with the Pals with Guns concept, many ethical qualms have been raised with the game garnering controversy over allegedly copying Pokemon.

For more on Palworld and guides on how to gather other materials like Iron Ore, feel free to check out our website for all the articles we’ve provided going through easy ways to progress through the game.


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