GTA 6: Everything We Know So Far


GTA 6, if we’re being honest, is the most awaited game since the release of GTA V in 2013. Players around
the world cannot wait any longer after the release of the Trailer in November 2023.

This article is going to discuss all we know about GTA 6 so far. First, let’s address the most anticipated announcement; the release date.

Release Date:

Fans around the world had been kept waiting by Rockstar Games for over 10 years for any official
confirmation of the game. There had been a lot of rumors circulating for several years about the game’s
development, but Rockstar Games, being as secretive as they always have been, would not confirm
anything until the official admission, somewhere around 2022.


But it has finally been confirmed that the game will be released somewhere around 2025. So, one more
year to go!

The Map:

From the visuals of the trailer, confirmed leaks, and the information available, it is confirmed that the
game and the story will be based around the famous, or let’s just say infamous VICE CITY of the Grand
Theft Auto Universe is based in Miami in the United States. It will be exciting to revisit Tommy Vercetti‘s city again after so many years.

After watching the trailer closely and following some reports about the map, fans are speculating that the
area will be much bigger than the previous rendition of the city. This means that the map is going to include a lot of outskirts of Miami city, a.k.a. VICE CITY as well, which includes a new swamp and countryside area. And of course, the very bling! bling! main city area of Vice City that we all love; who can forget that famous Malibu club and the famous beach!?

Basically, The Rockstar Games is taking the map to a notch above the size of the GTA V map. The GTA V map included two main counties, Los Santos County and Blaine County, meanwhile, the reports and trailer hints at various counties in GTA 6.

It is worth mentioning that reports and insider leaks had been circulating for several years that Rockstar Games was hoping to create one of the biggest maps in the history of gaming for GTA 6, but that plan
was too big to be achieved as the production and developers faced several issues such as too much work
for the already overworked Rockstar Games developers working on the game. There were reports that
the initial idea was to have at least two major cities from the Grand Theft Auto Universe, another one was
presumed to be Liberty City.

Fans and analysts were quick to catch on to the Airport in the game, which is called Vice City International Airport, glimpses shown in the trailer. There have been many reports circulating in the gaming world that GTA 6 will include a fully functioning airport which could be used to travel to different cities across the full map. Fans and players should take this news with a grain of salt, though, because even though the sources and citizen sleuths have talked about it, things can only be confirmed once players play the actual game. However, it will be amazing to see a fully functioning airport that connects multiple cities of the GTA universe, and with the advent of PS5 and powerful gaming machines throughout, it is not impossible to hope for something like that.

Overall, the new VICE CITY promises to be a realistic and lived place in GTA 6, and it is exciting!

Main Characters and The Plot:

Previously roamed by Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City and Victor ‘Vic’ Vance in GTA: Vice City Stories,
the city this time is to be roamed by two main characters in GTA 6. Lucia and Jason. Rockstar Games have
revealed in the trailer, which had already been confirmed by the reports and leaks for a long time that the
game will have two main characters and that one of them will be female.


It is a very good change from a typical one-gender cast in GTA games. GTA’s 3D universe always had strong
and fierce woman characters like Cataline, Claude’s hot-headed girlfriend, and the calculated, sharp yet understanding Asuka Kasen from Grand Theft Auto: III, Kendl, the own-boss sister of Carl Johnson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and the drug lord Elizabeta Torres from Grand Theft Auto IV, to name a few.


Lucia, the first-ever playable female character in the GTA Universe, is speculated to be voiced and acted by Mani L. Perez, as shared by one of the handles. Fans and game enthusiasts were able to notice the ethnicity and the presumable background of the character from the trailer and the game poster.

Lucia Armendariz is assumed to be from a Hispanic background as fans noticed her looks, mannerisms, and the way she spoke. Many assume that she is from the South American ethnicity. There have been many speculations about her background after watching the trailer. One of which is her link with the criminal background. The trailer begins with Lucia talking to a female custody officer in a prison dress, a scene which many believe is the start of the introduction of Lucia as the character in the game. In the game poster, fans noticed Lucia wearing a leg bracelet that prisoners on parole wear, and it further backs the speculations that she starts by getting out of prison on parole. How her story unfolds and what twists and turns she and her story take is yet to be seen in the game.

The second main character in the story is Lucia’s presumable boyfriend, Jason.


Jason is Lucia’s partner in crime, as they both can be seen attempting a robbery and running away from cops. There is not much revealed about Jason, but the trailer reveals that he could turn out to be a caring and understanding partner, while more focus will be on Lucia. Fans are calling the couple the GTA universe version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Some fans and sleuths are speculating that the couple might break up somewhere along in the story after
a heated argument or some issue between them. Of course, nothing can be confirmed yet, and we all should wait for the game to be released to find out all about their relationship and the scenarios they find themselves in.

Apart from these two main characters, there have been rumors spreading around for several years that players and fans might get to see main characters from earlier GTA games in the story as well. Many think it will be Trevor, and many argue that it will be Michael, but of course, there might not be any truth in any of this is at all. But because it is, GTA games are such a huge phenomenon that rumors will keep weighing in about all the different aspects of the story and the game.

It is to be seen whether Trevor appears in the story or not. Trevor is an intense and over-the-top, violent character that is perfect for spicing up the stakes in GTA 6. The rumors and revelations will keep popping up even after the release of the game, so there will always be much to talk about the game for years to come. But for now, these are the things that we know so far about the game.


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