How To Get Varoom and Revavroom in Pokemon GO?

Varoom Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s latest debut came in the form of the two Paldea Pokemon ; Varoom and Varoom’s Evolution in Pokemon GO, Revavroom – the two engine Pokemon which are found in the Gen 9 mainline Pokemon titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This new lineup came with the newest Team GO Rocket Event that is running till February 1st. So, how do you get Varoom in Pokemon Go? The next step, is how to get Varoom’s Evolution, Revaroom in Pokemon GO.

This Pokemon is a new Steel and Poison Type which is a signature Pokemon of Team Star leaders who use Revavroom to power their Starmobiles. This means fans of the Pokemon can now obtain Varoom and Revavroom in Pokemon GO and add them to their Pokemon GO Collection.

How to get Varoom in Pokemon GO

Varoom is currently available in the list of Pokemon that hatch through 12 km Eggs in Pokemon GO. It’s in the normal rarity list of Pokemon that hatch from 12 km eggs.

How To Get Varoom Pokemon GO

To get Varoom in Pokemon GO, players have to these eggs that are red color, incubate them and hatch them to get a chance to hatch Varoom. Team GO Rocket Leaders drop 12 km eggs when they are defeated if players have enough space in their inventory

It could be a long grind as 12 km eggs are eggs with the highest amount of hatch distance, so players would need to use Incubators to incubate them and walk the required distance. It may be better to take advantage of Super Incubators and any Egg Hatch Distance Bonuses from ongoing or upcoming Pokemon GO events to cut down the distance.

How to get 12 km Eggs in Pokemon GO:

The way to get 12 km eggs in Pokemon GO is by defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders. This means the three trio, Arlo, Cliff and Sierra who come after players equip a Rocket Radar. This allows them to encounter a leader for a battle, which they have to defeat to get 12 km eggs, a Shadow Pokemon encounter and other rewards.

Varoom Pokemon Go via Team GO Rocket and Radars

How to Get Rocket Radar in Pokemon GO:

A Rocket Radar is an item in Pokemon GO that players can make by getting 6 Mysterious Components from defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts. Team GO Rocket Grunts are found in the game either from Team GO Rocket Air Balloons or from captured Pokestops that turn black.

After players defeat the grunts and get 6, the mysterious components combine and make a Rocket Radar which can be equipped to encounter Team GO Rocket Leaders Arlo, Sierra and Cliff. These leaders are stronger and carry more powerful and rarer Shadow Pokemon and allow players to get 12 km eggs which carry a rare lineup of exclusive Pokemon after they are defeated.

As described above, Varoom is one of the Pokemon that hatch from 12 km eggs.

How to get Revavroom in Pokemon GO – Varoom Evolution

Revavroom is Varoom’s evolution, which means players can conveniently get it by simply evolving Varoom. They need to have a Varoom however to evolve it. A Varoom needs 50 Varoom Candy to evolve into Revavroom.

How to Get Revaroom Pokemon GO
Varoom Evolution Pokemon Go

This would be a little grind because currently there’s no other way to get Varoom than to hatch 12 km eggs and hope the Pokemon it contains is a Varoom. Players can also equip a Varoom that they have as a Buddy Pokemon which would get them Varoom Candy by walking with it while it is out and exploring.

Check out more on everything Pokemon GO has to offer via the game’s official website.


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