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Niantic has shared news of the latest event concluding this month of January for Pokemon GO, and this will be a return of Team GO rocket to the game bringing a new Shadow Legendary, new Shadow Pokemon as well as another Paldean Evolutionary line from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The newest event with Team Rocket comes with Giovanni taking up Shadow Kyogre for its main Shadow Legendary, with Shadow Ho-Oh returning to Shadow Raids. Alongside these two, there will be Sinnoh Starters coming as Shadow Pokemon of Team GO Rocket Grunts which players can battle to catch if they’re victorious. There are also brand-new faces to see as Paldea’s Varoom and Revavroom are debuting in 12 km eggs. There is much to go through with all the upcoming rewards, bonuses and more in the newest event arriving on January 27th.

Shadow Ho-Oh:

Shadow Ho-Oh will arrive in the game this weekend on January 27th at 6 AM and will stay till 10 PM on January 28th. It will arrive in 5 Star Raids throughout local Gyms, with its shiny form also available to players who are lucky enough to encounter one after defeating it.

New Faces:

Varoom and Revavroom will be coming as the newest additions to Pokemon GO with Varoom coming in 12 Km eggs. Players will be able to get its evolution Revavroom by simply getting it to evolve. It will take a bit of time but evolving Varoom requires only 50 Varoom Candy so it’s not too long of a grind.

Shadow Pokemon:

For the new lineup of Shadow Pokemon, Team Rocket Grunts as well as Leaders Arlo, Cliff and Sierra will carry new ones with shiny forms also added from encounters after defeating Grunts. Here are the following that will be a part of the Team Rocket Grunt Shadow Pokemon Lineup:

  • Shadow Corphish.
  • Shadow Chimchar.
  • Shadow Piplup.
  • Shadow Snorunt.
  • Shadow Crogunk.
  • Shadow Dweeble.
  • Shadow Feroseed.


Different normal and Shadow Pokemon are also here with a full lineup for raids to go alongside Shadow Ho-Oh. The following normal Pokemon will be available during the whole duration of the event:

1 Star Raids – Alolan Ratata, Alolan Meowth, Alolan Grimer and Galarian Zigzagoon. All of these have their shiny versions encounterable as well so players might get lucky if they take down 1 Star Raid Pokemon.

3 Star Raids – Weezing, Galarian Weezing, Tyranatar and Bombirdier. All of these except normal Weezing have their shiny versions available to lucky players too so this looks to be a good time to head for 3 Star Raids, especially for Tyranatar fans.

For the Shadow Raids Lineup, we have a whole list as well which are the following:

1 Star Shadow Raids – Shadow Alolan Sandshrew, Shadow Murkrow, Shadow Pineco and Shadow Crogunk. Shadow Murkrow and Shadow Pineco will also have a chance to be shiny after players defeat them in their Shadow raids, and Forretress and Honchcrow are super good Pokemon very viable in Raids and Battles, so having them both in Shadow form would be a great addition to any team.

3 Star Shadow Raids – Shadow Scyther, Shadow Skarmory and Shadow Golett. This is a great lineup to have because all three of these are really good Pokemon to have, with Scizor being one of the best Bug/Steel Type Pokemon as long as the opponent doesn’t know any Fire Type Moves. Scyther will also have a chance to be shiny so players could even get a Shadow Shiny Scizor. 3 Star Shadow Raids will provide plenty of incentive as the reward in the form of these Pokemon is big, so if you would like to spare a premium pass or have a bunch of free ones, these 3 Star Shadow Raids would be a nice thing to participate in.

Field Research:

Rewards for special event-themed field research will come in the form of TMs, Mysterious Components and many Pokemon that Team GO Rocket commonly use, as well as a few more such as Sableye, Poochyena, Scraggy, Mareanie, Nymble and more.

There is also an added perk, the Pokemon encountered by completing these event-themed research tasks will have a greater chance to be shiny for those that have their shiny forms available, so this will be a priority for players to do as much Field Research as possible during the whole Team GO Rocket Event, although Shadow Pokemon will be another essential thing too. The Following Pokemon will have their shiny forms available and encounterable through completing these Research Tasks:

  • Ekans.
  • Zubat.
  • Koffing.
  • Paldean Wooper.
  • Poochyena.
  • Sableye.
  • Croagunk.
  • Scraggy.

PokeStop Showcases will be another big thing to keep an eye out featuring event-themed Pokemon so players can look to display the biggest Pokemon they catch in the event and get some nice rewards in return.

There will be a few Event Box Bundles as well which will carry items such as Rocket Radar, Incubators, Premium Battle Passes and more.

Paid Timed Research:

A Paid Time Research Ticket will also be available for this event which comes with an exclusive new Pose for players, a quite menacing-looking one too! This Ticket will be available for $5 and will be giftable as well, and will also carry rewards such as more encounters with event-themed Pokemon, XP, Stardust, Incense, Incubators, Berries and much more, so if you think you can make time to complete it before the event ends, and can spare five bucks, check it out.

And so the first month of this new year concludes in good fashion with plenty of new perks to enjoy for Pokemon GO fans. Shadow Pokemon will be in ample and players would like to take advantage of this event to get as many as they can, even shiny ones if they’re lucky.

The next month itself will hold many good events, the Sinnoh Tour is arriving and Pokemon Day as well which could include some new information on what’s coming to Pokemon GO as well as for new Pokemon content in general. There are many rumours and hints on the internet about new Pokemon games and more, so it’s a great month to be a Pokemon fan and a Pokemon GO player.

Check more on the popular mobile title on the game’s official website.


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