Best Iron Ore and Coal Base Locations in Palworld (Iron Ore and Coal Farming Guide)

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Pocket Pair’s massively successful survival, Pokemon-inspired game, Palworld, is full of resources to scour, like finding milk to make cake, but you’ll need ore and ingot if you want to make the most of your escapades of capturing new pals and leveling up your technology. Luckily, if you’re past the UE-PAL Crash error (fixes here), it’s time to get Iron Ore. So, what’s the best place or location to farm Iron Ore in Palworld? So, what’s the secret to getting the best Iron Ore and Coal Base Locations in Palworld? Here are two of the best spots to set up Iron and Coal Farming Base Locations in Palworld!

Besides, what pals do you need to farm Iron Ore for you? And the big question – how can you automate or AFK farm Iron Ore and Ingot in Palworld? Hold your horses – here’s our guide on the best guide for the best Infinite Ore Farming Location and Guide in Palworld, without doing all the heavy lifting yourself. On another note, you won’t be needing Coal till technology Level 34 which is when it’s used to make an Improved Furnace.

Best Palworld Coal and Iron Farm Base Locations – Summarized

  1. For One of the Best Iron Ore Farming Location in Palworld, Head to the Backyard of the Desolate Church, which is found North East of the Plateau of Beginnings.
  2. For the Best Coal Farming Base Location in Palworld Along With Iron Ore Farming, Head to the North East of the map at coordinates, (192, -45). Here, you’ll find 6 Iron Ore Boulders and 6 Coal Mining Spots.

    To build your Automated AFK Infinite Iron Ore Farming Base or Coal Farming Base in Palworld:
  • Create a Palbox near the Iron Ore or Coal
  • Assign a Digtoise for only mining Iron ore.
  • Alternatively, assign 2x Tombats for mining and transporting Iron Ore.
  • Assign a Vanwyrm for Transporting Iron Ore faster.
  • Create a Storage Box for Vanwyrm and Tombat to Store the Iron Ore.
  • Make a Plantation Site For Berries.
  • Assign 2x Tanzee for Planting and Harvesting Berries.
  • Assign a Fuack Pal to water the Berry Plantation.
  • Cut down trees to gather Fiber and Wood to Craft a few Pal Straw Beds for Sleeping.
  • Craft a Hot Spring To Boost your Pals Productivity.
  • In the end, craft a Feed Box to keep your pals fed at all times.
  • With all their needs met, your AFK Iron Ore Farming Base in Palworld will run endlessly.

Best Iron Ore Farming Location In Palworld – Base Location 1

Best Infinite Iron Ore Coal Farming Location in Palworld Iron Ore Farming in Palworld

While there are different types of Ores in Palworld, most players would certainly want to get their hands on huge chunks of Iron Ore in the game. To do this, the best place to farm Iron Ore in the game is to navigate your way to the North West at the Desolate Church from the Plateau of Beginnings; at the Coordinates (47, 417).

Head to the backside of the Desolate Church, and you’ll find huge deposits of Iron Ore just waiting to be mined. Don’t forget to mark this spot with the Mining or Pickaxe symbol in case you forget your Ion Ore Farming Base.

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Where Can I Find Coal In Palworld? Iron Ore and Coal Farming – Base Location 2

Best Coal Farming Base Location Palworld How to Get Coal Palworld

Where Can I Find Coal Palworld?

If you’ve made your way to the later mid-game levels of Palworld, you might want to search for Coal to overhaul your Base, Gear, Weapons, and Armory. To get coal in Palworld, you might want to use a flying mount Pal to reach the Coal Nodes and Iron Ore Deposits.

Best Coal Farming Base Location Palworld How to Get Coal Palworld Where Can I Find Coal Palworld?

Make your way to the northeast of the Map on top of this Mountain Plateau at the Coordinates (192, -45). From the distance, you’ll easily spot 6 nodes of coal and 6 nodes of iron on top of the rocky mountain plateau, which is ideal for building a new base location for farming Coal and Iron in Palworld.

Time To Build Your Best Iron Ore and Coal Base in Palworld

Best Infinite Iron Ore Coal Farming Location in Palworld Iron Ore Farming in Palworld

Now it’s time to build a base near your Iron Ore farming location. If you’ve already reached level 10, you can make a second base, which is pretty neat. So, now that you’ve got all your resources and Pals ready, it’s time to build your Iron Ore Farming Base in Palworld.

Step 1: Build a Palbox near the Iron Ore and Coal Deposits

Best Infinite Iron Ore Coal Farming Location in Palworld Iron Ore Farming in Palworld - Building a Palbox

Ensure that the Ore deposits are within the bounds of your base, otherwise your Iron Ore Automation Farm might not work as intended. Simply, construct your Palbox near the Iron Ore deposits and open up your Palbox.

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Step 2: Choose a Mining Pal Like Digtoise or Tombat

Selecting handiwork Pals like Digtoise in Palworld for farming Iron Ore and Coal

Now it’s time to make use of your Handiwork Pals. Your best bet is to use Digtoise for farming Iron Ore since Digtoise has a mining level 3, but other Pals can also get the job done. Digtoise specifically works on mining Iron ores, so if you need a pal that’s a bit more versatile, then you could also go with Dumud or Tombat.

Since mining is all that Digtoise can do, you might want to go with Tombat, considering Tombat also bares the Transportation Skill which is needed to store your Iron Ore once you’re away. Tombat has a level 2 mining level and a transportation level of 2 as well, which makes it an AFK Iron Ore Farming all-rounder Pal.

Selecting a handiwork Pal like Tombat to mine and transport iron ore in Palworld

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Step 3: Assign a Transportation Pal like Vanwyrm to Transport Coal and Iron Ore To A Storage Box

Level 3 Transport Handiwork Pal Vanwyrm for storing Iron Ore in Storage Boxes in Palworld

To speed up the transporting process, make sure to assign a dedicated Transporting Pal to the Iron Ore Farming Base’s equation. That’s where Vanwyrm pops into the picture with its Level 3 Transportation Skill. This Handiwork Pal is very fast at transporting and storing your Iron Ore and Ingot.

Step 4: Don’t Forget To Make A Storage Box For Your Best Iron Ore and Coal Base in Palworld!

Crafting a storage Box in Palworld

But what do you store your Iron Ore in Palworld? That’s where you’ll have to build a storage box. Simply, build a Storage Box near your Iron Ore AFK Farming Base in Palworld. The rest of the work is done by your Vanwyrm and Tombat to mine and transport Iron Ore to the storage box.

Iron Ore inside storage box in Palworld

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Step 5: Tend to Your Mining Pals Needs – Craft A Berry Plantation Site

Crafting a Berry Plantation Site for the Infinite Iron Ore Farming Base Location in Palworld

Pals don’t work endlessly, you need to keep them happy, and well-fed and let them sleep from time to time. So, like humans, it’s time to care for their basic needs. You’ll need to craft a Berry Plantation site near your Iron Ore Farming Base in Palworld. 

Step 6: Assign Two Tanzees and One Fuak to Manage the Berry Plantation Site

Assigning Harvesting and Plantation Handiwork Pals named Tanzees in Palworld

That’s where another Pal pops into the picture. Bring in two Tanzees for the planting and harvesting of berries so that your Handiwork Pals don’t go hungry. The aptly named watering Pal, Fuack, is needed for watering the Berry Plantations so that the berries grow properly.

Watering Handiwork Pal Quack in Palworld

Step 7: Make Some Straw Beds For All Your Pals For Your Best Iron Ore and Coal Base Locations

Collecting Fiber and Wood from Pals in Palworld

The next step is to make a few beds for all of your Pals since they also need some well-needed sleep from all that planting, harvesting, mining, and transporting. Furthermore, the Desolate Church is packed with trees that offer tons of fiber and wood. Following suit, just cut down a few trees with a simple axe to make a few Straw Beds for your pals.

Crafting Straw beds for Pals to sleep on in Palworld

Step 8: Craft a Hot Spring To Boost Your Handiwork Pals’s Mood And Productivity in Palworld

Crafting a Hot Spring to boost Handiwork Pal productivity and mood

Equally important, food, rest, and what about relaxation? Make sure to make a Hot Spring for your Pals. You need 10 Pal Fluids, 10 Palladium Fragments, 15 Iron, and 30 wood to make a Hot Spring. But remember, you need to achieve Technology Level 9.

The purpose of the Hot Spring is to rejuvenate or revitalize tired Pals, so their productivity levels go up–hence keeping your Automated AFK Iron Ore Farm in Palworld running forever.

Step 9: Don’t Forget To Craft A Feed Box!

Crafting a Feed Box to keep all Pals well-fed and hunger-free in Palworld

And at the end of it all, you need to craft a Feed Box, so your Pals can store berries and eat them whenever they’re hungry. Finally, your ultimate Automated AFK Iron Ore Ingot Farm is complete! 

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Congratulations! Your Best Iron Ore Base Location For Farming Is Complete!

Tazee and Quack sleeping at the Infinite Iron Ore Farming Base in Palworld

Your handiwork Pals will never go hungry, get cranky, or be tired ever again, and they’ll keep farming unlimited amounts of Iron Ore for you. Just make sure you choose the Desolate Church’s backyard as the Best Iron Ore Farming Location in Palworld. Furthermore, you can always use the Green Mountain Plateau for the Best Iron and Coal Farming Location in the game.

That’s pretty much it for the best Iron Ore Ingot Farming Guide and Location in Palworld. For more Palworld guides like where to find Coal and Sulfur and more, tips, tricks, and other latest news, check out all that we have written for viewers on our Esportsnext website.


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