How To Breed Pals in Palworld (Ultimate Guide)

Palworld How To Breed Pals How to Hatch Eggs

Pocket Pair’s massively popular survival game, Palworld, has some interesting mechanics under its sleeves, and the deeper you delve into it, the more interesting it becomes. That’s where breeding comes into the mix, and did you know that there are 18,797 Palworld Breeding combinations?  That’s a big number, but how do you breed Pals in Palworld? What happens when you breed two Pals? You get a Pal egg, but how do you hatch a Pal Egg? Don’t worry, we’ll cover everything you need to know about breeding pals and hatching Pal Eggs in our Palworld Breeding guide.

How To Breed Pals In Palworld – Summarized

To Breed Pals in Palworld and Hatch Eggs:

  • Capture a Chikipi, Mozarrina, and a Beegarde.
  • Build a Ranch and place the latter Pals in the Ranch.
  • Manually collect Eggs, Honey, and Milk or use Transportation Pals to store them in the storage chest
    Build a Wheat and Berry Plantation and gather Wheat and Red Berries
  • Build a Mill and make Flour with the help of a Water Type Pal
  • Craft a Cooking Pot and add 5 Flour, 8 Eggs, 2 Honey, 19 Milk, and 8 Red Berries to make Cake.
  • Build a Breeding Farm on a Leveled Surface and Place The Cake in the Breeding Farm Storage Chest.
  • Lift and place a Male and Female Pal from your base into the Breeding Farm until the screen states, “Love is blossoming between the two Pals!”
  • Craft an Egg Incubator; wait 24 hours in multiplayer mode, or set the incubation time to 0 in single-player mode.
  • Place the Pal Egg in the Incubator and hold the interact button to Complete the Incubation Process.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully hatched a Pal egg in Palworld!

Step 1: Find Chikipi in Palworld

Palworld Chikipi Location

Chikipis are neutral pals that can be captured fairly easily. They’re found in the Western, Eastern, and Southern Parts of the map. If you’ve played the game, you’ve likely captured a few Chikipis by now.

Step 2: Find Mozarrina in Palworld

Palworld Mozarrina Location

Mozarrina’s are easily found in the center of the map. Like Chikipis, they’re neutral and pretty easy to catch. If you need some milk, then capturing Mozarrinas is your best bet. You can also buy Milk from Wandering Merchants for 100 Gold.

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Step 3: Find Beegarde in Palworld

 Beegarde Location

During the daytime, Beegardes are diffusely found in the Northern central region of the map, specifically the Mossanda Forest, and they’re scattered around everywhere. As they’re bees, they can be pretty annoying to deal with. 

Considering Beegardes are relatively stronger, you’ll need a Giga Pal Sphere to guarantee to capture this Grass Type Pal. Beegardes tend to explode if they’re alerted, and that’s pretty much it. You need to use Triple Bow or a Stun Baton to catch this Pal.

Step 4: Build A Ranch In Palworld

How to Build a Ranch in Palworld
  1. To build a ranch in Palworld, you need to get to Technology Level Five and unlock the Ranch blueprint using Technology Points. After it’s all said and done, you can now build a ranch under the Build Menu. But keep in mind, that you’ll need 50 wood, 50 fiber, and 50 stone.
How to make milk in Palworld
How to make eggs in Palworld
How to make honey in Palworld
  1. The Ranch is where your Chikipis and Mozarrinas are in check at all times. That’s where Chikipis produce eggs and Mozarrinas drop bottles of milk. Place all your Chikipis, Mozarrinas, and a few Beegardes at your Palworld base and let them roam around the ranch. In no time, Mozarrinas will start producing bottles of milk and Chikipis will lay eggs. The Beegardes will produce Honey and that’s a few steps closer to making a cake.
  1. If you have a Pal that’s handling Transportation like a Vanwyrm, it’ll store all your eggs, honey, and milk in a storage box. But beware, don’t have an excess of Pals roaming your base. Otherwise, they’ll start consuming your honey, eggs, and milk. The honey, eggs, and milk are needed to make some cake.

Step 5: Make A Wheat Plantation in Palworld

How to Make a Wheat Plantation in Palworld

You’ll need a Wheat Plantation to reap some Wheat and make some Flour, which is needed to bake Cake. The process requires gathering some wheat seeds, wood, and stone and the aid of harvesting and watering Pals.

Step 5a: How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld – Palworld Wheat Seed Location

To build a Wheat Plantation, you need 3 Wheat Seeds, 35 Wood, and 35 Stone. The hardest part is acquiring Wheat Seeds, as you can only find them by capturing, knocking out, and butchering Grass Type Pals.

How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld
  1. That’s where you’ll have to defeat and proceed to – actually butcher a Grass Pal with a Cleaver. Find a Dinossom and catch or knock it out after you’ve defeated it. After capturing it, you’ll get 1 Wheat Seed. Butcher it to get more Wheat Seeds using a Cleaver. The Cleaver is unlocked at Technology Level 12
  1. You can get Wheat Seeds by capturing, or knocking out and butchering weaker Grass Pals like Robiniquill, Brislta, Flopie, and Cinnamoth. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or nighttime. 
  1. If you’re not the inhumane type, you can capture these Grass Type pals to get a single Wheat Seed or buy them from a Wandering Merchant at the Small Settlement near the Fast Travel Point for 100 Gold. Moreover, you can find a few wheat seeds in random chests.

Step 5b: Build your Wheat Plantation and Assign Plantation, Harvesting, and Watering Pals in Palworld

How to Harvest Wheat in Palworld

After you’re done building your Wheat Plantation, it’s time to start getting some Pals to automate your Wheat-growing escapades. The process is pretty simple. Assign 2 Tanzees and a Fuak to the Wheat Plantation, and you’re good to go. And after a while, Wheat will start collecting in your Storage Box. So, what do we do with what? Well, just like in real life– we make flour!

Step 6: Build A Mill in Palworld – Palworld Flour

How to Craft Mill in Palworld

Make sure you have a Technology Level of 15, and it’ll cost you 2 Technology points to build the Mill in Palworld. You’ll also need 50 Wood and 50 stone.

Sadly, the mill doesn’t work automatically, so you’ll need another watering pal such as Fuark to aid you in making some Flour. You can obtain 1 bag of Flour in Palworld from 3 Wheat Plants. Do the math, and you need 15 Wheat to get 5 bags of Flour

The easier method is to buy Flour directly from the Wandering Merchant for 100 Gold Coins – that is, if you’ve got the dough for it.

Step 6: Build a Berry Plantation in Palworld – Palworld Red Berries

How to Craft Berry Plantation in Palworld

Now, it’s time to craft a Berry Plantation, which requires a Technology Level 5 and 2 Technology Points to Unlock the Blueprint. To craft a Berry Plantation, you’ll need 3 Berry Seeds, 20 Stone, and 20 Wood. You can obtain Berry Seeds from Red Berry Bushes or by butchering a poor Grass Type Pal like Lifmunk.

After you’re done crafting the Berry Plantation in Palworld, your Tanzees, and Fuarks will come in handy here to plant, water, and harvest Red berries while your transport Pals will store them in the Storage Chest. 

Note: Make sure to craft extra Berry Plantations in Palworld as your Pals might just consume all the Red Berries if they’re starving. Your pals might even end up putting some Berries in the Feed Box. So add a few extra Food Gathering Pals into the mix to save some berries for baking the Cake in the Cooking Pot.

Step 7: Craft a Cooking Pot in Palworld – Palworld Cake

How to Craft Cooking Pot in Palworld

Building a cooking pot requires a Technology Level of 17 and costs 2 Technology Points, and it can be found in the Food Tab. In addition, you’ll need 20 Wood, 3 Flame Organs, and 15 Ingots to craft the Cooking Pot in Palworld. You can get Ingots from farming Iron Ore at Ore Deposits and kindling them in a Furnace with a Fire Type Pal.

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The Cooking Pot can be used to make a variety of foods ranging from Fried Eggs, Baked Berries, and Bread, or… You could butcher up some pals to get some Broncherry Rib Roast, Chikipi Saute, Herb Roasted Lamball, or a nice Mozarrina Steak.

But we need to make Cake for Breeding Pals and Egg Hatching in Palworld.

Step 7a: How to Get Flame Organs in Palworld – Foxparks Location Palworld

Palworld Foxparks Flame Organ Location

Flame organs can be obtained by butchering Fire Element Pals like Rooby, Foxparks, Kelpsea Ignis, and Leezpunk Ignis. The easiest way to get Flame Organs is to butcher the weaker Fire Type Pals known as Foxparks. To find Foxparks, check out the habitat location as mentioned above.

Step 8: Making Cake in Palworld – Palworld Cake Time!

Now, it’s time to make some Cake in Palworld. To make Cake you need 5 Flour, 8 Eggs, 2 Honey, 19 Milk, and 8 Red Berries. The game even drops a hint, stating that the Cake is necessary for Pals to lay eggs over at the Breeding Farm. 

Cooking Pot - Making Cake

But you need the aid of a Fire Type Pal with the Kindling Skill to make Cake in Palworld. You can also manually work on making Cake while a Fire Type Pal such as a Suzaku or Wixen kindles the Cooking Pot. After you’re all set and done, you’ll get your Cake, which is the first step to Breeding Palworld Pals and Hatching Eggs in Palworld

Step 9: Make A Pal Breeding Farm – Breed Pals in Palworld

Palworld Breeding Farm

To create a Pal Breeding Farm, you need to achieve a Technology level of Level 19. You need a vast amount of materials to get started on building the Breeding Farm in Palworld, specifically – 200 Stone, 50 Fiber, and 100 Wood.

You can find the Breeding Farm in the Pal Tab. After crafting your Pal Breeding Farm in Palworld on level ground, head over to the Breeding Farm Chest. Go ahead and place the Cake inside it.

Note: The Breeding Farm in Palworld tends to take up a lot of space, and it comes with its own storage box. Make sure to find adequate space for the Breeding Farm and build it on a level surface.

Otherwise, the Breeding Farm’s Storage Chest might glitch into the ground, preventing you from storing Palworld Cake. Hence, disabling your Pals from Breeding and Making Eggs in Palworld.

Step 10: How To Breed Pals in Palworld and Get Pal Eggs

All you need to do now is to find male and female pals and breed them over at the Breeding Farm. Make sure to place the Cake in the Storage Chest. You’ll have to wait a bit and at the end of all that waiting, you’ll get your first Pal Egg in Palworld!

Step 10a: Open up the Palbox and Check your Pal’s Genders

Palworld Female Pal Breeding
Palworld Breeding Farm

Before you lift and place your preferred Pals in the Breeding Farm, make sure to head over to the Palbox and check their Gender. As is the norm, you want to place one Male and one Female Pal in the Breeding Farm.

Step 10b: Place the Female Pal in the Palworld Breeding Farm

Palworld Female Pal for Breeding
How To Breed Pals Palworld

Open up the Palbox and find a Female; in this case, an Eikthyrdeer Terra. Now Place the Female Pal in your Pal Base. Press X to pick up your Female Pal and carry her over to the Breeding Ranch. Press X again to place her in the Breeding Farm.

Step 10c: Place the Male Pal in the Pal Breeding Farm – Breed Pals in Palworld

Male Pal For Breeding
How To Breed Pals Palworld

Now it’s time to pick a Male Pal and in this case, we’re going with a Male Vanwyrm. Place your Vanwyrm in your base from the Palbox. Press X to carry it over to the Breeding Farm and something magical will happen.

How To Breed Pals Palworld

Pals Not Breeding in Palworld – Palworld Breeding Farm Glitch Fix

How To Breed Pals Palworld

Sometimes, your Pals might not interact with the Breeding Farm, a breeding farm bug in Palworld, even if you place them inside it along with the cake. If it comes to it, destroy the Breeding Farm. Go to the Pal Tab and at the bottom, you’ll find the disassembly mode, and that should destroy your Breeding Farm. And exit the game by Returning to Title. Reload back into the game and reconstruct the Breeding Farm. That should fix things.

Palworld Breeding Farm Glitch

Step 11: How To Get Breeding Farm Eggs in Palworld – Breed Pals in Palworld

Palworld Breeding Guide
Palworld Hatching Eggs
How To Breed Pals Palworld

After you’ve tossed both Male and Female Pals in the Breeding Farm, a meter will start filling up with the words “Love is blossoming between the two Pals!” After the meter fills up, you’ll get a Pal Egg from Breeding Two Pals in Palworld. Breeding will take a bit of time, but in the end, you’ll get a huge Pal Egg.

 Huge Pal Egg
How To Breed Pals Palworld

Step 12: Craft The Egg Incubator – Hatching Eggs in Palworld

How to Craft Egg Incubator in Palworld
Palworld Breeding Guide
Palworld Hatching Eggs
How To Breed Pals Palworld

After you’ve gotten your hands on the Egg, it’s time to craft an Egg Incubator. The Egg Incubator is a Level 7 Technology Item in the Ancient Technology Section. You need 10 Palladium Fragments, 30 stones, and 5 Cloths along with 2 Ancient Civilization Parts.

Step 12a: How To Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld – Breed Pals in Palworld

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts
  1. Ancient Civilization Parts can be obtained by defeating or capturing Alpha bosses, which are marked on your Map when you get close to them. They’re also found in Caves and Dungeons. Alpha Bosses feature bright red health bars at the top of the screen.
  1. Rare chests, adorned with a purple aura, have a high chance of rewarding players with Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld. But you need a copper key to open them. Copper Keys can be obtained by either defeating Leezpunk or opening Random Chests.
Rare Chests which require Copper Keys
  1. Last but not least, you can get your hands on Ancient Civilization Parts from Lucky Pals, which have the Lucky Passive Effect. They can be identified owing to their sparkling aura and larger size. Eliminate or Capture a Lucky Pal to get an Ancient Civilization Part. Another bonus tip – Lucky Pals do more work at your base and do incredibly well in combat.
Lucky Pals in Palworld

Step 12b: Hatching Eggs in Palworld Using Egg Incubator – Breed Pals in Palworld

 Huge Verdant Egg
How To Breed Pals Palworld

After you’ve collected all the parts and crafted the Egg Incubator, it’s time to hatch the Pal egg. Take the Huge Verdant Egg and head towards your Egg Incubator. The Egg Hatching Time takes quite a while in multiplayer mode — in some cases, it could take up to a whole 24 hours. But casual Palworld players can set the Egg Hatch rate to 0 to speed things up in single-player mode.

Press and Hold F to incubate the egg after the Incubation Process is complete. And that wraps things up, The egg incubation between these two Pals gives you a Grass Type Petallia, which is pretty unexpected.

Egg Incubation complete in Palworld
Palworld Breeding Guide
 Hatching Eggs
How To Breed Pals Palworld

How Does Breeding Work In Palworld? Palworld Breeding Explained

Jetragon in Palworld -

In Palworld, each Pal is assigned a breeding power number, which is hidden in the game’s index files. The lower the number, the more powerful the Pal. The higher the breeding power number, the weaker the Pal. When two Pals breed, their breeding powers are averaged to determine the offspring Pal’s breeding power level. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a grass type, fire type, or neutral Pal. If the offspring pal has a breeding power similar to another parent pal on the game’s breeding index, then you’ll get the latter pal. Likewise, if two pals have similar breeding power levels, then the pal which comes first in the game’s breeding level index is the offspring of two Pals.

But there are a few rare combinations that don’t depend upon the breeding level index in Palworld. As a result, they produce 28 unique combinations. Similarly, Breeding Super Rare Pals with normal Pals will not give you Super Rare Pals. Only Super Rare Pals bred with Super Rare Pals give your Super Rare Pal Eggs.

For the most part, there’s a 50-50 probability of your Egg Pal ending up either male or female. But some Pals have a 10-90 percent chance of breeding and producing Male Pal Eggs.

And that’s pretty much it for everything you need to know about how to breed Pals in Palworld and Hatching Pal Eggs. Stay tuned for more guides, news, and info on EsportsNext!


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