Palworld Milk Locations – How to Get Milk in Palworld

How to Find Milk in Palworld

So you’ve boarded the Palworld hype train and are working hard as a Palworld Trainer in Pocket Pair’s long-awaited IP. Unfortunately, those tiny little creatures don’t run on endless energy. Say you’re looking to breed your Pals together. Well, in this case, you will need cake, and you can’t make cake without Milk in Palworld. So, how do you get Milk in Palworld? From a cow-Pal? If so, you’re on the right track! The bad news is that Palworld doesn’t hand out bottles of Milk for free. So here’s all the Palworld Milk Locations.

To get Milk in Palworld, you’ll have to find a cow-Pal named Mozarrina, typically found North of the Ravine entrance or the East of the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon, or simply anywhere South of the map. You can easily capture Mozarrina and place her on a ranch to get an unlimited supply of milk.

Alternatively, you can find the wandering merchant and buy Palworld milk from him for 100 coins. But the inhumane way to obtain milk in Palworld is to kill Mozarrina or use your Partner Skill. That’s pretty much it for all Palworld milk locations.

Palworld Milk Locations

Palworld Milk Location - How to get Milk in Palworld from Mozarrina

Palworld Milk is one of the most important resources in Palworld. Currently, there are two different ways to get Milk in the survival monster-catching game. You can make cake from Milk or use it to craft various other dairy products.

Number 1: Find and Capture a Mozarrina

Map to Find Mozarrina in Palworld

The easiest way to get Milk is to capture a pal named Mozzarina. If you capture one, you will never have to worry about running out of Milk again. To capture one, you can try your luck either to the north of the Ravine entrance or the east of the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon. Typically, you can find the cow-like creatures roaming around anywhere south of the map. If you’re having trouble finding Mozarrina, the above image will surely help you out.

Thankfully, Pal Number 29, Mozarrina, doesn’t put up much of a fight as a neutral type of Pal in Palworld. Lower its health enough and your regular Pal Sphere will take care of the rest. Dark-type Pals can get you an easy win.

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Once you’ve successfully captured a Mozarrina, head back to base and create a Ranch if you haven’t already. Remember that you can only set up a Ranch if you’ve unlocked technology level five. Your Mozarrina will produce Milk over time in the Ranch and you can collect it whenever needed, or you can have one of your Pals do it for you. Make sure to keep your Mozarrina happy and healthy if you want that milk to keep coming.

Additionally, you can obtain Milk the inhumane way by killing a Mozarrina or using a Partner Skill.

Number 2: Get Mozarrina Milk from a Wandering Merchant in Palworld

Wandering Merchant to find Milk in Palworld - Plaworld Milk Location

If you’re running low on patience and need to get your hands on some Palworld Milk fast, the Wandering Merchant is your best bet. He’ll be at the Small Settlement situated on the Northeast side of the Plateau of Beginning. Of course, nothing comes free in life, so you’ll have to pay the Wandering Merchant 100 Gold Coins in exchange for a bottle of Milk.

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Buying from a Wandering Merchant is the easy way out, but in the long run, you’re better off setting up your Ranch because Milk is not the only resource you will need to get your hands on. You will have to farm Honey, Eggs, and more during your adventures in Palworld. And if you are looking for more farming tips, make sure to stay tuned at ESN.


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