Best Pal Fluid Locations To Get Pal Fluid in Palworld (Farming Guide)

Pal Fluid in Palworld running out? If you’re not worried about where to find an ocean of Pal Fluid, you’re just not taking Palworld seriously enough. From the first Hot Spring to the Witch’s Cauldron later in the game, Pal Fluid is integral to your crafting and building journey in the Palpagos Islands. Players can only farm Pal Fluid by defeating or taming certain Water-type Pals. It can’t hurt to know where they spawn, right? Our comprehensive guide details the Best Pal Fluid Farming Locations To Get Pal Fluid in Palworld and some pro tips to help you stay ahead of the pack.

Here’s the best Pal Fluid Farming Locations To Get Pal Fluid in Palworld

  • Rayne Syndicate Tower
  • Grassy Behemoth Hills
  • Central Lake Location
  • Central Beach Near Pleatuea of Beginnings
  • Central Beach Near Marsh Islands

Here’s the Best Pals To Farm Pal Fluid in Palworld:

  • Fuack
  • Pengullet
  • Teafant
  • Celaray
  • Gobfin
  • Surfent
  • Kelpsea
  • Jormuntide

How To Farm Pal Fluid in Palworld?

How To GET Pal Fluid in Palworld 
Pal Fluid Farming Guide

To get or Farm Pal fluid in Palworld, your best bet is to head for the coasts, since that’s where Water-type Pals tend to gather the most. We recommend focusing on the shorelines and beaches since other bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and streams, are hotspots for Pals of different types. Picture the watering holes of the great African Savannahs.

Some of the easiest Water Pals to farm for Pal Fluid simply due to their abundance in the game include Teafant, Fuack, and Pengullet. Here are a few locations rich in this valuable resource.

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Rayne Syndicate Tower and Grassy Behemoth Hills

Best Pal Fluid Farming Location in Palworld

Some of the best places to farm Teafants and Pengullets early in the game are the entrance to the Rayne Syndicate Tower, the Grassy Behemoth Hills, and the region north of it. These locations stand out because of their remarkably high spawn rates and limitless potential to farm Pal Fluid.

Pals For Pal Fluid

  • Tefants
  • Penguellets

Central Lake Location

Pal Fluid Farming Location

Found near the Drew Mountainside, the Central Lake is home to a host of Surfents spawning rapidly near the river bed. Killing and capturing a Surfent gives you 4 Pal Fluids, making this one of the best farming locations.

Water Pal To Get Pal Fluid in Palworld

  • Surfent

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Various Beach Locations – Central Marsh Islands and Plateau of Beginnings

After the game’s first checkpoint, the first small beach you come across is an excellent place to start looking for Water Pals. While most of the beaches in the islands contain Water Pals that can be used to farm Pal Fluid, the beach found in the middle of the Marsh Islands and the Plateau of Beginnings is renowned for its exceptional spawn rate for Fuack, Celery, Teafant, and Pengullet.

Last but not least, if you’ve established your base on an island other than those listed above, you can still locate Water Pals by visiting the closest beaches and Pal hotspots. A pro tip is to capture each Water Pal you come across. Then “work” on it with the Meat Cleaver to farm the most Pal Fluid.

Best Water Pals To Get Pal Fluid Here

  • Fuack
  • Celery
  • Teafant
  • Penguellet

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Best Pals To Farm Pal Fluid in Palworld

How to Get Pal Fluid From Pals in Palworld
A Water Pal, Kelpsea, being butchered in Palworld (I am not creative) (Not in-game Footage)

Pals that look like your average sea creatures, sea serpents and manta rays alike, are almost definitely Water Pals. That is if you come across them near the water. However, this is an exhaustive list of all the Pals that drop Pal Fluid when killed or captured according to their present Paldeck.

  • Fuack (006)
  • Pengullet (010)
  • Teafant (016)
  • Celaray (025)
  • Gobfin (031)
  • Surfent (065)
  • Kelpsea (081)
  • Jormuntide (101)

You can take a look at the habitats of each type of Water-Pal to narrow down your hunt. An example is the Teafant, a tiny elephant often spotted strolling the sandy beaches across the coastline. Please take a look at a map of its habitat. Moreover, you can even purchase Pal Fluid from Merchants with Gold Coins and find it in Treasure Chests.

What is Pal Fluid Used For in Palworld? 

Hot Spring in Palworld

Presently, you can use Pal Fluid in just seven technology recipes. Each is mentioned below, alongside the Player Level at which you can access it and its effects.

  • Celaray’s Gloves (Level 7) Enables you to use Celeray in exchange for your Glider while using the Zephyr Glide Partner Skill.
  • Hot Spring (Level 9) – Increases the rate at which SAN is restored during your Pal’s break.
  • Cement (Level 19) – Construction purposes.
  • Water Fountain (Level 23) – Improves the watering abilities of your Base Pals.
  • Tomato Plantation (Level 32) – Lets you cultivate juicy tomatoes.
  • Witch Cauldron (Level 32) – Increases your Pal’s capacity to produce medicine.
  • Lettuce Plantation (Level 38) – Lets you farm crunchy lettuce.


That pretty much wraps up everything you need to know about the Best Pal Fluid Farming Locations To Get Pal Fluid in Palworld. Make sure to butcher all those water pals and get some well-needed Pal Fluid. Who knew pals liked to be bathed in the fluids of their own brethren(e.g. Hot Spring).

For more guides on Palworld and updates, stay tuned for more at EsportsNext.

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