Palworld IV Stats System EXPLAINED – Breed OP Pals With The Secret IV Stat Calculator!

Palworld IV Stats System Explained – Palworld has some intricate breeding and stats mechanics under all that code. These mathematical operations encode for a variety of Pals that have different amounts of HP, Pal Damage, and Defense. So what is this secret Stat System called the Palworld IV Stat System in Palworld? Palworld IV Stats can be calculated using third-party Palworld IV Stat Calculators. Moreover, how do Palworld Pal IV Stats affect breeding? Furthermore, can you create the strongest Pal in Palworld by transferring IV Stats?

Formerly, players thought that leveling up their Pals, breeding Pals with better Passive skills, and going for Pals with lower breeding power levels was the way to create the strongest Pal in Palworld. But the dynamics have changed drastically.

Palworld IV Stats System Summarized

  • The Palworld IV (Internal Value) Stat System is a hidden base stat calculator within the game files that accounts for Base Attack, HP, and Defense. This is different for different pals of the same or different species at the same level.
  • To calculate your Pal’s IV Stats; use the PalPedia’s Palworld IV Stat Calculator, match your Pal’s Level, and scale your IV Percentages till they match your in-game Pal’s base Attack Damage, HP, and Defense.
  • The Palworld IV Stat System affects Breeding And Base Stats when Breeding Pals in Palworld. Breeding to achieve high IV stats is quite randomized.
  • High IV Stat Pals or Parents May Pass on Three Equal or Higher IV Stat Percentages. Most of the time, newborn Pals receive two Higher, Equal, or Slightly Lower IV Stats Percentages.
  • Breeding a High IV Stat Pal with a Low IV Stat Pal will result in an average of the parent’s IVs, with a higher possibility of the newborn Pal having IV stats closer to the stronger parent.

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What Are Pal IV Stats in Palworld? Palworld’s Secret IV Stat System Explained

Pal IV Stats in Palworld refer to a Pal’s Internal Values which are its Base Stats; consisting of its Attack Damage, Defense, and HP. Each Pal has a random scaling factor, IV Value, or IV Percentage. Each of the stats – Attack Damage, HP, and Defense have different IV Values or IV Percentages.

For example, two Pals with the same level could have different HP, different Attack Damage, and different Defense values, indicating that there’s a difference in their IV values. The IV Values or IV Stats can range anywhere from +0% to +30%, with 15% being the average IV Stats.

While Pals with different IVs at lower levels might not have much of a difference when their stats are compared, the contrast becomes more prominent as they level up. 

A Pal with a higher IV level will receive exponentially boosted stats after leveling up to, say, Level 10. Compare it with the same Pal at level 10, and lower IV stats, and you’ll see that it has a lower increase in base stats as compared to the former Pal. The math behind these Palworld IV Calculations is pretty complicated, as is explained by Reddit User u/blahable.

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Palworld Secret IV Stat System Breakdown and Analysis

To understand Palworld’s Secret IV Stat System, let’s take the theoretical example of 3 Jetragons at Level 20 with no Passives added into the mix:

  • A Jetragon with a 0% IV Stats for all stats will have 1700 HP, 310 Attack Damage, and 215 Defense.
  • A Jetragon with a 15% IV Stats for all stats will have 1865 HP, 341.50 Attack Damage, and 239.75 Defense.
  • The Level 20 Jetragon with the highest IV Stats of 30% across all stats will have 2030 HP, 373 Attack Damage, and 264.5 Defense

Now, Let’s level up these Jetragons to Level 50, and we’ll see a dramatic contrast in each Jetragons individual stats:

  • At 0% IV Stats, the worst Jetragon will have 3500 HP, 625 Attack Damage, and 462 Defense.
  • The Level 50 Jetragon with an average of 15% IV Stats will have 3912 HP, 703 Attack Damage, and 524 Defense.
  • The Best Jetragon at Level 50, with a 30% IV Stats, will have 4325 HP, 782 Attack Damage, and 582 Defense.

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How Can I Calculate My Pals IV Stat in Palworld? Palworld IV Calculator

To calculate your Pals IV Stats in Palworld, you’ll need to use a Palworld IV Calculator, preferably the Palpedia Build-a-Pal.

Find your Pal, pull up its stats next to the Pal IV Calculator, and contrast its Pal Level, HP, Attack, and Defense, by fiddling with the IV Percentages to get your different IV Stats for HP, Attack, and Defense Values.

Level 50 Foxspark

For example, you can change the IV values in the Palworld IV Calculator for a Level 50 Foxparks. In this scenario, after comparing the HP, Attack, and Defense in the IV Calculator, we find out that this Foxppark has an HP IV Stats of 35%, an Attack IV Stats of 28%, and a Defense IV Stats of 28% – which are pretty solid IV Percentages.

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Do Palworld IV Stats Affect Breeding in Palworld? Palworld Breeding IV Stats System Explained

Yes, your Palworld IV Stats matters when breeding two Pals in Palworld. Breeding Pals can lead to newborn Pals with random IV Stats. You could breed two high IV Pals to either get; a Pal with similar IV stats, a Pal with higher IV stats, or lower IV stats. It’s pretty random. 

  1. When breeding two high IV Stat Pals, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get two similar or substantially better IV Stats in either Attack Damage, HP, or Defense. But one of these IV stats will be slightly lower.
  1. Similarly, if you breed a low IV Pal with a High IV Pal, you could get a mean IV of your IV stats, with a higher possibility of your newborn Pal having IV stats closer to the higher IV parent Pal. While Passives have a 50-50 chance of being passed down to your newborn Pal, Palworld’s Secret IV System is pretty complicated. 
  1. At lower levels, it’s pretty difficult to tell if your Level 1 Pal has good IV Stats, because most Level 1 IV Pals, after being born, have similar base stats. But those small increases in HP, Attack Damage, and Defense at Level 1 account for astronomical chunks of Palworld IV Stat Percentages.

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Palworld Breeding IV Stat System Breakdown

Take the example of this Level 1 Foxspark bred between two High IV Foxspark Pals in Palworld. While it has a base HP of 543, it still translates to an IV Stat of 34%. Similarly, the Attack Damage at 107 translates to an IV Stat of roughly 25-30%. But it’s pretty hard to accurately determine IV Percentages at Level 1.

How To Accurately Determine IV Stats In Palworld

If you’re looking to accurately determine your Pal’s IV stats, then you should continue leveling up your Pal to around Level 15 to 25. Only then can you accurately determine your newborn Pal’s IV Percentage by consulting the Palworld IV Stat Calculator.

Moving on to a pair of Level 25 Foxsparks that started with the same IV stats, you’ll see that there’s a stark difference in their base stats, even though they started with equal base stats at Level 1.

The Level 25 Foxspark with the higher IV stats has an HP IV of 35% amounting to 1598 HP, an Attack IV Stat of 28% amounting to 280, and a Defense IV Stat of 19%, amounting to just 206.

But in a different scenario, breeding two high IV Stat Foxsparks led to an astronomical IV Stats increase at Level 15; an HP IV Stat of 38% at 1169 HP, an Attack IV Stat of 30% at 209, and a Defense IV Stat of 30% at 152

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The Palworld IV Stat System adds another layer of depth to the already intricate power scaling, breeding level, and breeding potential of Pals in Palworld. All-in-all, the higher the IV stats of both parent pals, the better your chances of getting High IV newborn Pals that are stronger and overpowered. 

But it’s a dice roll at the end of the day, as you’d manually have to hatch multiple Pals that end up with different stats and level up your Level 1 newborn Pals. Then, you’d have to proceed to consult the Palworld IV Stats Stat Calculator, which isn’t accurate to a T but still gives you fairly accurate readings.

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These values can vary from species to species, with Alpha Pals having higher base stats, yet different IV Stats and Percentages. Breed Pals, level them up, rinse, and repeat until you create the ultimate overpowered Pal in Palworld. That pretty much wraps up the Secret IV Stat System In Palworld.

We aren’t mathematical prodigies here, so here’s a digestible and easy-to-understand breakdown of the Secret IV Stat System in Palworld. Make the most of it and breed OP Pals in Palworld. Stay tuned for more updates, guides, news, and all things Palworld at EsportsNext.

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