5 Upcoming Survival Games To Look For In 2024


After the dismal gameplay and performance of The Day Before and equally bad reviews at the very end of 2023, fans of the survival game genre enter 2024 with a lot of hope for a change this year.

Here are the 5 Upcoming Survival Games To Look For In 2024 games for fans of the genre.

NOTE: The rankings given to the games are purely random.


Recent Korean pop culture has globally gained attention for its captivating narrative-driven zombie apocalypse theme. Train to Busan and Netflix series like All Of Us Are Dead and #Alive have significantly boosted new content from the Korean entertainment industry’s zombie genre. The gaming industry is also catching up to it as well with the announcement of NAKWON: THE LAST PARADISE.

NAKWON THE LAST PARADISE is a Survival-RPG-PVPVE-Stealth Zombie apocalypse open-world game by MintRocket Games. The story of the game is based around the post-apocalyptic city of Seoul, South Korea. Players will begin in an already ruined city and will have to navigate through the game.

Players receive a personal shelter outside the city to stock, update, and set up as they prefer. They enter the zombie-infested city to gather resources, fight zombies, escape, and combat other humans.

Survival Games 2024

According to the sources, players will also be able to sell the gathered resources for money or other items. Details and more gameplay storylines about the game are still mostly unknown. As, fans have seen only the trailer and a brief gameplay glimpse from the pre-release alpha demo on Steam.

It is very early to comment on the game in terms of its story and gameplay, but the visuals, the information, and the general hype around the game promise to be a good game, hopefully.

There is no confirmed release date for the game; however, the buzz is that it will be released sometime in late 2024 on Steam. Whether it will ever be released on the consoles is yet to be confirmed as well.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: SNAKE EATER (REMASTERED?)

Hideo Kojima and Konami released Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater in the year 2003. It quickly became a hit for its brilliant graphics and mechanics for the time, and the amazing story mode as well. It remains to be seen if the story will stay the same or undergo some modification. The trailer released for the game looks phenomenal; gamers who have played the 2003 version of the game will notice many clues about the story or at least some aspects of it; how all of them tie in together is still unknown.

Avoiding spoilers, the 2003 version follows a FOX operative named ‘Naked Snake’ in 1964. Sent on a secret mission during the Cold War, he ventures into the jungle-forest land of Tselinoyarsk, a territory of the Soviet Union. The game received a lot of praise and appreciation from fans and gamers alike. The game was appreciated, especially for the new game mechanics added that even most games of this time fail to match. Well, that is what Hideo Kojima is all about; the man is always a couple of steps ahead of the curve!

Survival Games 2024

Despite Kojima’s departure from Konami, he created the previous version of the game, so fans can anticipate many aspects of his creation in this one as well. The developers have not specified a release date but anticipate it to be in 2024 on all platforms.


THE LOST WILD lets our childhood nightmares after watching Jurassic Park come to life!

Set around the predators of pre-human history, the players find themselves with the most dangerous predators in Earth’s history, the dinosaurs.

The game is a first-person survival game. Players will need to gather resources, find clues, and move forward in the game while actively avoiding and evading the imminent danger of being eaten by the giant hunters.

Sources suggest that players will play an investigative journalist on an abandoned island near the coastal areas of Japan, exploring everything happening on the island. While navigating the island, a mysterious radio voice guides them in uncovering clues about the situation.

Survival Games 2024

The game is all about human instincts versus the giant beasts to ever live on the planet. The vast wilderness and the jungle island provide a ray of opportunities for players to use the environment to their advantage to distract, evade, and maybe kill the beasts. Sources suggest that the game’s AI for dinosaurs and wildlife will mirror the behavior of real-life animals, depicting the way giant beasts may have lived in their natural habitat.

Great Ape Games confirm they’re levelling up the experience, aiming for a drop in late 2024 or early 2025. The game will initially be released on Steam, with a potential launch on consoles at a later date.


Survival Games 2024

THE WILD SIDE, by the developers at VeCube Studio, is a simplistic yet engaging first-person survival game.

The game follows a glider pilot losing control and crash-landing in the dense Subcarpathian forests of 1980s Poland. Sources confirm that the game will have a storyline, and details will become apparent upon the game’s release.

It includes crafting, scavenging, gathering materials, hunting tools, and base-building typical of survival games. The game has a vast variety of wildlife from the hunted to the hunters.

The visuals in the game’s trailer promise realistic in-life animations, but players will have to play it to see if they’re all included in the final version.

Survival Games 2024

In the world of ever-increasing zombie and fantasy survival games, this game is a much simpler change in the genre. The game aims for a 2024 release on all platforms.


Survival Games 2024

For the final entry, we are heading back to the Medieval times. BELLWRIGHT follows the story of a runaway protagonist, surviving and seeking answers in their life. An engaging tale of potential betrayal, the protagonist’s true identity, and the actions needed to uncover answers.

Survival Games 2024

The game incorporates RPG elements, interacting with NPCs, and building rapport to get their support for the protagonist’s journey. The trailer hints at diverse activities in the gameplay, including farming, hunting, constructing, crafting, waging wars, and participating in battles.

Strategy elements are also going to play a big role in the game. Players will have to build an army to attack villages, cities, and smaller communities to liberate them. How it will all be done effectively will be at the players’ discretion.

Talking about the fighting and the battles, the fighting mechanics in the game look very decent with a range of different weaponry. Overall, it looks like a nice action RPG survival strategy game.

BELLWRIGHT will be released in the first quarter of 2024 for PC, with a subsequent release on consoles, hopefully.


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