Pokemon Sleep Holiday 2023 Event Starting This Upcoming Week

With plenty of previous events like the Eevee Event and Halloween, Pokemon Sleep also is slowly revamping the game with plenty of quality-of-life updates and paving the way for a better and more fun Holiday event starting Monday tomorrow on December 18th.

The newest update to the game brings some great changes and additions, including a daily item drop from the ingame shop that will allow players to get a random set of items ranging from simple Poke Biscuits to Diamonds. This isn’t the only thing as devs are working on ways to make the game better for all players. For this December, the game will be holding a full Holiday 2023 event that will run through next week bringing different rewards and Ice-type spawns for the winter.

The Sleepy Perks:

This event will be hosted on the first Map of the game, Greengrass Isle, where many Ice-type Pokemon will spawn during the whole event. Snorlax will also have the Rawst Berry set as one of its favourites for the whole event promoting players to use Ice-type Pokemon in their party. There are also going to be exclusive bonuses for the whole week to everyone in Pokemon Sleep would do well to make the most out of the extra Dream Shards and EXP bonus as well as find rare Ice-type Pokemon in different sleeping poses to further progress in the Sleeping Pokedex in Pokemon Sleep.

All varieties of Pokemon will spawn during the whole event throughout this upcoming week regardless of the sleeping style of players. This includes Ice-types like Glaceon, Spheal and more and will also include a Pikachu wearing a special Red Hat as the special spawn of the holiday event.

Dream Shards will drop twice as much and Pokemon that have the special Main Skill to gather some Dream Shards will be twice as effective as well. Additionally alongside this Dream Shards boost, there will be a special event mechanic where you will give Pokemon twice as much EXP from candy by using six times the normal amount of Dream Shards. This could be a little tricky for those that don’t want to waste Dream Shards, but for those looking to grow their Pokemon fast, this will be the perfect time to do so.

As mentioned above, Rawst Berry will be one of the favourite berries of Snorlax for players that join Greengrass Isle to play the Holiday 2023 event in Pokemon Sleep. This will encourage players to focus on using Ice Types which they would conveniently find after sleeping each day the whole week. The more players play leading up to the last day on Sunday, they’ll also get double the Sleep Points and will potentially have a great team full of good Pokemon to use on their Party Team to feed Snorlax its favourite berry and get some good progress in the game.

There will be special Holiday 2023 Bundles in the ingame shop for purchase as well. Although expensive, the biggest and the second biggest bundle also contains a Main Skill Seed and a Sub Skill Seed that permanently upgrades a Pokemon’s skill, which is a huge benefit as the gameplay is heavily affected by Pokemon in players’ parties and their Main and Sub Skills. Check them out ingame if you think you’d want to purchase them.

Overall the event looks to conclude the winter holiday season in the game and there is plenty players can enjoy, all by taking a good night’s rest. The developers have also shown they will be bringing some intriguing new content to the game ahead so there is more motivation for players to stick through and sleep their very best.

Viewers can check out more about the Sleep-Tracking-App/Videogame App over on Pokemon Sleep’s official webpage. The game is looking to gather some good popularity with plenty of regular players and would look to get an even bigger community ahead with the consistent new content.

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