Eevee Week in Pokemon Sleep Bringing Brand New Bonuses

Eevee Event Week

The newest event for Pokemon Sleep is bringing the fan favourite Eevee with an increased spawn rate alongside its many evolutionary forms to the Sleep-Tracker/videogame application this week.

The Eevee Week begins today Monday with the start of a fresh gameplay sequence for Pokemon Sleep. Players can enjoy this event regardless of the ingame area they choose to join to study Sleeping Snorlax and other sleeping Pokemon. As the name would suggest, Eevee is the star of the show where it will be spawning more frequently after players get a good night’s rest and track their sleeping statistics through the application. There are some exclusive rewards also alongside the featured Pokemon as well as new bundles and more.

Eevee Week:

The event began today at 4 AM and will run till next Monday at 4 AM. Accumulating the usual cycle of a day, players can track their sleep for a date within the timeframe that runs from and to 4 AM every day.

Eevee comes with all of the evolutions getting a boost to its spawn rate chance as well as to its shiny rate. Players may wake up to find a white Eevee. Moreover, all of Eevee’s evolutionary forms will also have a greater chance of appearing after Sleep Research.

Eevee Day:

November 21st is a special commemorative day in Pokemon Sleep where players will also get 1121 bonus Sleep points if they track their sleep. Sleep points are useful to buy more Biscuits which players use to befriend more sleeping Pokemon as well as other useful items such as evolutionary items, Ingredient Tickets, Candy and more. Everything is used in some manner to get more out of the game so players shouldn’t skip Tuesday’s Sleep Research.


For the bonuses active during the week, there are the following;

  • Eevee and its Evolutions get a boost to their appearance rates.
  • Eevee will spawn regardless of the type of Sleep tracked per day in Pokemon Sleep.
  • Shiny Eevee also gets a boost to appear more frequently for lucky players.
  • Eevee Day will give 1121 bonus Sleep Points.
  • The Main Skill Trigger chance for all Pokemon being used around Snorlax will get a 1.5x boost.

For the special Day, all these bonuses will be active. For the next days of the week and today, all the mentioned bonuses except for the bonus Sleep points will be active as well.

There are a few bonus rewards from Missions as well which include Candy, Poke Biscuits, Incense and more. Players can complete and claim all these simply by playing Pokemon Sleep as usual throughout the whole event week. The Missions are not at all difficult to complete.

Area Specifics:

A good perk to know about is that although Eevee and all its Evolutions have a boost to their appearance rate, the Evolution forms are still specific to Areas in Pokemon Sleep. This means Eevee will be boosted in all areas, but its evolutionary forms will only be area-specific.

Here are the forms and the areas they’re specific to:

  • Greeen Glaas Island: Leafeon, Jolteon, Sylveon.
  • Cyan Beach Island: Vaporeon.
  • Taupe Hollow Island: Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon.
  • Snowdrop Tundra: Glaceon.

This means that Areas do affect appearances as each Area or Island contains the appropriate type of Eevee Evolution; the grassy island is home to the Leaf-type Evolution Leafeon while the Snowy Tundra is home to Glaceon the Ice-type, and Umbreon similarly spawns below Moonlight in the Taupe Hollow. Players would find this informative for the future if they’re planning on completing the whole Eeveelution collection.

Eevee Week Pokemon Sleep

Special Eevee-Themed Shop Bundles:

With the new event, there are some brand new General Store 2023 Bundles purchasable with diamonds ingame. There are three bundles for different prices starting at the cheapest and the highest one costing 3000 diamonds.

The Eevee Week 2023 Bundle S is for 250 diamonds and contains 1 Great Biscuit, 2 Poke Biscuits and 10 Eevee Candy.

The 2023 Event Week Bundle M costs 1200 diamonds and contains 18 Poke Biscuits, 2 Friend Incenses, 40 Eevee Candy and 2 Eevee Incenses.

The Bundle L costs 3000 diamonds and consists of 15 Great Biscuits, 5 Friend Incenses, 100 Eevee Candy and 5 Eevee Incenses.

The M and L bundles give an even higher chance to get Eevee through the Eevee Incense which would compliment the greater appearance chance for it as well as its shiny form.

There’s plenty of stuff coming for Pokemon Sleep players as the unique Pokemon Application for mobile phones has been quite popular since its release a few months ago this year. Developers have consistently shared news of the upcoming changes and more content coming ahead and players can sleep easy knowing there will be plenty of new stuff to enjoy in the future.

Check out Pokemon Sleep’s Official X/Twitter Page for more. If you’re an Eevee fan and also play Pokemon GO, we’ve made a full guide on how to get it and Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon that you can read over here.


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