Steam Autumn Sale Arriving on November 21st

Steam Autumn Sale

The Steam Autumn Sale is arriving in just a few days from the 21st till the 28th featuring great discounts on the latest videogame titles that include AAA titles as well as Indie games and also hosting the yearly Steam Awards.

The news came directly from Steam itself where a whole trailer debuted showcasing a few of the latest videogames that will be getting discounts. Here’s the trailer if you’ve missed it:

The trailer features a beautiful artwork fully animated with a pixel sprite-like design which will be visible on Steam once the sale goes live.

A few of the many games that Steam has listed for PC that will be getting price drops include Hunt: Showdown, Terraria, Mount&BladeBannerlord, Hitman 3, The Elder Scrolls, American Truck Simulator, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sons of the Forest, Subnautica, Deep Rock Galactic, F1 23, Starfield, Valheim, The Last of US Part 1, Rimworld and many more. Prepare your wallets as Gaben is coming.

There have been plenty of big games released this year and many people would be looking to take advantage of the best deals they can get for their favourite games. Steam also requests users to wishlist their favourite games in advance so they can pick them up later when they get the discount deals through Steam notifications to users.

The Steam Awards makes its way back as well with the nominations going live in the Autumn Sale. The results will be announced later in December. It is however a great way to daily check out which games are on sale, one may never know and find a really good game for a really good bargain on Steam. The wholesale will be coming with Steam’s usual special stickers and badges and more that players can redeem just by checking the application and all the discounts. The Steam Autumn Sale will also allow users to get discounts on Steam Wallet cards so there’s twice the discount for people that can buy more bucks for less and get even lower prices on the latest games.

Don’t forget that you can also gift games on Steam to friends if you have their accounts added so it’s as simple as buying for them as it is for yourself. The holiday season is almost upon us and there will be plenty of fun and happiness to go around, especially if the said fun is from a new AAA title that you got for less than half the price with added DLC.

Steam Autumn Sale

You can check out Steam over here. The company also released their newest Oled version of the Steam Deck which could maybe have a discount for it or its older version so you might want to keep an eye out for that during the upcoming Steam Autumn Sale.

Right before the Autumn Sale, Half-life’s 25th Anniversary is here and the games are already on discount of up to 90% off. What’s more, Half-life is absolutely free right now for players who can check it out on Steam and permanently add it to their list of owned games. Use the above link to just check out the game on Steam to permanently redeem it.


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