Pokemon GO: Upcoming Party Up Event Promoting Party Play

Pokemon GO’s latest upcoming Party Up event arriving on November 22nd is coming with exclusive new rewards for players that that gather up and play beside friends next week.

Pokemon GO recently added the newest update for Party Play to the mobile title, allowing some new perks where players can join a singular party that is located at the same location. This enables players to see each others’ avatars, getting bonuses and exclusive rewards by doing so. The introduction of the update however didn’t come with an exclusive event themed around Party Play, which is why now the Party Up event is coming to Pokemon GO. It will be running from November 22nd at 10 AM till November 27th at 8 PM Local time.

The event won’t be shy of just Party Play rewards and will feature many special spawns, new looks, Raid battles, Mega Raid Pokemon and much more.

Party Up:

There will be special World Spawns, Event Bonuses, Field and Timed Research, Special Raid and Mega Raid Pokemon as well as special Pokestop Showcases for the Party Up event.

World Spawns:

World Spawns for Party Up include a few shiny forms as well as normal ones. Gothita, Solosis and Morelull will spawn frequently in the wild including their shiny forms so lucky players can encounter them. Additionally, the newest Paldean Starters and more Paldea Pokemon will also be included; Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Lechonk alongside its shiny form, Nymble, Pawmi, Smoliv and Tadbulb.

This is a good chance for players to look for the newest additions to the Pokemon GO lineup with the Gen 9 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon.

Event Bonuses:

Event bonuses are aplenty on top of the exclusive Party Up bonuses and rewards players can get by joining up with friends. These all stack and complement each other so it’s the perfect time to check out the Party Play mechanic in Pokemon GO. The bonuses for the Party Up event are also related to friendship such as trading and raid bonuses so that will be the manner that players should focus on getting the most out of this event.

The Event bonuses for the Party Up Event itself are the following:

  • Players will get a 2x bonus to XP gain from clearing Raid Battles. Remember that the Party Play mechanic gives bonuses to raid battles itself, as players in a Party will get more power for their Charged Attacks and their Fast Attack will also hit harder and charge up the meter faster. Hencewise clearing Raids will be convenient and beneficial for all Pokemon GO players during the event.
  • Players will be able to make up to 5 Special Trades in a single day during the event. This is the perfect chance to trade Pokemon, and if players are lucky friends, it’ll be the best chance they have of landing a super good Lucky Pokemon with great IV and more.
  • Players who are Level 31 or above in Pokemon GO will receive a guaranteed XL Candy of the Pokemon they trade during the event. This will help out everyone who is looking to make their Pokemon stronger. CP is essential after a Pokemon has grown enough and then requires XL candy to grow. This is how XL Candy is essential for getting a Pokemon to its strongest state.
  • Trading Pokemon will yield 2 additional Candy as well to help players increase Pokemon CP.

These bonuses will align with the Party Challenges so players will get more out of completing them.

Timed Research and Field Research:

Field Research will feature a total of 8 Pokemon, three of which are the Paldean Starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly, alongside Hisuian Growlithe, Wurmple with a party hat, Nosepass, Gothita and Solisis. Five of the Pokemon aside from the Paldean Starter Pokemon all also have their shiny forms available in the game so lucky players can encounter them by completing Event exclusive Field Research.

Timed Research will have Hisuian Growlithe and Wurmple with the party hat as reward encounters from the event’s Timed Research alongside more rewards such as Premium Raid Passes, Charged TMs, Lucky Eggs and more. Players will need to complete it in time before the event concludes to get the rewards.

Additionally, The Research with the Master Ball reward that had been running for the past few months will be coming back as a purchasable Research Task to players who did not complete it before. The Master Ball is the most powerful form of the Pokeball which guarantees a catch on the Pokemon it’s used on, so it’s a highly sought-after item in the Pokemon series as well as in Pokemon GO.


The Party Up event brings special Raid Pokemon for every star as well as a Mega Pokemon.

1 Star Raids will feature five different Pokemon which are Hisuian Growlithe, Lechonk, Nosepass, Dwebble and Klink. All of these will have their shiny forms available as well so lucky players can encounter one after clearing out their raids.

3 Star Raids will feature Rhydon, Pelipper, Gardevoir and Bombirdier. Gardevoir and Bombirdier will both have their shiny forms encounterable as well if players get lucky after clearing out their raids.

5 Star Raids will come with Terrakion. Its shiny form will also be available, and it is the unique Pokemon with the Rock/Fighting type matchup, so it would be worthwhile to add it to players’ Pokemon rosters if they don’t have one already.

Mega Raids will come with Mega Kangaskhan, the Gen 1 Normal Type which is very sturdy and packs a wallop. Its Mega Evolved form also brings with it many unique bonuses so it is a good chance for players to defeat it and gather up Kangaskhan Mega Energy. Mega Raids are one of the hardest raids to defeat but the rewards in turn are great as well and with Party Play, players can conveniently clear out raids and get the most out of it.

Special Pokestop Showcases:

For the Party Up Event-themed showcases for the whole duration, the Paldean Starter Pokemon will be coming where players can look for super-sized Sprigatito, Quaxly and Fuecoco to enter and get some exclusive rewards. Showcases are always a fun manner of challenge to see who has the biggest showcase Pokemon, with everyone getting some manner of reward despite their position in the Pokestop Showcase. Players should make sure to enter any Pokestop Showcase they find.

Pokemon GO Webstore and Ingame Shop Boxes:

With every new event coming from Niantic to Pokemon GO, new purchasable bundles on the Pokemon GO Web Store and the ingame Shop are also coming.

Players will have the option to get a special Seasonal Box that will have 25 Incubators, 25 Super Incubators and 10 Poffins. Moreover, the bundles for Pokecoins in the ingame shop and on the Pokemon GO Web Store will have twice the amount of bonus coins from bundles that are over $20 USD. For those who want to hatch plenty of Eggs, the Seasonal Box will be a good incentive.

Players can party up as soon as they reach Level 15 in Pokemon GO or higher and can team up with 3 more players to have a total of 4 party members. This will allow them to get Party Challenges and Rewards, Party Power Bonuses, and much more. Make sure that when you do participate in this event you have friends around you so you can enjoy more. There are plenty of perks to enjoy with the newest Mega Pokemon, special Raid Pokemon, and much more.

For more on Pokemon GO, check out the game’s official website where you can read about all the details of Party Play and more.

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