Spider-Man 2: Symbiote Nests Guide

Spider-Man 2: Symbiote Nests Guide
Spider-Man 2: Symbiote Nests Guide

DISCLAIMER: The Symbiote Nests side activity is at the very late game, hence this guide will contain major story spoilers, so beware before reading forth!

Symbiote Nests are available to destroy after the late game, “Set Things Right”, story mission. In this mission, Peter and Miles protect City Hall by battling hordes of Symbiotes, however, due to their sheer numbers, both Spider-Men are overwhelmed and Peter gets trapped with the remains of the Symbiote inside him trying to take over. Martin Li saves Peter by transferring his power to Peter, and in a twist of fate, gifting him Anti-Venom Power. After you clear up the remaining symbiotes with the help of your Anti-Venom Suit, 5 Symbiote Nests will pop up. The other 5 will be available after Dr. Connor tells Peter that the only solution is to Kill Harry in the next story mission, “It’s All Connected”.

While every Symbiote Nest will reward you with 1200 XP and 4 Hero Tokens, completing all ten will get you the ‘King in Black’ suit for Miles. You can do all Symbiote Nests by either Peter or Miles, although Peter is the better choice as his Anti-Venom abilities will greatly help when dealing with the Symbiotes. To destroy a Symbiote Nest, you have to place a Sonic Burst on the heart of the nest and then defend it from incoming Symbiotes until the heart is destroyed.

1. Symbiote Nest – Astoria 1/1:

This Symbiote Nest is located in the northeast of the Astoria district and the whole game map. It is more challenging than some of the other Symbiote Nests because you have to destroy two hearts instead of one. You should focus on the Symbiotes attacking the hearts by using web zip (△) constantly instead of fighting them randomly as you may get overwhelmed and lose.

2. Symbiote Nest – Harlem 1/2:

You will find this Symbiote Nest right in the middle of the Harlem District. It is a simple Symbiote Nest however its placement is weird as it is the only one that is placed so tightly between residential buildings and if you look at it from a distance, you will notice there is green smoke around it.

3. Symbiote Nest – Harlem 2/2:

The second Symbiote Nest inside Harlem is right near its southeast border. Like the first Harlem nest, this Symbiote Nest also only has 1 heart.

4. Symbiote Nest – Upper East Side 1/2:

Located just beside the east border of the Upper East Side, this Symbiote Nest contains two hearts. Also, you will notice that as this Symbiote Nest is right on a road, the police have barricaded the street. Anti-Venom Strike (L1 + △) helped a lot with this nest as you can switch your position from one heart to another easily, all while damaging symbiotes in the way.

5. Symbiote Nest – Upper East Side 2/2:

This Symbiote nest is the north of the Upper East Side district. It is just another simple Symbiote Nest as it only contains one heart and is easily manageable.

6. Symbiote Nest – Williamsburg 1/1:

The only Symbiote Nest in Williamsburg is a bit south of the middle of the district. The heart of the nest is right beside a basketball pitch surrounded by residential buildings. This nest is another easy task as it also only has one heart like other Symbiote Nests.

7. Symbiote Nest – Chinatown 1/1:

Chinatown’s Symbiote Nest in the southeast region of the district and its heart is trying to play hide and seek poorly by hiding beneath a police car. You will first have to move the car by using L1 + R1, then you will be able to destroy it through a Sonic Burst.

8. Symbiote Nest – Little Odessa 1/1:

This tricky Symbiote Nest is located right in the middle of Little Odessa. The big area around it looks weird and when you go near the nest, then you realise why the area is big. It is a constantly moving heart. However, this can work to your advantage as Symbiotes take time to catch up to the nest which makes defending it really easy. Note: The heart also moves up to a building’s roof.

9. Symbiote Nest – Financial District 1/1:

You will be able to find this Symbiote Nest in the northwest area of the Financial District. It is one of the only Symbiote Nests that contain two hearts and hence it is a trouble to deal with. Use the Sonic barrels that are conveniently placed near the hearts as you will also have to fight Symbiote Behemoths. Wall Thrash was helpful in this nest as some symbiotes were right against walls and the ability helped defeat them quickly.

10. Symbiote Nest – Upper West Side 1/1:

This Symbiote Nest has taken hold of Black Cat’s hideout which is in the southwest region of the Upper West Side. Aside, from having the guts to take over her hideout, this nest doesn’t have anything special and is easily manageable.

While it is understandable that Insomniac wanted to show how Venom was using his symbiote abilities to change the Earth through these Symbiote Nests, it was a boring and repetitive side activity. They could have spiced things up by having Miles and Peter fight together while destroying all the nests.

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