Spider-Man 2: Markos Memories Guide

Spider-Man 2: Markos Memories Guide
Spider-Man 2: Markos Memories Guide

Markos Memory Crystals are unlocked in the second main story mission, ‘One Thing at a Time’, when you are doing cleanup after defeating Sandman in the game’s first mission. Miles notices an orange crystal inside a building and is confronted by minions of Sandman after approaching them. MJ calls Miles and she believes that these crystals must be fragments of Marko’s mind as his mind is broken into pieces. The doctors recommend finding all the crystals to help restore his mind. This piece of Markos Memories is called She’s Gone…, in which Marko says, ‘One minute I was with you and the next? You were gone.’ There are about 14 Crystals scattered around the map with each Crystal rewarding you with 400XP and 5 City Tokens.

While you can collect these Crystals with Peter and Miles, Miles has the edge in combat as his venom electricity instantly solidifies Markos’ minions. While gathering the memories, you will also notice that most of them are situated near environments that can help you defeat the minions; such as air vents, water pipes and fountains.

2. Markos Memory Crystal – Financial District 1/3:

This Crystal is present inside a park in the southmost area of the Financial District.
Markos Memory 2 (Prying Eyes): Someone’s watching us, Keemia. But I don’t want you to worry. That’s my job.

3. Markos Memory Crystal – Financial District 2/3:

It is located on top of a building in the south-east area of the financial district. Try knocking some sand minions on top of the air vents to blow them away.
Markos Memory 3 (Being Followed): Maybe I’m being paranoid. But everywhere I go… I see them too. Work. The corner store. In the park. They’re tracking us.
Spider-Man comments that the Hunters were after Marko and that they should have listened to his warning.

4. Markos Memory Crystal – Financial District 3/3:

This Crystal is in the north of the Financial District, in an alley between buildings that touch the border.
Markos Memory 4 (No One Believes Me): So I tell the cops that someone’s out to get us… but they don’t listen to me. No one ever does. Time to take matters into my own hands.
Spider-Man comments that Marko had moved on from being Sandman but Kraven forced him back. After your fourth crystal, MJ will call to tell you that Marko is now showing signs of improvement so recommended to continue finding the crystals.

5. Markos Memory Crystal – Chinatown 1/2:

This Crystal is in southwest Chinatown and again hidden in an alleyway almost crossing the other district’s border.
Markos Memory 5 (Looking For Answers): It’s my turn to follow them. Figure out who they are. I ended up at this abandoned school in Harlem. And I’m already beginning to regret this.
Spider-Man believes that Marko entered into one of Kraven’s bases.

6. Markos Memory Crystal – Chinatown 2/2:

You will find it slightly north of middle Chinatown, on the lower roof of a building.
Markos Memory 6 (A Trap): I find ’em and they’re waiting for me… with all sorts of weapons. What the hell have I walked into?

7. Markos Memory Crystal – Greenwich 1/1:

The only Memory Crystal in Greenwich is located inside a basketball court on the west side of the district.
Markos Memory 7 (Face To Face): They’re circling me, mija. Wishing I just stayed home with you, Keemia. Helped you with your homework and made you the one meal that I know how to cook. But it’s too late now.
Spider-Man realises that the Keemia Marko has been talking about, is his daughter. After collecting your seventh crystal, you’ll receive a call from MJ in which she tells you that Marko is ‘steadily improving’ as he has slowly started to eat again which made the doctors hopeful.

8. Markos Memory Crystal – Midtown 1/2:

Located in an alleyway in the southwest of Midtown, this crystal is sitting right beside a slightly broken pipe which you can use to spray water on Sandman’s minions.
Markos Memory 8 (The Beast Inside): I ask ’em what they want and all they say is… the beast inside me. But that ain’t been me for a long time. Just like I promised you.
Spider-Man is frustrated that Kraven took away the sacrifice that Marko made for his daughter.

9. Markos Memory Crystal – Midtown 2/2:

Go slightly east from the middle of Midtown, and you will find the crystal on top of a building.
Markos Memories 9 (A Familiar Feeling): I tell them to leave us alone. But they don’t care. They shoot me with a net. Try to hold me down. And I was sand before I knew it. I’m so ashamed, but I had no choice. I gotta get back to you.
Spider-Man believes that Marko had to act in self-defence otherwise he could have died like Scorpion.

10. Markos Memory Crystal – Central Park 1/1:

The only Crystal in Central Park is located in the southern area right beside a lake.
Markos Memories 10 (Uninvited Guests): I lose the creeps at the school and come home. Walk through the front door, but you’re not there. They are. What have they done to you, Keemia?
Spider-Man is angry at Kraven for mixing up Keemia in this too and plans to look for more crystals to understand everything. After this tenth crystal, MJ calls to update that Marko’s memory is recovering but he is agitated, while the doctors are working to find out what happened.

11. Markos Memory Crystal – Little Odessa 1/1:

It is located in northern Little Odessa on the building near the smoke stacks.
Markos Memory 11 (Fade To Black): I start yelling, losing my cool. If they did anything to you… I can feel the sand about to take over. And then they splash me with some chemical. Don’t know what it is. but trying my hardest to stay awake. I’m fading fast, until I see black.
Spider-Man hypothesises that the chemical used to knock out Marko is probably strong and is worried about Keemia’s fate.

12. Markos Memory Crystal – Williamsburg 1/1:

This Crystal is on the roof of a building just north of the bridge in Williamsburg. Interestingly, this crystal is about the same shape as Marko’s face.
Markos Memory 12 (Imprisoned): I wake up in some kind of dungeon. Lots of empty cells around… you’re not here. But are you okay?
Spider-Man feels that all this must have made Marko feel so helpless.

13. Markos Memory Crystal – Downtown Brooklyn 1/1:

The Downtown Brooklyn’s Crystal is in an alley near the park in the middle of the district. When you are fighting the sand minions, you will also have to deal with thugs who are attempting a break-in.
Markos Memory 13 (Broken Promise): They say their boss is coming soon and that he wants to meet me. I’m not waiting around. Sorry to break our promise, Keemia. But I’ll tear this city apart to find you.
Spider-Man deduces that Marko turned into Sandman as he was worried that Kraven and his goons hurt Keemia.

14. Markos Last Memory Crystal – Location: Downtown Brooklyn:

This Crystal will only appear after you have collected all other Markos memories. It is in the west of Downtown Brooklyn surrounded by rubble. After cracking this crystal, instead of hearing one of Markos memories, you are transported inside Marko’s mind. You will notice a ball of light that you need to follow.

The ball of light will guide you through structures of Sandman faces and you will be a bit restricted to using Zip to Point (L2 + R2) as you would not be able to swing here.

You will find a huge orange crystal at the end of the path and like others, you have to break this one too. However. you cannot defeat all minions and then break them as they are constantly reborn. So, you have to break the crystal during combat. To do that, you will have to fling rocks at the crystal five times. While you do not have to worry too much about melee enemies attacking you during this, ranged enemies are the issue as they will constantly stop you. Defeat them first, and immediately throw a rock and repeat. Also, unlike others, you will not hear any memory from the crystal.
Markos Memory 14 (Together Again): I tried to be the best dad for you, Keemia… I really did. All I can do is hope they didn’t get you and that you’re safe at your Mom’s. I love you so much, mija. We’ll be together again one day, I know it.

Remember – Final Mission:

After you are transported back to New York, MJ will call you and mention an address that Marko is repeating in captivity. Spider-Man asks if it is possible to talk with Marko directly and MJ is able to arrange a call. Marko apologises to Spider-Man for the damage he did to the city and thanks Spider-Man for helping fix his mind. Marko asks that Spider-Man give the crystals to Keemia so she has something to remember him by.

The address will take you to Astoria which is admittedly a long way from Downtown Brooklyn. There, you will find a corner house at which you need to drop off the statue. The statue looks really good and tells an emotional story. Keemia will come out after you knock and take the statue inside with her. Spider-Man plans to get help from a lawyer to allow Marko to meet his daughter. This will be the end of Markos memories side quest, with the final mission rewarding you with 2000 XP and 20 City Tokens.

Markos memories were a pretty emotional side quest from the get-go due to Marko’s attachment to his daughter and it was always fun to fight the sand minions. If you’re looking for similar guides, then check out these:

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