Spider-Man 2: Mysteriums Guide

Spider-Man 2: Mysteriums Guide
Spider-Man 2: Mysteriums Guide

Mysteriums are unlocked after completing the main story mission, ‘Master Illusionist’. Ganke advises Miles to check what Mysterio has opened up at Coney Island. Miles and Ganke go there but only Miles enters the experience. Miles is playing his dream of being a high-tech DJ and he is enjoying the experience until everything goes wrong and he starts being attacked by Inner Demons after he sees Martin Li. Quentin guides Miles to end his song to reach the break-point in the program and be able to escape, after which it is closed to fix these issues. There are a total of 10 Mysteriums with each Mysterium offering you a different number of Hero Tokens and XP depending on how well you fared;
Gold – 400XP and 2 Hero Tokens.
Silver – 300XP and 1 Hero Token.
Bronze – 200XP and 1 Her Token.
One thing to note, if you get gold then you also receive the XP and tokens reserved for Silver and Bronze. Aside from these rewards, you will also receive Mysterium Dev Diaries after completing each Mysterium.

1. Fight on Time Mysterium – Chinatown 1/1:

Fight on Time Mysterium – 1

Target Condition: Use Finishers on Enemies.
You will have to use finishers 6 times on any of the enemies. After you have used 2 finishers, you will be teleported to a mysterium clock world. In this world, when the clock strikes 12, a big laser from the clock starts to follow you which you have to constantly dodge. We will recommend that you web swing while the laser is active and resume fighting after it stops as the laser can take a lot of your health but the time limit is lax.
Mysterium Dev Diary 1 (Meet the Team): Quentin Beck didn’t want to use the Mysteriums name which was advised by Cole as he didn’t want anyone to associate him with Mysterio again.

2. The Invisible Enemy Mysterium – Midtown 1/1:

Target Condition: Use Finishers on enemies.
You will have to use finishers 6 times. After using three finishers, the words, ‘This illusion is an illusion are displayed’. Then you’re transported into a mysterium world in which the enemies are invisible. This is one of the harder mysteriums due to the time constraints set. We recommend that you focus on air combat so that you are invulnerable to melee attacks. Look at the floor and you’ll notice that even though the enemies are invisible, you can see their shadows which can help determine where they are.
Mysterium Dev Diary 2 (Mysterio’s Backstory): Betsy wants to discuss Quentin’s origin as Mysterio which he doesn’t want to. With further pressure, he reveals that his Mysterio persona was mostly caused due to his big ego.

3. Prison Break Mysterium – Upper East Side 1/1:

Target Condition: Defeat all Enemies.
You will have to defeat 20 enemies. After defeating 5 enemies you are transported to the Mysterium version of the world in which, all enemies are invulnerable to damage until you defeat Mysterio who is hovering in the sky. This mysterium is overall easy as Mysterio is just a normal enemy in the sky and is easy to defeat and the time limit is generous so getting gold shouldn’t be hard. Also, after you have done three mysteriums, Betsy calls and asks for a pro bono Spiderman endorsement for the Mysteriums to which Miles comments that they have a policy against this stuff.
Mysterium Dev Diary 3 (Betsy’s Backstory): Betsy’s backstory is discussed and she says that she was Quentin’s childhood neighbour. Also, Cole raises questions about Quentin’s mental state and says that she would go do some other job if she could find one.

4. Everyone’s a Critic Mysterium – Central Park 1/1:

Everyone’s a Critic Mysterium – 1

Target Condition: Defeat all Enemies.
You have to defeat 30 enemies. After defeating 9 enemies, the words, ‘Listen to your doubts’ are displayed. You are then transported to the mysterium world where you will have to dodge Mysterio’s huge fists coming from the sky. The timing to dodge them is pretty lax and the enemies are also pretty run-of-the-mill. However, their number is high so don’t forget to use Miles’s venom abilities. It will be easy to get gold due to the ample time given.
Mysterium Dev Diary 4 (Not Cutting It): The Mysterium’s pitch is rejected by everyone. While they love the technology, they do not like the talent behind it. Quentin believes it because he is an ex-con.

5. Under Construction Mysterium – Harlem 1/1:

Target Condition: Defeat all Enemies.
You have to defeat 20 enemies. After defeating 10 enemies, poison gas starts to be released which automatically decreases your health. Don’t worry about that and just focus on defeating enemies and use the focus gain to heal. You’ll notice that gaining focus is easier and it heals you greater too. Betsy calls again after completing the fifth Mysterium and asks that you expedite your work on the mysteriums as Quentin’s mental health is worsening.
Mysterium Dev Diary 5 (We Got the Funding!): Betsy is unable to secure funding from anyone so she resorts to taking huge bank loans with appalling conditions.

6. Punch Your Ticket Mysterium – Downtown Queens 1/1:

Target Condition: Defeat Brutes.
You have to defeat 6 Brutes. Random train tracks will appear on the map after you have defeated the first brute. Stay away from them so that you don’t get hit by the incoming train. The words, ‘You cannot see reality, you can only feel it.’ appear during the mission.  This is also a fairly easy mysterium and you can make it easier by making the Brutes get hit by the train or by pushing them off of the floor.
Mysterium Dev Diary 6 (Conflict): Betsy sidelined Quentin with the mysteriums name and Quentin was pretty upset at this which led to a slight conflict.

7. Road Rage Mysterium – Williamsburg 1/2:

Target Condition: Defeat enemies without taking damage.
You will have to defeat a total of 20 enemies which will include Brutes.  From time to time, two cars will head your way and you’ll have to dodge them. This can be another easy Mysterium if you keep using your venom abilities regularly. After the seventh Mysterium, Betsy calls and explains that Quentin has started court-monitored counselling and that he’s close to figuring out what’s causing the issues with the Mysteriums.
Mysterium Dev Diary 7 (Could Be Dangerous): Cole is hurt during an illusion and it’s not sure if it was accidental or happened intentionally due to Quentin being salty about the Mysterium name.

8. Grave Decision Mysterium – Williamsburg 2/2:

Target Condition: Defeat enemies without taking damage.
You’ll be transported to a graveyard and see that there’s a grave with Spiderman’s name on it. Enemies pop out of flying caskets which is cool to see. There are 3 rounds and you pass each round by defeating all enemies. The first round only contains melee enemies. The second round contains only enemies with guns and a Mysterio in the sky who shoots a laser beam. After passing the second round, the words, ‘Only scepticism will save you’ appear. In the third round, the enemies are a mix of both melee and long-range ones. Use your venom abilities to teleport to the gun enemies as they have a higher chance of hitting you with a bullet while you are busy in combat.
Mysterium Dev Diary 8 (Think of the Possibilities): It’s revealed that Quentin Beck is scanning the credit cards of anyone using the Mysteriums to access their browsing and purchase history to customise the Mysteriums specially for them.

9. Fear of Heights Mysterium – Downtown Brooklyn 1/1:

Target Condition: Knock enemies into the Void.
You need to knock off 15 enemies. After 5 enemies are thrown off, the words, ‘This ends at the beginning’ appear. After you are transported back, random Mysterio skulls attack you from time to time which should be thrown at enemies to knock them off the roof. Just air launch and swing-kick enemies to complete the mission quickly. After your ninth Mysterium, Betsy calls and tells Miles that Quentin has been skipping counselling and when confronted threatens Betsy and Cole. Betsy asks that Miles tell Betsy immediately if Quentin calls. Just after her call, Quentin calls Miles and demands that he come to Coney Island because he wants to discuss an urgent matter. Miles feels it’s a trap but still heads there.
Mysterium Dev Diary 9 (What to do With Beck?): Cole and Betsy discuss Quentin’s change in his behaviour and are worried that he will get violent.

10. Grand Finale – Location: Downtown Brooklyn:

It’s revealed that Quentin has killed Betsy and Cole. Mysterio traps Miles in a miniature snow city. First, you’ll have to fight Mysterio alone which takes a couple of hits. After that, you’ll have to fight a wave of enemies which are easy to defeat. Doing that opens up a portal through which you will have to chase Mysterio. Use your web wings to chase him inside the upside-down city. You’ll have to dodge lasers and buildings during the chase. Another portal will appear in which you’ll find Quentin who looks hurt. He advises that you keep fighting and keep doubting. Miles questions himself that if Quentin’s here then how’s the Mysterio there?
He’s immediately teleported back to the miniature city. Mysterio appears and this time with an actual boss fight health bar. However, it’s probably one of the easiest boss fights in Spider-Man 2. You’ll have to dodge his lasers and web-strike to him. Hit him with your abilities and finishers to end the fight early. Miles is now back in reality and tries to escape the mysteriums but the path to the exit feels neverending during which Mysterio remarks that you will never escape his world. You won’t find the exit if you keep going forward however if you look back the exit will be right there.

After you go through the door, another Mysterio boss fight will start and there will be multiple Mysterio clones however their attack pattern is identical to the previous boss fight. During the fight, Mysterio remarks that why is he losing power. Later he says you should not be able to do this, and the words, ‘give me everything’. Giant lasers will attack you from a Ferris wheel which are pretty easy to dodge as they are slow. Swing through them and press triangle to web strike Mysterio.

Back to Reality:

Miles teleports back and he finds out that it was Betsy and Cole who were working together and fighting Spider-Man as Mysterio and had also kidnapped Quentin. After you save Quentin, he gives you the Mysterium Dev Diary 10.

Grand Finale – 3

Mysterium Dev Diary 10 (The Plan): Betsy and Cole were working together from the start and planned to steal money from citizens through the Mysteriums. They had some code still left to do and used Spider-Man for that. They believed that since Quentin was Mysterio previously, it would be easy to make the blame drop on him and that no one would suspect them.

Grand Finale will reward you with 2000 XP, 4 Hero Tokens, 500 Tech Parts and a new suit for Miles. The Mysteriums were another good addition to Spider-Man 2 and it was great how Insomniac chose to adapt Mysterio.


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