Rowlet Starting 2024’s First Community Day in Pokemon GO

Rowlet Community Day January 2024 Pokemon GO

The start of the upcoming brand new year for Pokemon GO’s January Community Day has just been announced, being none other than the popular Alolan Grass Starter Pokemon, Rowlet.

The featured Community Day Pokemon will come with a boosted shiny rate and spawn in ample between 2 and 5 PM on January 6th. There is a whole list of bonuses for the Community Day as well as a new moveset update that brings its signature Ghost Type move, Spirit Shackle, to go along the Community Day Special Charged Move Frenzy Plant.

Rowlet Day Bonuses:

Bonuses for January’s Rowlet Community consist of the following, with the last two lasting longer than the others that will only last for the three event hours:

  • Players will get a 3X boost to Stardust from catching Pokemon.
  • Players will also get double the amount of candy from catching Pokemon.
  • Those who are Level 31 or above will also have double the normal chance to get XL candy.
  • Lure Modules will last for three hours.
  • Incenses will also last for three hours, excluding the daily Free Incense.
  • Players can also take snapshots for a surprise on Rowlet’s Community Day.
  • Trades will cost half the Stardust.
  • Players will also have 1 additional Special Trade.

The last two bonuses will last almost the whole day from 2 PM till 10 PM, so players can look to interact with friends and conclude the event on a productive note. Overall the list of bonuses looks beneficial for all players if they can participate in the event when the time finally arrives.

Special Community Day Raids:

There will also be special 4 Star Raids bringing their normal mechanic of having the event Pokemon as the Raid Pokemon. Beating it will have more Community Day Rowlet spawns around the Gym, with every single one having the same boosted chance to be shiny, so players could get lucky after the three event hours if they participate in the later 4 Star Raids. Remote Raids Passes will not be allowed for these and players will need to be at the location to join and battle the Raid Pokemon and benefit out of the Rowlet Spawns.

Research, Showcases, Stickers and More:

The Community Day Research story will also be purchasable for $1 USD which will give players some extra items to help out as well as a few extra encounters with Rowlet.

Pokestop Showcases will have Rowlet as well so be sure to catch any XXL Sized Rowlet you see and add him to a nearby Pokestop Showcase to get rewards.

There will be Field Research themed around the Community Day and Rowlet too, so be sure to get those by spinning Pokestops during the event and completing them for exclusive rewards as well.

There can’t be a Community Day without some exclusive Community Day Stickers either, so they will be available on the event day as well for players looking to get some nice-looking stickers that they can stick on Gifts to send to their friends in Pokemon GO.

Rowlet Community Day Boxes:

There will also be Purchasable Boxes and Bundles in the ingame Shop, with the Pokemon GO Web Store also holding an exclusive Box for $9.99. Check those out later when the event is near to see if they consist of any items to your liking. Items from these bundles will include Super Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Incenses, Lure Modules and more.

It will be another normal transition from this year to the next with plenty of new content and new events for players to enjoy in Pokemon GO. The mobile app is still a highly popular and regularly used videogame app, with many Pokemon fans playing it on a regular basis, and it looks to be so for the foreseeable future by the looks of the consistent new content coming year after year, month after month. The newest Season is also met with a positive reception and players are happy, and there will be plenty more to enjoy ahead in the upcoming new year.

For more on Pokemon GO, check out their official Pokemon Website.


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