Spider-Man 2: EMF Experiment Guide

Spider-Man 2: EMF Experiments Guide
Spider-Man 2: EMF Experiments Guide

After the main story mission, ‘Healing The World‘, EMF Experiments side activity in Spider-Man 2 is available for Peter. These side activities are more leaned towards utilising Peter’s knowledge which he combines with his skills as Spider-Man to help the experiments along their way. There are 9 EMF kiosks scattered across the rooftops of New York, with the last one only being accessible after you have completed the previous eight and have completed the main story.

Note: There are 3 experiment paths divided among the kiosks, so completing some will unlock those left. Also, completing each experiment will reward you with 700 XP, 3 Rare Tech Parts and 140 Tech Parts.

Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiment Rewards

1. Brooklyn Heights: Energy EMF Experiment – Downtown Brooklyn 1/2:

Our first EMF Experiment in Downtown Brooklyn is located in the northwest region of the district. Dr. Nguyen guides you to deploy her small wind turbines at high altitudes to potentially generate self-sustaining clean energy. When you reach the Court and Montague intersection, you will notice that the wind tunnels form a high-altitude loop that you can utilise and pull out of periodically to deploy the five turbines. After having deployed the turbines, you will receive a notification telling you that one of the turbines has been compromised.

Brooklyn Heights: Energy EMF Experiment – Downtown Brooklyn 1/2 – 3

Hunter Drones are attacking the turbine and after defeating them, you will have to fight a wave of hunters which you can easily get over by utilising Spider-Rush and knocking them off of the roof. The mission will be over after you launch the turbine back with L1+R1. Peter notes that he should warn Dr Nguyen to set up some security measures in case someone tries to attack the turbines again.

2. Central Park: Energy EMF Experiment – Harlem 1/1:

Located just above Central Park, in the Harlem District is another EMF Energy kiosk. Dr. Nguyen has made a track in Central Park to test how her ultra-efficient battery bicycles perform in the real world. For this activity, you will have to change into normal clothes and take one of the bicycles for a fun ride. While there is no time limit, you will have to cross the 10 checkpoints while avoiding the many pedestrians in the way so don’t just stay on the paved way, go off-road! During your journey, big graffiti will help guide you along with some ramps. Having crossed the fifth checkpoint, your bike will start to overproduce the charge, which is overheating the battery and can explode. You can later use this charge to boost the speed of the bike and get it to drain its charge safely at a charging station.

3. Little Tokyo: Plant Science EMF Experiment – Chinatown 1/1:

For the Plant Science kiosks, you will be helping EMF gather and combine genes of different plants. The Little Tokyo kiosk is in northwest Chinatown, with an F.E.A.S.T garden. Dr. Foster explains that EMF has partnered with F.E.A.S.T to help feed the community. He wants us to collect different plant samples and splice their genes. You will have to grab three different plants around the roof with the first one being a weed growing on the side of the building. Look to the left of the kiosk, and towards the garden’s fence; take a sample of the plant that is growing orange fruit. The last will be on the opposite side of the building, growing around a water pipe. Bring these to the kiosk and help combine the plant attributes.

Little Tokyo: Plant Science EMF Experiment – Chinatown 1/1 – 3

Replicate the pattern in the image above to solve the puzzle and make a new hybrid plant. Your work isn’t finished here as now you will help water the garden by opening the valve located beside the water tanker. Doing this will bring multiple water leaks to your notice which you can patch up with your web.

4. Portside: Plant Science EMF Experiment – Hell’s Kitchen 1/1:

The second Plant Science EMF kiosk is located in northwest Hell’s Kitchen. Dr. Foster asks Peter to help diagnose and fix the issue that is causing the plants here to not grow healthily.

The goal for this mini-game is to destroy the corrupted atoms in a way, that does not affect the healthy ones. Use the picture above to get an idea. Note: You can skip this mini-game through the pause menu without any repercussions. Fish are immune to the Acetyl-CoA pathogen so you need to take a sample from nearby fish and splice their genes with the plants to make them immune too. When you reach the river, you will notice fish forming streaks in the river which you can use to identify their position. The first one you catch will probably not be the right one so you will have to try to catch fish again. After taking a sample, head back to the kiosk to insert this gene into the plants.

Portside: Plant Science EMF Experiment – Hell’s Kitchen 1/1 – 5

You will have to solve the gene combiner mini-game in a similar fashion to the image above, and the mission will be over.

5. Two Bridges: Plant Science EMF Experiment – Financial District 1/1:

The Last Plant Science EMF kiosk is located in the east of the Financial District. Dr. Foster is worried about the slow growth of these healthy plants and wants Peter’s help to hybridise them with a high-yielding variety. Peter heads to ESU and plans to take a sample of their Asian cassava plant which has an outstanding growth.

Subsequently, you will see that the greenhouse has been broken into with the cassava plant missing. You need to follow the traces of pollen left behind by the plant to track it. You will find that the plant is being guarded by multiple criminals who plan to use it to make untraceable poison. You may defeat the enemies head-on or in stealth but I preferred to give them a beating up front.

Two Bridges: Plant Science EMF Experiment – Financial District 1/1 – 5

After you get back to the kiosk, you will have to solve the puzzle but some criminals will interrupt you and track you back to the kiosk. When you are finished with them, wrap up the mission by forming the pattern shown in the picture above. The Plant Science experiments path will be finished here and the cassava plant will be hidden inside the kiosk to temporarily protect it.

6. Central Park: Bee Drones EMF Experiment – Upper West Side 1/1:

Another Central Park EMF kiosk is located on the east border of the Upper West Side. As per Dr. Young, Peter needs to perform the same task of piloting a bee drone and eliminating virtual predators, which he did in the main story mission; Healing the World. First, you will need to destroy 12 targets while keeping the battery’s limited charge in mind.

Central Park: Bee Drones EMF Experiment – Upper West Side 1/1 – 3

In the second trial, you will need to fly through 7 holograms to drop pheromones to help bees identify optimal nest sites.

7. Queens Apiary: Bee Drones EMF Experiment – Little Odessa 1/1:

This EMF kiosk is located in the southeast region of the Little Odessa district. You need to destroy 20 holo-targets to protect the bees nesting sites. While you are having fun blasting away with your bee drone, the drone will detect a predator nearby that turns out to be a bird that is harming the nests by eating the bees. To protect the nests, switch to the sonic mode and use sonic lasers on the bird to shoo it away.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drones EMF Experiment – Little Odessa 1/1 – 3

You will have to follow the bird and keep using the sonic lasers to make it move as Peter wants to follow the bird back to its original habitat and see if there are similar birds that can harm the bees.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drones EMF Experiment – Little Odessa 1/1 – 4

You’ll find that the bird escaped from its cage because of a wood plank that was holding its door open. Just destroy the wood plank with a sonic burst to close the door on the mission.

8. Prospect Park: Bee Drones EMF Experiment – Downtown Brooklyn 2/2:

The second EMF kiosk in Downtown Brooklyn is around the centre of the district just above Prospect Park. The last bee experiment follows the same path as the Central Park one; destroy virtual predators and fly through holograms to drop pheromones. However, the added twist in this is that your bee drone gets kidnapped by some criminals.

You need to scout the nearby garages by getting on top of their roofs and trying to reconnect with the drone to find the right garage. After reconnecting to the drone, the video capture feed will show that the criminals have been capturing a lot of bees. You need to use sonic burst on the glass boxes holding the bees to free them as then they will help Peter free the drone out of the garage. Due to the released swarm of the bees, the bee poachers run out and are now ripe for a beating.

DISCLAIMER: End-game spoilers below:

9. Emily-May Foundation Final Mission – Astoria:

This mission will be available on the mini-map after you have completed the main story. The quest marker is at Peter’s home in Astoria. You will find that Norman Osborn has sent you a delivery containing a thumb drive, flowers honouring Aunt May and a tree bark for Harry’s mother Emily.

Emily-May Foundation Final Mission – Astoria – 3

After you plug in the thumb drive, you will see that Harry compiled it after the Hunters destroyed the Emily May Foundation’s office. The moment is very emotional for Peter who sets on to splice the genes of the tree bark and May’s flowers to create a plant for seeds as instructed by Harry.

This is by far the hardest plant puzzle and can take many tries so do not hesitate to take help from our picture. Harry pre-programmed the bee drones to help spread the seeds of the plant that Peter just created and showed us a simulation displaying the potential of the seeds that the bees are planting.

You will receive 1000 XP, 200 Tech Tokens and the Life Story Suit for completing this mission.

Emily-May Foundation Final Mission – Astoria – 6

EMF Experiment was a great side activity that offered an emotional ending to Peter’s relationship with Harry and the legacy of the Emily May Foundation.
Spider-Man 2 contains similar side activities and side missions that have much-needed rewards that allow you to perform upgrades while also gifting you new suits so you can keep them fresh. Our comprehensive guides are here to help you along with them:


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