Pokemon Sleep Halloween Event

Pokemon Sleep Halloween Event

Pokemon Sleep is about to hold its first-ever exclusive event for this Halloween coming with some brand new Pokemon and more.

The Sleep-tracking/videogame app has been available as a free download for mobile phones for a while now. The app uniquely offers a videogame aspect themed around Pokemon through the sleep cycles of players. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind experience, and players who have downloaded the app are giving a positive response. Now, a proper full-fledged event is coming to the game that brings some new Pokemon as well as exclusive rewards, perks, and more to Pokemon Sleep.

The game works by rewarding players with sleeping Pokemon after they’ve tracked a sleeping cycle. The sleeping Pokemon spawn is based on four types of sleep, i.e. Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering and Balanced. Players can try to feed these Pokemon biscuits in order to catch them and add them to their roster. This Halloween event now brings an exclusive change where all kinds of Pokemon will be spawning after sleep cycles, regardless of the type. There are also some brand-new additions to the Pokemon which haven’t been available in the game before. There is also a special look for Pikachu themed around Halloween that will be available to all players.

The Perks:

Please remember, that you need to be in the Greengrass Isle to participate in the event. If you’ve already selected another area at the start of the week, you can still change your area in the game as the E-Zzz Ticket is available for 100 Sleep Points in the regular point shop.

The Halloween event will start on October 30th, 4 AM and will last for a whole week till November 6th, 4 AM.

Lots of Halloween-themed Pokemon will be spawning throughout its duration after Sleep cycles. Players don’t need to worry about their sleep type for these spawns. Pikachu will come with a Halloween hat as a special spawn. What’s more, is that during the whole event, players will receive twice as many candies during sleep research. Alongside this, Handy Candy S will also be available for special missions. Moreover, Halloween Night and the last day of the event will give a 3x boost to candies received through sleep research.

Additionally, aside from all the event perks, the monthly Good Sleep Day will also align with the Halloween event for the latter’s first two days. This will allow both of the separate events’ bonuses to be available at the same time so players can get the most out of playing during this small window. The buff to the Sleep Research from Snorlax on the Good Sleep Day will allow for some great bonuses.

This brings some worthy incentive for players to play and track their sleep in the upcoming week. There will be plenty of rewards and more in Pokemon Sleep for this Halloween Event.

Halloween Bundles:

For both the Halloween Event as well as the Good Sleep Day, the ingame Pokemon Sleep currency shop will be getting special bundles to get the most out of the events.

There are two main bundles, The Good Sleep Day Bundle will be available first from October 27th till November 1st. This carries 9 Great Biscuits, and two of each Growth, Luck and Focus Incenses. The Good Sleep Day stacks up the XP gained by Pokemon during the event, so these items give a bigger boost to the same thing, allowing huge bonuses.

The second bundle is the Halloween Bundle, which comes with a stack of Great Biscuits, Handy Candy, Friend Incense and more. This bundle will be available from October 29th till November 6th when the Halloween event concludes. Players can look to obtain items from this bundle that give them more Pokemon candy as well as items to help befriend event Pokemon.

Pokemon Sleep is shaping up to be a successful App that succeeds in offering a unique experience of tracking one’s sleep. The health benefits of getting proper daily rest and the means of knowing and tracking one’s slumbering state are close to an essential thing for a healthy lifestyle. For Pokemon fans, the sleep-tracking app is a fun and accurate means of getting useful information about their sleep style and having an intriguing experience as well.

For more on Pokemon Sleep, you can check out their Twitter/X Page, or visit their official webpage.


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