Xbox Partner Preview – Upcoming Big Titles


Take a look at all upcoming game trailers showcased by Xbox Third Party Partners. Included are the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid Delta and Alan Wake 2.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Besides the fast-paced RPG action Ichiban Kasuga has been shown in earlier trailers of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, in this new game mode, players can relax on Dondoko Island and build a town to their own liking. Players can gather materials, build and craft furniture to build their dream home on a fully customizable island. Players will be also able to interact with all kinds of characters and develop the island to accompany tourists from all walks of life. It truly feels like the game is getting its own Animal Crossing Mode. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will release on January 26 on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Ikaro Will Not Die

Truly a comic-style sci-fi, fast-paced RPG by PowerWash Simulator and Velocity Developer Futurlab. Ikaro seems constantly running, dashing, and dodging while taking down robots with his fists. The game gives out a cyberpunk vibe with colourful visuals. Ikaro Will Not Die has no release date yet but will be coming to Xbox Series X|S soon.

Still Wakes the Deep

Inspired by games like Amnesia, Still Wakes the Deep is a horror game based on an abandoned oil rig, and seems like a demonic entity is stalking you. The graphics and lighting shine in the trailer to really give a realistic feel to the environment. Still Wakes the Deep will release in early 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

RoboCop Rogue City

For players who are fans of the movie series from the early 90’s, this will take them back to memory lane. With high-end visuals, action-packed gameplay, and the iconic voice of Peter Weller, the man behind the cyborg. A first-person shooter from the RoboCop Universe, players take control of the notorious cyber-cop taking down criminals from the city of Detroit in the late 1980s. The game director, Piotr Łatocha, wrote on Xbox Wire, explaining how his team managed to bring back the nostalgia of the blockbuster movies. He said, “We meticulously dissected the RoboCop universe to capture its essence. Elements like dark humour, ’80s vibes, retro sci-fi, and early cyberpunk were embraced to recreate the atmosphere of the movies.” RoboCop Rogue City will launch on Nov 2 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Dungeons of Hinterberg

An action-packed RPG, play as Luisa, a monster slayer from the small tourist village of Hinterberg in the Austrian Alps. Armed with a sword, magic and a tourist guide, discover different biomes and dungeons around the village, take on different adventures to solve puzzles and slay monsters along the way. After a long day of exploring and slaying, head back to Hinterberg to mingle and forge relationships with the locals. As Luisa’s friendship bonds grow, she will unlock more perks and strengthen her skills to fight another day. Dungeons of Hinterberg will launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC in early 2024.

Spirit of The North 2

A sequel to Spirit of the North by Infuse Studio. Take control of a new fox, with a new raven buddy as you embark on a puzzle-solving adventure. Discover deep ancient caverns with gorgeous visuals to seek out lost guardians and save them from a dark shaman, Grimnir. Spirit of the North 2 will launch soon on Xbox series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater

Rejoice all Metal Gear fans! We finally get a glimpse of pre-alpha graphics of the upcoming remake of classic Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. Relive the origin story of Big Boss, aka, Naked Snake, using your survival skills to take down members of the Cobra Unit. In a new In-Engine on Unreal Engine 5 with thick vegetation and highly detailed predatory animals, the game was built from the ground up and gameplay gives justice and brings back nostalgia from the original masterpiece.

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 has also recently been released, in which you can clearly compare the massive difference in graphic fidelity with the remastered version. Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is just around the corner but no official release date has been announced yet, it will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S.

Manor Lords

A Sim City of medieval times, Manor Lords is a real-time strategy with immersive city building and large-scale battles. Players will start their reign as a lord and expand their village into a hustling and bustling town. Provide burgage plots to their city subjects, an actual term used in medieval times by Lords and Kings. The game is highly detailed in how overall the system mechanics work with each other.

For instance, if people from your town go to a battle, they will leave behind the job they were doing impacting the economy of your town. If they die in battle, that will decrease the overall happiness of the town and Players can not create units from thin air, they will have to wait till the population grows or new migrants come to live in your town. Manor Lords will launch on PC Game Pass on April 26, and also for the Xbox Series X|S soon after.

The Finals

Customised arenas, team-based first-person shooter with action-packed destruction, The Finals has it all. Unlike generic FPS games, It gives the feels of Valorant yet with the destructive environment of Battlefield 2042 and guns straight up from Call of Duty. It is a breath of fresh air as it takes longer to take down players, unique match objectives with countless methods of attack and defend. Currently, the Beta is live today and anyone can get access via Steam, PS and Microsoft stores. The Finals Beta will run through Nov 5, and an official release date of the game has not been announced yet.

ARK Survival Ascended

ARK Survival Ascended is a remake from the ground up of the original title first launched in 2015. What is definitely different this time, is the graphical prowess showcased in Unreal Engine 5. The use of Nanite mesh rendering, Lumen lighting and Chaos physics are a few examples that have enhanced the overall experience in a much more realistic fashion. The deep dense forests with lumen lighting draw a finer line between realism and a graphically generated world. ARK Survival Ascended has a more minimalistic UI and more player customisation options than its predecessor.

Alan Wake 2

For those who remember Alan Wake back during Xbox 360 days, they know they are in for an action-packed survival horror with a major mystery to uncover. 13 years in the making, and one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023, Alan Wake 2 is everything decade old fans would be asking for. Although players don’t take control of Alan Wake throughout the game, a new character, an FBI Agent named Saga is introduced and has her story to tell. She has her own weapons, gameplay mechanics and story from a fresh set of eyes. Arguably, there are 2 games in 1. Eliminating enemies with the use of a flashlight makes a return in this sequel however more weapons and attacking methods have also been added. Alan Wake 2 is set to release on October 27 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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