This is the Best, Fastest KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3 (OP Meta Class Setup)


If you’ve migrated from MW2 2022 and have graced yourself with Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, then you might have noticed there are a few subtle differences aside from the new, overhauled maps. It feels a tad bit like a DLC, but MW3 still worth buying if you want some new weapons and indeed, we’ve got new Snipers to play around with, specifically the KATT-AMR, which is unlocked from the get-go. If you’re the type of person who needs a one-shot quick-scope build, then we’re here to help with the fastest and best KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3.

The KATT-AMR boasts high damage from the get-go, but it’s a bit on the slower side. To make the fastest KATT-AMR Class Setup and Loadout, you’ll need to change up a few things.

For the most part, you’ll need to change up the barrel, stock, bolt, laser, and bipod.

All of these factors combined will give you the Fastest KATT-AMR Loadout owing to its fast ADS, increased movement speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and rechambering speed.

ADS is king and our loadout will guarantee an ADS of 557 ms.

The MAX SPEED KATT-AMR SNIPER in Modern Warfare 3.. (BEST Class Setup) ADS STATS

Here’s the Best and Fastest KATT-AMR Loadout and Class Setup in MW3:

  • Stock: Tactical Stock Pad
  • Bolt: The Ephemeral Quick Bolt
  • Laser: FSS OLEV Laser
  • Barrel: Predition 24 Short Inch Barrel
  • Bipod: Cornerstone Bipod

Best Class Setup and Loadout For The KATT-AMR In MW3

The MAX SPEED KATT-AMR SNIPER in Modern Warfare 3.. (BEST Class Setup)

While the AMR is not the fastest sniper rifle with stock settings, it’s certainly beefy when it comes down to damage. So, to make the most of this KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3, we need to change some attachments up over in the Gunsmith. No more hit markers, for you, this KATT-AMR Class Setup is the last loadout you’ll ever need.

Stock: Tactical Stock Pad

Best and Fastest KATT-AMR Class Setup and Loadout in MW3 Warzone - Tactical Stock

The Tactical Stock Pad is very much needed in this sniper loadout, since the stock KATT-AMR is pretty slow. It gives you a boost in ADS by 6.8 percent, increasing your ADS speed, which comes in handy for those KATT-AMR quick shots.

  • ADS Boost by 6.8 Percent

Bolt: The Ephemeral Quick Bolt

Best KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3 Warzone - Ephemeral Quickbolt

Now, the KATT-AMR has a slow rate of fire by default, considering it’s a bolt-action sniper rifle. Using the Ephemeral Quick Bolt, you can raise the rate of Fire by 40 percent, as it gives you a well-needed boost in rechambering speed by almost 30 percent.

  • The rate of Fire improved by 38.9 Percent
  • Rechambering Speed reduced by 30 Percent

Laser: FSS OLEV Laser

Best and Fastest KATT-AMR Loadout and Class in MW3 - FSS OLEV Laser

Now, this laser isn’t your average laser. It gives you another bump in your ADS speed by 5.3 percent. Making the KATT-AMR faster. In addition, it boosts your sprint-to-fire speed by 11.4 percent, giving you the ability to pull off faster shots while sprinting.

  • Improves ADS Speed by 5.3 Percent
  • Improves Sprint To Fire Speed by 11.4 Percent

Barrel: Perdition 24 Short Inch Barrel

Fastest KATT-AMR Class in MW3 Warzone - Predition 24 Inch Short Barrel

The Perdition 24 Short inch Barrel does take a few inches off but buffs your movement speed by 2.4 percent, ADS speed by 2.7 percent and Sprint to fire speed significantly by a whopping 13.3 percent.

  • Improves Movement Speed by 2.4 Percent
  • Improves ADS Speed by 2.7 Percent
  • Improves Sprint To Fire Speed by 13.3 Percent

Bipod: Cornerstone Bipod

Best and Fastest KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3 Warzone - Cornerstone Bipod

Now, this is the most important part of the build. Why do you need a bipod for the best KATT-AMR Loadout? It wouldn’t provide any useful benefits if you’re planning on running around the map. But for some reason, the Cornerstone Bipod increases your ADS speed by an additional 14 percent, which is incredible.

  • Increases ADS Speed by 14 Percent

Is The Best KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3 The Best And Fastest Sniper Class Setup?

The MAX SPEED KATT-AMR SNIPER in Modern Warfare 3.. (BEST Class Setup) Overview

Tough to say, The KATT-AMR is one of the best and fastest sniper rifles in MW3 and Warzone if set up right. By default, the weapon pumps high damage, falling behind when it comes to ADS, movement speed, and rechambering speed. But with the Best and Fastest KATT-AMR Sniper Loadout and Class Setup in MW3, you’ll decimate enemies with no hitmakers with a max ADS of 557 ms.

Is The Best KATT-AMR Loadout in MW3 Better Than The XRK Stalker? KATT-AMR Vs XRK Stalker

Both The KATT-AMR and XRK Stalker are some of the best snipers, but you’ll need to master the art of quick scoping and lining up your shots. Depending upon your loadout, things can vary significantly. It’s easier to start things with the KATT-AMR and when you finally unlock the XRK Stalker in the A4 Section of the Battle Pass, give it a try.Try out the new best XRK Stalker Loadout in MW3 for fast kills and the alternative is the good ol’ SP-X 80, which makes a return from MW2 2022.

Faster doesn’t always mean you’ll be good. You need to master the art of lining up your shots, strategizing your positioning, and keeping tabs on comms. The best weapons in MW3 won’t make you the best MW3 player. Git gud and stay tuned for more loadouts, guides, news, and MW3 updates at ESportsNext.

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