MW3 Ranked Play Release Date – When is MW3’s Ranked Play Coming Out?

When is Ranked Play Coming Out in MW3 - MW3 Ranked Play Release Date - MW3 Season 1 Realoaded

So the big elephant in the room is still lingering. Players have fiddled around with the new sniper rifles, unlocked aftermarket parts, leveled up their weapons in the Gunsmith, and just ground weapon camos like the FORGED CAMO in MW3 via challenges. Casual game modes are fun and all. But with MW3 Season 1 in full swing, where’s MW3 Ranked? Players are dying for MW3’s Ranked Play to arrive finally. Call of Duty Ranked Play has always been a big thing – Here’s what we know about the MW3 Ranked Play release date.

Call of Duty MW3’s Ranked Play Mode is speculated to be released on January 17, 2024, as a part of MW3 Season 1 Reloaded.

The rules of MW3 Ranked Play will be identical to CDL 2024, boasting a 4v4 competitive scene on a smaller map roster with a few select game modes, and a limited selection of weapons, perks, and equipment to choose from.

In addition, players will get new operator bundles, calling cards, and rewards as they make their way through the ranks.

Call of Duty MW3’s Ranked Play Mode Is Arriving Soon

We got a few hints about the upcoming MW3 Ranked Play Mode at the COD Next Event, where Sledgehammer’s Multiplayer Creative Director, Greg Reisdorf, stated that Treyarch will be hands-on in developing MW3’s Ranked Play Mode.

And following his words, MW3’s Ranked Play would be released with a mid-season 1.5 update. So, that means we’re getting MW3’s Ranked Play in MW3 Season 1: Reloaded. It’s speculated that MW3’s Ranked Play will follow suit with the official rules, weapon, equipment restrictions, and map roster as featured in Call of Duty League 2024 (CDL 2024).

When Does Ranked Play Come Out To MW3?

So, when is Ranked Play coming to MW3? Presented as an “in-season” update, Ranked Play is speculated to be released on January 17, 2024, as a part of MW3 Season 1 Reloaded, with tons of new operator bundles, skins, emblems, weapon camos, and calling cards, making their way to the game.

MW3 Ranked Play is speculated to receive the same treatment as MW2’s Ranked Play, where players would be ranked anywhere from Bronze to Iridescent and TOP 250.

So, start prepping for the MW3 Ranked Play release date, as it’s just a few weeks away. We’ll tell you everything you need about MW3’s Ranked Play Game Mode. Till then, stay tuned for more weapon camos, loadouts, updates, guides, and MW3 news on ESportsNext!


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