Easiest Way To Get The RAM-7 Forged CAMO in MW3 (ADS-Sliding Fix)

How To Unlock The RAM-7 Forged CAMO Easy Way - Padded Boots - Get 10 Operator Kills while aiming down sights and sliding

The RAM-7 in MW3 is an underrated weapon in the game that can be loaded out and built to blow enemies to smithereens. Built on the XRK, platform, the RAM-7 is an Assault Rifle that can be unlocked by progressing the MW3 Battle Pass to Section A7 in MW3 Season 1. It’s part and parcel to the best and fastest XRK Sniper Loadout in MW3. But what about gun camos? The Forged camo for the RAM-7 in MW3 looks exceptionally sexy and stands out from the rest of the camos.

To unlock the RAM-7 Forged Camo, you need to complete the RAM-7 Gilded Camo Challenge along with the 6 Assault Rifle Gilded Challenges. The problem is the last challenge which states “Get 10 Operator Kills while Aiming Down Sights and sliding with the RAM-7”.

To unlock ADS while sliding, equip the TACTICAL PADS Boots in the Perks Section. Head into a small 6v6 map like Rust and complete the challenge. Congratulations, you’ve finally unlocked the Forged Camo for the RAM-7 in MW3.

Challenges to Unlock The RAM-7 Forged Camo in MW3

Unlocking the RAM-7 Forged CAMO in MW3 requires you to complete 3 challenges. But one challenge to unlock the RAM-7 Forged CAMO is exceptionally difficult and just doesn’t make sense. To Unlock the RAM-7 Forged Camo in MW3, players must complete a set of 3 challenges, which consist of:

  • Completing the Gilded Camo Challenge for the RAM-7.
  • Complete 6 more Gilded Camo Challenges for the Assault Rifles.
  • Last but not least, “Get 10 Operator Kills While Aiming Down Sights and Sliding With The RAM-7

How To Complete The “Get 10 Operator Kills While Aiming Down Sights and Sliding With The RAM-7” Challenge In MW3

Of course, many players might be scratching their heads. How on earth can you aim down sights while sliding in MW3? While sliding, your gun normally gun goes into an attack stance and not an ADS stance. But you CAN ADS while sliding, and that’s something MW3 doesn’t tell you about. So how do you aim down sights while sliding in MW3? The answer is pretty simple.

To ads or aim down sights while sliding, you need to change up your perks, and we wish Sledgehammer put in the effort to inform players about this. Head over to the perks section of your MW3 RAM-7 Loadout and select boots. In the boots section, select Tactical Pads Boots.

The Tactical Pads Boots allow you to ADS while sliding using the RAM-7, allowing you to complete the “Get 10 Operator Kills While Aiming Down Sights and Sliding With the RAM-7” Challenge in MW3.

Now, hop into a smaller 6v6 map like Rust and get your 10 operator kills while ads-sliding. And voilà, you’ve unlocked the RAM-7 Forged CAMO. That is after you’ve completed the arduous RAM-7 Gilded Camo and 6 Assault Rifle Gilded CAMO challenges. And when you’re done, you’ll be greeted with a Title Card that says “FORGED UNLOCKED”

If you’re done unlocking the RAM-7 FORGED CAMO, you should take a peek at the MW3 Vortex War’s Domain Event. You have to grind tons of XP to unlock the final animated MAGMA CAMO, but we’ve made it pretty easy for you guys. But be quick as the event ends in less than 2 weeks. Rake that sweet 458,500 XP using double XP Tokens because it’s a limited-time offer.

Sledgehammer Games should have made this pretty obvious to players trying to grind out camos, but they didn’t. Fortunately, we’re here to help with the latest bug fixes, MW3 loadouts, guides, and news at EsportsNext!


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