Spider-Man 2 Traversal Guide

Spider-Man 2 Traversal Guide
Spider-Man 2 Traversal Guide

With the New Game+ update for Spider-Man 2 finally out, many players returning to the game might want to polish up their skills for traversing the beautiful landscape of New York captured in Spider-Man 2. We have compiled some of the best tips to guide your traversal in Spider-Man 2 as you enjoy your way through New York.

Spider-Man 2 is currently sitting at 90 on Metacritic and is generally seen as the best game in Insomniac’s Spider-Man trilogy. Traversal is a big part of your overall experience in the game and it has been refined and improved further by adding web wings, slingshots and more. The feeling of the web-swinging through the city, then diving to the ground and pressing a triangle to open the web wings at the last moment is a feeling of euphoria as you glide through different cars, and the feeling ever so slightly makes you feel like you are Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Web Gliding in Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man Web Gliding in Spider-Man 2

Web Gliding Only is Not Faster than Web Swinging

This was seen as a major issue when it was revealed that we would be able to glide through the city using web wings as fans feared that this would ultimately eliminate the need to use web swinging. Some players wondered at launch if they should try to focus on only using one type of traversal as one might be faster than the other. However, after doing multiple runs in the game, we confirmed that the best way to handle traversal is to utilise both! This is necessary both for speed and fun as traversal is best experienced by linking up your swings with a timely press to open your web wings. If you appropriately use web-swinging along with the right mix of web wings, that would be the fastest mode of traversal in the game. So relax, and enjoy exploring the city by utilising both!

Invest in the Right Skills and Suit Tech Upgrades

It is also important to understand that you will spend most of your playtime in Spider-Man 2 in traversal. Therefore, you must allot skill points to relevant skills that will help and also focus on the traversal suit tech upgrades.

 Loop de Loop is a great traversal skill that you can get early in the game and it functions great as a link between web swinging and gliding. If you are high enough above the ground, press R3 to dive and hold R2. Spider-Man will move in a loop generating speed, which is perfect for opening your web wings.

Slingshot Launch is another necessary skill that you need to grab. While Insomniac has placed Super Slingshots all over the map, you still should get this skill as soon as possible. Using a slingshot gives you just the right momentum to propel in the air with your web wings. A nifty trick you can utilise is to create a web line and then slingshot off of it, aside from making for some great shots, it will also help you regain lost momentum.

The Traversal Suit Tech upgrades will give you access to Point Launch which is a big part of traversal in the Spider-Man games, along with allowing you to increase the speed of your swinging and glide longer with your web wings. These upgrades do stack and bring an overall change to your traversal, which is why when you start a new game in Spider-Man, traversal sometimes feels a bit slow.

Loop De Loop Traversal Skill in Spider-Man 2
Loop De Loop Traversal Skill in Spider-Man 2

Wind Tunnels, Fast Travel and Super Slingshots 

Wind Tunnels take some getting used to but are immensely useful to easily cross the whole map. You should try to use wind tunnels whenever possible as you can easily glide out of them if your objective is around one of the tunnels. Horizontal wind tunnels are pretty long and vertical wind tunnels on different roofs help regain speed and lost altitude while gliding.

Mentioning Fast Travel in a game with such superior traversal mechanics feels blasphemous at first but Fast Travel is helpful in Spider-Man 2 when you are wrapping up side objectives like Photo Ops or Prowler Stashes. Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2 has no loading speeds even if you try to travel to the furthest point on the map. It is immediate which gives the edge to players to utilise it sometimes even in a game like Spider-Man 2.

Even if you have to go out of your way, you should try to swing to a nearby Super Slingshot and utilise it. They give an immense boost in speed that other abilities do not match in Spider-Man 2 and if linked with Spider-Jump or Spider-Dash can propel you to even higher speeds. Super Slingshots are great for yanking yourself from one district to another or easily gliding over a river.

Gliding in a Slipstream made by a Talon Drone in Spider-Man 2
Gliding in a Slipstream made by a Talon Drone in Spider-Man 2

It is also important to note that all of these tips are suggestions meant to guide you and are not meant to be a superior restrictive method of playing the game. The best way to experience New York City in Spider-Man 2 is by utilising mechanics in a way which is fun to you, which will ultimately enhance your experience in the game.

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