Spider-Man 2: All Photo Ops Locations

Spider-Man 2 All Photo Ops
Spider-Man 2 All Photo Ops

Remember taking photos of different Landmarks in New York in Spider-Man 2018? This time you will be taking photos of different small events/instances in New York. Photo Ops will be available after the main mission, ‘One Thing at a Time’. After Peter is fired from his job, Miles recommends that Peter send photos to Daily Bugle to earn money during the main mission, ‘Show Me New York’. Peter learns that Robbie Robertson is running this and explains that they know each other. During this mission, you will grab your first photo of some people playing frisbee, and then unlock all Photo Ops. Each Photo Op will grant you 150XP and 2 City Tokens.

List of some Photo Ops

2. The Bodega Beef – Little Odessa 1/2:

Situated in the upper middle of Little Odessa, you need to take a photo of two mascots dressed as the Spider-Cat from Miles’s Bodega Cat Suit. Interestingly, the two mascots are voiced by Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.

3. Checkmate – Chinatown 1/2:

Checkmate Photo Op is in the northwest area of Chinatown. You will see two people playing chess in public against each other with a dozen or so of onlookers watching the game. Robbie said that he saw a grandmaster lose to his neighbour’s kid.

4. Beach Party – Downtown Brooklyn 1/3:

As the name implies, this Photo Op is situated on the beach on the west side of Downtown Brooklyn. It’s a bit warming to see New Yorkers make the best of the situation by having a party near Sandman’s fallen hand during his attack on New York.

5. Now That’s a Bridge – Downtown Brooklyn 2/3:

This Photo Op is located in the northwest region of Downtown Brooklyn. You will notice multiple people standing in the middle of the road, taking pictures of the Manhattan Bridge. Take a photo of the bridge from their angle.

6. The City Game – Harlem 1/1:

This is the only Photo Op in Harlem, located on the east side. You will have to take a photo of people playing basketball on the courts.

7. The Truth – Central Park 1/2:

Located in northern Central Park, take a photo of a man warning people that aliens have landed in New York. Some fans will take it as an easter egg for the Avengers 2012 movie in which aliens did invade New York.

8. To the Beat – Central Park 2/2:

This Photo Op is at the southern end of Central Park. You will have to take a photo of breakdancers with a crowd watching them. This is the place where Miles first tried his, Great Responsibility Suit.

9. The Roof Court – Upper East Side 1/1:

Situated in the southwest area of the Upper East Side, you will have to take a photo of a rooftop court for tennis. Robbie remarked that the owners must be really rich if they can afford tennis balls going over the roof.

10. We Haven’t Forgotten – Midtown 1/2:

In the northwestern region of Midtown, you will find a group of protestors outside the Orscop building of whom you need to take a picture of.

11. Audition Piece – Midtown 2/2:

Outside the Radio City music hall, in the north part of Midtown, you will find someone wearing a rather big hat whom you need to take a photo of.

12. The Duel – Hell’s Kitchen 1/1:

The Duel is happening on the east side of Hell’s Kitchen. You will find a crowd watching a music duel which you need a photo of.

13. Greenwich Mural – Greenwich 1/2:

The Greenwich Mural is located in the northern area of Greenwich, where you will find a pride mural on a brick building. Robbie says that he knows the person who made this and that they showed him the sketch before the painting went up.

14. Telling Time – Greenwich 2/2:

This is located in the middle of Greenwich just beside the park. You have to take a photo of a hero who is making students go to class on time.

15. The Little Taiyaki Cart – Chinatown 2/2:

The Little Taiyaki Cart is in the eastern region of Chinatown. Take a photo of the food cart along with its line.

16. Kinda Fanboys – Upper West Side 1/1:

Kinda Fanboys is the only photo op in the Upper West Side district. Take a picture of the two shirtless men getting snapped on top of a rooftop. This is a continuing meme regarding Kinda Funny, in which recently Greg Miller and Blessing Adeyoye Jr. took photos shirtless while wearing Spider-Man masks.

17. It Was an Accident – Financial District 1/1:

It Was an Accident photo op is in the south end of the Financial District, take a photo of the collision between a bike and a taxi.

18. Hidden Oasis – Williamsburg 1/1:

You will find the Hidden Oasis right in the middle of Williamsburg. It is actually a small group of people partying inside a dried-up water tanker of which you need to take a photo. Robbie remarked that he also came with his friends here to party when he was younger.

19. We’re Here Every Week – Little Odessa 2/2:

Near the middle of Little Odessa, you will find the Photo Op, We’re Here Every Week. It is a farmer’s market which displays Ukrainian flags. Take a photo of the market to complete the Photo Op.

20. Step up to the Plate – Astoria 1/2:

Step up to the Plate is located on the island to the northwest of the main region of Astoria. Take a photo of the people having a barbeque beside the baseball fields.

21. Champion of Champions – Downtown Brooklyn 3/3:

Champion of Champions Photo Op is in the south end of the Downtown Brooklyn district. Take a photo of the person showcasing his hotdog-eating skills.

22. We’ll Treat You Like Family – Downtown Queens 1/1:

We’ll Treat You Like Family is the only Photo Op in Downtown Queens. It is near the middle of the district. Take a photo of Jirji’s Hummus restaurant. Robbie explains that they are willing to experiment with new flavours however their traditional ones are the best.

23. The Masked Challenger – Astoria 2/2:

The Masked Challenger is the final photo op in Spider-Man 2. It is in the northwest region of Astoria, where you will need to take a photo of a wrestler standing near a wall art of himself.

This will end your collectables run for the Photo Ops. There is no final mission here to play after completing all 23. Did you like our suit choices in the photos? If yes then check out our best suits list for Spider-Man 2


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