The Game Awards Crown Winners, Baldur’s Gate 3 Taking GOTY

The Game Awards Winners

The Game Awards have officially concluded and have hailed winners for the best videogame titles this year has had to offer. A total of 31 categories with another addition of the Player’s Voice tallied many nominated titles. Here are your winners for The Game Awards 2023.

The Best Esports Event Award winner is the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. The award recognises the best experience for participants and players on the esports stage for this year.

The Best Esports Coach Award goes to Christine Potter Chi of Evil Geniuses in Valorant. This one showcases the best individual for supporting an esports team roster and playing an essential part in gaining success on the esports stage.

The Best Esports Team Award winner is JD Gaming for League of Legends. They prove they have given an outstanding performance for this year.

The Best Esports Athlete Award goes to League of Legends player Faker. The player once again proves as a very popular and a still top-tier professional player of esports.

The Best Esports Game Award is won by Valorant from Riot Games. The award also highlights the best popularity and experience for those who become a part of the game either by just playing it casually or at the highest stage of esports.

The winner for Content Creator of the Year at TGA is Ironmouse. The digital artist has made a positive and noteworthy impact on the community which is the highlight of the award.

The Most Anticipated Game Award goes to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth from Square Enix. Many players are keenly looking forward to Square Enix’s upcoming title.

The Best Adaptation Award at TGA is won by HBO’s and PlayStation’s The Last Of Us. This hails another year of a top-tier standard of adapting video games into other forms.

The Best Multiplayer title for this year is won by Baldur’s Gate 3. Larian Studios have once again won another award for their great title that was a sort of underdog this year around, now proven that it is one of the best games developed.

The Game Awards 2023

Best Sports/Racing Game crowns Forza Motorsport as the winner. The racing experience is unmatched for 2023.

The Best Sim/Strategy videogame for 2023 is Pikmin 4 by Nintendo. A pleasant surprise as the company takes one home with the best-selling Pikmin title yet.

The Best Family Title is won by Super Mario Bros. Wonder. A great achievement by the company that looks towards improvisation and innovation and just whole-hearted family fun from one of its most well-known franchise series.

The Best Fighting Videogame for 2023 at TGA goes to Street Fighter 6. Capcom has proven worthy of making one of the best fighting titles for this year which has gained much popularity both in homes and on professional stages already.

The Best RPG game for 2023 is won by Baldur’s Gate 3. The game and the company behind it have been the stars of this year winning awards after awards.

The Best Action-Adventure title for 2023 goes to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gives the best open-world experience for this year and proves Nintendo have what it takes to make amazing videogames through one of their most well-known franchises every time.

The Best Action Game winner is Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have given much dedication to make a great Armored Core title and fans are pleased to take the award home.

The Best VR/AR Title for this year at TGA is Resident Evil VIllage VR Mode. The game gives the best virtual augmented reality experience this year.

The Best Mobile Game winner is Honkai: Star Rail. The title is looked at as the best game available on mobile phones available to all.

The Best Debut Indie Video Game for 2023 at TGA is Cocoon by Geometric/Annapurna Interactive. It is a great achievement by the developers that is sure to incentivise their prospects for the future and their plans for future videogame titles.

Geoff at The Game Awards 2023

The Best Independent Game Award goes to Sabotage Studio’s Sea Of Stars. A great achievement that would undoubtedly leave a very positive impact on the game’s fans and the developers.

The Best Community Support Award goes to Baldur’s Gate 3. The people speak and the Baldur’s Gate 3 Community showcase their prowess and positivity in helping and enjoying one of the best videogames of this year together.

The Best Ongoing Videogame title winner is Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red. The company has made a noteworthy comeback since the controversial launch of its Cyberpunk title back in the day but now has the award that highlights its dedication to fixing the game, providing ample new content and making it truly one of the best experiences in gaming through the years.

The winner of the Games for Impact Award is Tchia from Awaceb/Kepler Interactive. This highlights a very positive impression left on players through playing the game which is also one of the most positive lessons players can learn.

The Innovation in Accessibility Award is won by Turn 10 Studios/Xbox Game Studios for Forza Motorsport. Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios take it into their own hands to provide the best means for all players to be able to enjoy the game to the fullest despite any kind of disability.

Best Performance Award goes to Baldur’s Gate 3’s Neil Newbon. Baldur’s Gate 3 has been the star of 2023 and Neil Newbon has showcased his great acting prowess through his character making the award much deserved.

Best Audio-Design is won by Hi-FI Rush by Tango Gamworks/Bethesda Softworks. Great job to the Audio designers and composers at the studio who provided one of the best Soundworks for games for this year.

The Best Score and Music goes to Square Enix’s Composer Masayoshi Soken for Final Fantasy XVI. The title hails some of the best musical tracks videogames have to offer.

The Best Art Direction winner at TGA is Alan Wake 2 by Remedy Entertainment. A great win for Remedy Entertainment for their title.

The Best Narrative Award is taken by Alan Wake 2 as well. The team clutches another award at The Game Awards and Alan Wake fans can rest easy as well.

The Best Game Direction is also taken by Alan Wake 2 at The Game Awards. The game now has 3 wins for it at The Game Awards, developers and fans can all celebrate aplenty for their newest Alan Wake title.

Finally, the Ultimate Game of the Year for The Game Awards is Baldur’s Gate 3. No surprise here, Larian Studios have shown their dedication and utmost sincerity in developing one of the most fulfilling and versatile experiences in video games. They’ve won the most awards at The Golden Joystick Awards and have repeated their streak over here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 also won the Player’s Voice Award where only the people’s votes were tallied. Critics and fans are both on the same page for which videogame sits at the highest podium in 2023.

This has been a great year for videogames with plenty of titles from all studios and companies, including the most well-known names and their first-grade AAA titles as well as smaller Indie developers with great innovative games. The holiday season is upon us now and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner with hopes of another great year for videogames and players around the world.

Geoff also announced that The Game Awards will return next year on Thursday, December 12th 2024. Check out the event’s official YouTube page if you’ve missed out on watching it.


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