Spider-Man 2: Top 10 Suits

Spider-Man 2 Top 10 Suits
Spider-Man 2 Top 10 Suits

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 includes an overwhelming total of 71 suits, with 36 being for Miles and 35 for Peter. Aside from these, there are also 10 additional suits divided between Peter and Miles that are locked to the Digital Edition of the game, which costs an extra 10 USD. Insomniac perfectly encapsulates the ‘exaggerated swagger of a black teen’, with Miles’s fashionable suits in this game, although Peter isn’t left behind as he also rocks some pretty memorable outfits, taken from his live-action movies. Spider-Man 2 also includes a new suit mechanic this time which allows us to craft three extra styles for every non-movie and story-related suit. Check out our favourite Spider-Man 2 suits in the game, and why we chose them:

1. Miles Morales 2099 Suit (Miles):

This is our favourite suit in the game as it adds more fun to the already great traversal. The best part for us about the suit is the glowing eyes and we might have spent some of our total play time, glaring at the light effects along with that, the suit also provides a very sleek and slim look to Miles which may make you feel more fluid during web swinging. Another very interesting part about the suit is that the boots and outer lining from the back glow red during the night or under shade. This looks so cool when gliding with the web wings as their colour is also red and it matches well as if they were designed in mind for this suit specifically. The stylish hood over Miles’s head gives an extra needed touch which ties in the overall look nicely. The included extra styles for the Miles Morales 2099 suit are also pretty neat which is why this suit took the number 1 spot on our list.

2. Webbed Black Suit (Peter):

This is an easy pick for fans of the Raimi Trilogy as even though Insomniac’s own Black Suit and Symbiote Suit are pretty good-looking, the Webbed Black suit is just too nostalgic and looks pretty good in-game. This was our go-to suit for a long time after we gained the symbiote in Spider-Man 2 as the suit links really with the symbiote’s abilities. We personally did not like the original Raimi Suit much in this game as it was not well polished, unlike the 2018 game, however, our time with the Webbed Black Suit more than made up for it. The suit links well with the web wings because their colour further complements its overall colour design. It was really fun exploring New York City and trying to retrace the places we explored in the Raimi Trilogy. Also, the suit’s texture bounces off the lighting of the game pretty well, making photo mode shots pretty fun. Something we hope Insomniac considers in their future New Game Plus update is to allow us to use Yuri Lowenthal’s symbiote voice post-game too, as it could make for good crime-fighting moments and make for some fun Bully Maguire memes.

3. Programmable Matter Suit – Style 2 (Miles):

The Programmable Matter Suit is an easy top 3 in most lists for the best Spider-Man 2 suits. The neon-like lighting of the suits just looks so good in the game because of Insomniac’s added ray tracing. We did not have much interest in its main style as its overall red colour gamut made it feel too similar to the other suits in Miles’s wardrobe, so Style 2 with the purple neon glow was our go-to choice. The suit looks phenomenal during the night and can make for some vivid shots. However, that fun is short-lived as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 does not let you change the weather/setting manually post-game. It would have been appreciated if the setting was included as it was available in the 2018 game, it would have allowed us to enjoy this suit even more by shifting the timing tonight. To be fair, the suit still holds up well in daytime but that neon look doesn’t interact as well with its surroundings. The purple light around the hands also blends greatly with Miles’s venom abilities during combat. On a side note; it would have been great if we could change the colour of the web wings too, as red doesn’t match well with purple.

4. Advanced Suit 2.0 (Peter):

The Advanced Suit from Spider-Man 2018 was a fan favourite but Insomniac was able to make some small changes to make it look even better. The main difference is the more pronounced red, overtaking the original advanced suit’s orange-ish look. When you compare both suits side by side, the original pales in comparison because of its colours. The white padding on Peters’s hands and shoes provides a nice contrast and forces us to come back to this suit time and time again. The extra styles included look pretty horrific though, with the yellow and white design taking the prize of being the most abysmal design in the game. Advanced Suit 2.0 matches well with Peter’s Spider-Arms abilities and makes the combat look great, with finishers being the highlight personally. However, using this suit alongside symbiote abilities doesn’t work as there is a big mismatch.

5. Miles Morales 2020 Suit (Miles):

The Miles Morales 2020 suit is a fan-favourite choice and why shouldn’t it be? The suit’s got everything; an awesome jacket, cool pumps and a steel helmet with an electronic display of your mask. It also has a holographic display over your chest which looks pretty stylish. The suit looks great at both night and day. Unlike, the programmable suit, the lighting matches well in the daytime too, with the helmet being the highlight during the night. The suit’s overall look fits Miles’s aesthetic due to the high tech visible in its design. The helmet also acts as a reflective surface which works great for photos, making for some cool shots. Interestingly, Miles Morales’s voice actor Nadji Jeter’s go-to choice for the game is the Miles Morales 2020 suit.

6. Arachknight Suit (Peter):

The Arachknight Suit gives Assassin Creed-like vibes with its overall heavy white style and the hood eerily resembling the outfits of Assassins. This was one of the most looked-forward-to suits after it was revealed as this was the first time Insomniac included a cape for one of Peter’s suits, which shines beautifully when you are using the web wings as it gives you a similar feeling to gliding with Batman in the Arkham games. The suit was really fun to use post game however the physics of the cape were not nearly on par with those of say, Arkham Knight. The extra styles also look pretty well with the best being the black look however it resembled Miles Shadow-Spider suit too much so it was not used as much by us.

7. Shadow-Spider Suit (Miles):

The Shadow-Spider suit of Miles is a variant of the Arachknight suit with a few changes made to not make it look the same and more suitable for Miles. The suit was a nice shift from the normal Miles’s high-tech Spider-Man 2 suits with its leather material padding. Insomniac got the extra styles right for the Shadow-Spider suit too as it was pretty hard to keep playing with a single choice so we kept changing between them. As with the Arachknight suit, the Shadow-Spider’s cape is the highlight with it being great to look at when using web wings. However, again, the physics issues with the cape are still present; the cape can be stuck in mid-air statically and not respond fluidly to Miles’s movement during combat many times.

8. Into the Spider-Verse Noir Suit (Peter):

The Noir Suit used from the Into the Spider-Verse animated film is hands down one of the coolest-looking suits in the game. Peter’s eyes with the suit, the stylish over-arching coat and the infamous hat give a great dark but cartoonish vibe. Like the other Spiderverse movie suits in the game, the animation for this suit is also changed a bit with the use of film-style animation and Comic SFX which can be turned off in the settings. This animation style resembles that of the movie and gives you the full feeling that you are controlling the exact Noir from those movies. The Noir suit was fun to experiment with in the photo mode by using different postures available in the photo mode. For those looking for an even more immersive Noir experience, we’d recommend turning on High Contrast Background which will make the world black and white.

9. Upgraded Suit (Miles):

Miles’s default suit in Spider-Man 2 is the Upgraded Suit which makes minor changes to his classic suit from the previous game. The suit has small changes like the red layering extending to Miles’s arms and the texture of his gloves looking harder. The Upgraded Suit was able to make the already good Classic Suit look even better. While it is a great suit, the other suits mentioned above just look way better and are more fun to play with. As with Peter’s default suit, the extra styles included for this suit are laughable and do not match Miles’s aesthetic. Aside from that stuff, the suit’s slight reflection looks great in the daytime but is hard to notice at night.

10. Iron Spider Suit (Peter):

While the Iron Spider Suit was heavily criticised when it was showcased in the live-action movies due to it being made with nanotech and not matching Peter’s story and personality, it is one of our favourite Spider-Man 2 suits. The suit was enjoyable to use in Spider-Man 2018, especially with its suit-ability (pun intended) which utilised Spider-Arms. Now, this suit makes even more sense since Peter already has Spider-Arm abilities that link well with this suit. Like the 2099 suit for Miles, the Iron Spider gives Peter a very sleek look which makes dodging attacks during combat and moving like Spider-Man look and feel more fluid. The suit’s metal overlay matches well with the colours and makes a good contrast with the blue eyes.

These were our personal favourite Spider-Man 2 suits, and it was hard to choose considering how many good suits Insomniac was able to include in the game. Check out our Spider-Man 2 guides below:

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