Spider-Man 2 New Game+ Update adds New Suits and more

Spider-Man 2 New Game+ update is finally out after months of waiting. Insomniac Games released the update on March 7 for the PlayStation exclusive, including much-needed features like mission replay and new suits!

Spider-Man 2 was released on October 20, 2023, to wide critical acclaim. The third game in Insomniac’s Spider-Man trilogy was a rousing success with fans and critics alike. However, the game was missing critical features including allowing us to choose the time of day after ending the story. The much-awaited New Game+ update was also perhaps delayed by the Insomniac Leak in which details and gameplay of their upcoming Wolverine game were leaked, including mentions of a planned Beetle DLC for Spider-Man 2. The update also adds many accessibility features to the game including Audio Descriptions. This comes as Spider-Man 2 was previously nominated for Best Innovation in Accessibility at The Game Awards. Sam Schafer, Accessibility Designer Researcher shared his thoughts on the new additions;

“We’re so excited to bring all of these accessibility features and improvements to you – thank you for your patience and support as we prepared for the 1.002 update,” said Schaffel. “With our first-ever Screen Reader, we cover not only the settings but the FNSM App and all the Touch Pad menus including comprehensive map, skill tree, tech readouts and more.
Robust cinematic caption and customization options cover off-screen sounds, emotional music cues and key gameplay sounds – written concisely so they can be easily read during calm scenes or intense set pieces. All these features, along with over 60 others, were crafted with love and care to add to player’s experiences. We hope you enjoy these accessibility features whether it’s your first time playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or if you’re returning to check out New Game+.”

Iron Spider Suit in Spider-Man 2
Iron Spider Suit in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 New Game+, Mission Replay, Golden Gadgets and Ultimate Levels Added

With New Game+ finally being added to the game, you can finally play through the amazing story of Spider-Man 2 packed with all your upgrades and unlocked gadgets from the start! If you want to give a fresh new look to your gadgets, you can also change their colour to Golden making them pop. Insomniac has also added Ultimate Levels allowing you to go past your previous max level. Mission Replay will finally allow you to play specific missions at the height of Spider-Man 2’s story, meaning you will not have to play through all previous missions if you have a craving for a specific mission.

Golden Gadgets added in Spider-Man 2 New Game+

New Symbiote Suit Styles, Symbiote Color Change, Time of Day, New Photo Mode Features also Added

While the original Symbiote Suits in Spider-Man 2 were great to play with, Insomniac now has added even more Suit Styles for the symbiote suit, and going further by allowing you to change the colours of your symbiote powers which was a highly anticipated feature. Spider-Man 2’s Photo Mode is such great fun to use, allowing you to completely control the shot. However, the Time of Day settings were missing, which restricted the shots to a specific time of day after you had completed the main story. Virtual Photographers playing the game had to use certain periods in between the main story to be able to take shots at Night or Dawn. Insomniac also added a new interesting action figure mode for Photo Mode that we are sure, will soon flood online with new shots by players.

Symbiote Suit Styles Spider-Man 2

New Suits, Accessibility Features, Suit Tech Fusion

Along with all these additions, you can now try out even more suits in Spider-Man 2 with the addition of Marvel’s Hellgala Suits to the game for both Miles and Peter. These suits will be free, however, Insomniac Games has partnered with Gameheads for a Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack that currently costs 4.99 USD with all proceeds going to charity. Do note that these suits will later be added to the game free of charge. New Accessibility features include Audio Descriptions and Screen Reader with support for Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and English. An interesting new mechanic added to the game; Suit Tech Fusion which allows you to use both perks in a single shared Suit Tech Slot. (Yes, this was needed!)

Players were able to access Dev Menus after Insomniac pushed the update, with further confirmation of the Beetle DLC present in it. The issue was fixed with another small update by Insomniac later. However, it seems that Insomniac can’t catch a break lately with the studio suffering a major breach and recent layoffs at the studio.

EsportsNext has multiple guides up for Spider-Man 2 that you can check out, including a review in which the game received a 9/10.

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