New Super Mario Bros. Movie By Illumination Coming in 2026

Today is Mario Day, March 10th, and a special announcement has arrived directly from Nintendo that has shared that a new Super Mario Bros. Movie is coming in 2026, being developed by Illumination and Nintendo, the same company that made the first Super Mario Bros. film last year.

The news arrives through a small video clip shared by Nintendo of America on their social channels. Here is the link to Nintendo’s X/Twitter account that shared the video:

Shigeru Miyamoto himself announces the collaboration with Illumination Studios and relates the great success of the first film, owing it to the hard work of the developing company’s animators and handlers, which is the reason why the collaboration is once again happening for the next Mario movie. He also shares the great popularity of the first film and how many are still watching it today on screens, which is partly the reason why another one is now being developed. The caretakers of the upcoming film will be the same people who made the first one, so it looks to be in good hands.

It will be a new animated film like the first one, set in the same world as the first. Chris Meledandri of Illumination Studios Paris highlighted the work already being done to get things started and the vision of the film to get everything just right. He also shared an official date that the film would be coming to theaters; April 3rd 2026.

“Our directors Aaron Horvath and Micheal Jelenic, and the very talented artist from Illumination Studios Paris, who brought the Mushroom Kingdom to life in the Super Mario Bros. Movie have been busy at work storyboarding scenes and developing set designs for new environments. We start animation soon. And rest assured, we’ll be obsessing over every detail to get it just right.”

-Meledandri on the new upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Miyamoto also shared they will aim to expand the same world that was set up by the first movie, so there are big aims set by the company and Illumination Studios.

Stay tuned to our website for more info on the upcoming Mario movie and more Nintendo-related news. You can also check the official Nintendo website over here. This is a pleasant new announcement for the Mario franchise and fans already have news on the latest Mario stuff coming in 2026.

Happy Mario Day!

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