Indie World Showcase Announced for November 14 by Nintendo

Indie World Showcase November 14 2023.

An Indie World Showcase has just been announced that will stream tomorrow at 8 AM PT for the latest Indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. The show will accommodate 20 minutes of content.

Here is the direct news via Nintendo of America’s Tweet:

Giving some insight into the current time and state of Nintendo news, Black Friday deals have been live throughout the month of October and this month is getting a few new bundle releases as well featuring all versions of the Nintendo Switch. This includes its normal mode, the Oled model as well as the Swite Lite. The deals from Nintendo seem to hint that Nintendo’s fully invested in pushing Switch sales which have comparatively dropped by 21% this year, although still gaining a good boost due to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release a few months ago and a few new game themed switch systems. IR news shows great hardware sales and New software titles are not slowing down by any means either as there are plenty of big releases including first-party titles from Nintendo that are slated to release this month too such as the Super Mario RPG remake.

It shows that Indie titles are also coming in ample to the Nintendo Switch for the foreseeable future. The rumours of Nintendo that they would be looking to announce their successor system to the Nintendo Switch are still actively talked about, and people are waiting for the newest console and hence saving their money for later instead. For Switch owners, it is however pleasant news of a new Direct that would maybe have some interesting new games to announce and showcase from Indie developers. This would maybe look to be this year’s last stream from the company.

There are plenty of Indie games on the Nintendo Switch as the manner of portability alongside the home console quality for the system is a great selling point, which means there is a bigger mass of customer base for Indie game developers to target.

For more on Nintendo, check out their official website.


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