Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Gameplay Sneak Peek

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch

Attention all Potterheads! Hogwarts Legacy is coming to Nintendo Switch in just a few days so gear up with your wands for an enchanting adventure!

If you’re a millennial, a potterhead, and a gamer then you must have been waiting for this. Hogwarts Legacy came out earlier this year and as expected, the sales went up the roof!! If you have played it, you know the anticipation behind it too. The game is definitely a title which fits my preference, especially the story mode of the game. Even for newbies, it may take good amount of time time to get the hang of it but it did really does take one back to the old days when the Harry Potter movies used to come out. Never really knew that a game was what was needed to let the potterheads stroll around in the world of wizardry and witchcraft of their dreams.

The big news is that the first gameplay is out there already with a fan, Talhelfg, who got the game early! Although the publisher Warner Bros. Games and developer Avalanche Software, have till now been successful of not sharing even one single sneak peek of the gameplay, although it is already available on other platforms. Talhelfg posted on X / Twitter that he got the game early. Although he deleted the post sometime later, netizens were able to take note of it and the gameplay is now all over the internet.

This is the first official look of the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy and obviously, there are software updates in everything in the game. We can’t really judge what other things we can expect because WB did take down the video that was posted initially. However, the gameplay does come as a teaser only for now because the gameplay we saw does not give away a lot but we do see the character running around, casting spells with barely any performance struggles.

The Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy was announced back in March 2022 and it is almost more than a year late, meanwhile, the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S versions also faced a short delay in being released earlier this year. When the game was launched, it very easily became a fan favorite and a best-seller with 15 million copies sold amounting to $1 billion made by WB, claimed by the CEO himself that Hogwarts Legacy is their “fifth $1 billion-plus gaming franchise after Mortal Kombat, Game of Thrones, Lego Game, and DC”.

In the game, we will be able to uncover a hidden truth from a forgotten era by fighting trolls, dark wizards and other bad guys. With just a couple of days remaining for the official release, I wonder how high the sales will plummet in the initial weeks.


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