Call of Duty MW3 Server’s Down? Travis Rilea Connection Timed Out Issue

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - MW3 Travis Rilea Connection Timeout Error Code - Call of Duty MW3 Server Status

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has its fair share of problems. From buggy weapon attachments to microtransactions with minimal responses from Activision and Sledgehammer. But server crashes are bound to happen from time to time, especially during the holidays. Players were met with a Travis Rilea connection time-out issue in MW3 and Warzone, preventing players from joining the game. Players who were already having the time of their lives, garnering XP, were kicked from the game due to the same issue.

The Travis Rilea Issue is a connection issue that occurs on either the user’s network end or the server end. The Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone Servers were down for nearly 4 hours, with numerous outage reports online.

Currently, Activision Support has reported the problem as recently resolved with MW3 and Warzone servers listed online on all major platforms. This is a recurring issue that occurs every week or so during server maintenance procedures.

What Is Travis Rilea Connection Timed-Out In Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Call of Duty MW3 Servers Down - Travis Rilela Connection Timed Out 1

Travis Rilea is a recurring connection time-out issue where the user cannot connect with MW3 servers. This has occurred on multiple occasions. Most occurrences result from user-end issues where their Internet Connection is faulty or Unstable. But this time, the Travis Rilea Connection Error Code was widespread, with users taking to Twitter to report the issue.

All-in-all, this is a recurring connection error, that happens once every week, especially if you’re playing on Steam when server maintenance occurs at around 3-4 pm on Tuesday.

Are Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Servers Down? MW3 Server Status: December 30-31, 2023

Call of Duty MW3 Servers Down - Travis Rilea Connection Timed Out - via Down Detector

The Travis Rilea Connection Error was reported on December 30, 10:29 pm, hitting an outstanding number of reports on Down Detector at 11:19 AM on December 30, 2023. The number of reports dwindled at around 2:36 on December 31st. Still, some players are reporting the server status connection timeout error as unresolved and taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to vent their frustration.

The onslaught of server status comments continued until three hours at the time of writing this post. However, upon visiting Activision’s Online Services website, the issue has been declared as recently resolved with, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Zombies, and Warzone services shown as Online on all major platforms.

Update: MW3 And Warzone Servers Are Allegedly Online On All Platforms Now

Call of Duty MW3 Servers Down - Travis Rilea Connection Timed Out 1 - Servers are active

Yet, some users are still reporting that the MW3 servers are still down, even now. With no official statement from Sledgehammer, Activision, or Call of Duty updates, we can’t say much. Consider this a hiccup at most, with the Travis Rilea Server Connection issue being completely resolved in a matter of a few hours for all players. With all these hiccups, bugs, and microtransactions, there’s one question that lingers; Is Call of Duty MW3 Worth Buying?

Ups and Downs will always happen and with that said, the servers are back up again, but will we experience any severe MW3 server outages down the line? It’s still up to Sledgehammer and Activision. They’re still slow in investigating weapon attachment issues. It’s a miracle that the server downtime wasn’t horrific this time around.

With that said, stay tuned for more MW3 bugs, updates and news on EsportsNext.


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