How To Use And Equip Reserve Weapon Loadouts in The Finals

So, you’re playing The Finals and wondering what’s up with the Reserve weapons? You might have fiddled with your primary loadout, but there’s no specific option to select your reserve loadout in The Finals. So, how does it work? How do you use reserves in The Finals?

After the black loading screen fades, and you hop into the game, you can select your contestant at the top of the screen. At the contestant selection screen, select your build of choice and click edit. There, you’ll be greeted with a primary loadout on the left and a reserve loadout on the right. While the primary loadout is always available to players, some players are confused about how to use the reserve weapons or the reserve loadout in the finals.

To use the Reserve Weapons in The Finals, use The “J” Key on your PC before the start of the match or when you die. Simply spruce up your current reserve loadout and hop into a casual game mode.

When you die, you can change your primary loadout by selecting the J key on the screen. The loadout change option is indicated in the bottom left corner of the screen when you die and is highlighted in red.

What Are Reserve Weapons And Reserve Loadouts In The Finals?

How To Equip and Use Reserve Weapon and Reserve Loadouts in The Finals - Reserve Loadouts on The Right

Reserve weapons are a stack of weapons you can use in The Finals during casual game modes. You can customize your Reserve depending upon your liking and spruce it up with your second favorite arsenal of weapons or gadgets to change up your play style–hence the outcome of the match.

How To Use And Equip Reserves In The Finals?

How to Change and Equip Reserve Loadout In the Finals - Press the J Key to Equip and Use Reserve Weapons

The game doesn’t directly tell you how to use reserve weapons in The Finals, but if you haven’t been paying close attention, you might have missed a little indicator in-game. When you die mid-match, there’s a little red strip that runs on the lower end of the screen. Peer left, and you’ll see the option to select loadouts, which is normally bound to the J key on the PC.

Actually, you can change your loadout right before the start of a casual match by pressing the J Reserve Weapons Loadout key.

The best part is that you can select individual weapons and gadgets to swap out from your reserve loadout into your primary loadout. This can change the tides of matches–resulting in a win if done right!

Can You Use Reserve Weapons In Ranked Play or Tournaments?

No, You Can't Use Reserve Weapons in Ranked Play or Ranked Tournament Mode

No, you can’t use Reserve weapons in the Finals in Ranked play–specifically Ranked Tournaments. This makes changing the tides of a Tournament impossible. All you can do is improve your aim, strategize your positioning, and make the most of your current build and primary loadout.

In the Finals, Reserve Weapons and Reserve Loadouts are currently useable in casual game modes consisting of Quick Cash and Bank It. Furthermore, you can use your Reserve Weapons in Unranked Tournaments too! Enjoy the game because The Finals is booming after the Open Beta took Steam Charts by storm.

And that pretty much wraps up everything you need to know about how to use and equip Reserve weapons and Reserve loadouts in the Finals. Stay tuned for more guides, updates, and a plethora of bug fixes for The Finals and news on ESportsNext, and remember to be mindful of your screen next time.

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