Wake Up! Nintendo Switch Emulators Run Games Better

Look, we get that Nintendo is a giant of the gaming industry and is notorious for coming down hard on emulators of its hardware, especially the Switch. However, today, we’re here to tell you all about the benefits and how some emulators outdo Nintendo.

Yeah, fanboys, we’re firing the first shot, so come at us! It’s no secret that Nintendo’s latest lawsuit made Yuzu, the most popular emulator on the market, shut down after the settlement. Let’s go a little deeper and see why arguments in favor of these emulators have solid foundations.

Why Nintendo Switch Emulators Are A Good Thing?

Nintendo Switch emulators are good for plenty of reasons.

Yeah, yeah, piracy is a slippery slope; it’s not something we’re condoning. However, let’s look at the flip side today. We aim to give Nintendo pause and make them ponder about emulators in a new light for their latest hardware, the Switch. So, before the Switch’s successor inevitably comes out, let’s discuss this hot topic first. Here we go!

Game Preservation Is Possible Today Because Of Emulators

Without emulation, especially for Nintendo’s classic titles that’re stuck on obsolete hardware, many games would be lost. But that’s not all; you see, Nintendo has a deceptive history of milking its fanbase with pricey ports of its older titles. However, when you look at the strides made by both Microsoft and Sony, their game preservation is miles ahead of anything Nintendo brings to the table.

In fact, it’s because of the emulators of Nintendo Switch that players have access to older titles. They don’t gotta pay through the nose for them. While Nintendo Switch Online is slowly building up the digital library of classic titles, it’s too slow. Also, what little is there? They’re behind paywalls. Plus, there’s no guarantee what will happen when the service shuts down.

So, with all of that in mind, it’s not that much of a stretch to see that true game preservation is only due to Nintendo Switch emulators. For all its user-friendly image, Nintendo sure seems to stir up noise from the community for its harsh enforcement. Case in point: Nintendo’s rigid rules are harming community events; if you ask us, it’s kinda dictatorial. The need for emulators is all the more emphasized because of this.

The Emulators Run Games Better Than The Nintendo Switch Itself

Let’s not kid ourselves here. For all the unique and quirky gimmicks Nintendo’s known for, it’s also compromised on hardware specs. The evidence is right in the side-by-side comparison of games running on a Nintendo Switch with a device using the emulators. The difference in performance is a night and day difference, people; just accept it!

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is a new release and is utterly gorgeous. And yet, despite all of that, it runs abysmally on the Nintendo Switch if you compare it to emulators like Yuzu. We don’t know about y’all, but if we’re paying 70 bucks for a game, we expect a steady performance and framerate.

But that’s just the Nintendo way. When we get the Switch 2, we’ll get a re-release of this very game. Except this time, it would look slightly prettier with a quest or two and with a full price tag. It’s kinda telling when non-official hardware like Android phones or laptops and PCs can run a Nintendo first-party game better due to emulators than the Switch. A word to the wise is hint enough.

Emulators Save Money, Plain And Simple

Another reason people prefer using emulators to run Nintendo Switch games instead of a Switch is the price point. It’s no secret that people love Nintendo and their latest hardware. Like, it’s no secret the lifetime sales of Nintendo Switch have surpassed 130 million units. Having said that, the predatory practice of Nintendo of charging steep prices for even older first-party titles is one of the main pet peeves gamers have.

People just wanna save some money whenever and wherever it’s possible, given the economy these days. Prices are increasing day-by-day, and gaming is a luxury that many cannot sustain long term. So, yeah, sometimes, when it’s impossible to find a copy of the game at a reasonable price, people turn to emulators.

It’s by no means our stance to defend piracy, but we’re saying we can empathize. You wanna know how Nintendo can fix this messy situation and gain the trust of the scorned folks? They can start by having meaningful discounts and sales, especially of relatively older titles. Otherwise, it’s gonna be emulators that many will prefer over buying a Nintendo Switch.

Final Thoughts

Well, there, y’all have it. The other side of the argument that Nintendo Switch emulators are actually not without their merits. We realize this piece might cause a meltdown and outrage in the Nintendo loyalist fandom, but bring it! Seriously, we’re only presenting the arguments here, not picking a side. Nintendo’s legally in the right, but morally speaking? That’s debatable.

Either way, tell us about your thoughts on the matter in the comments below. We look forward to reading your input. Anyway, Nintendo’s keen on remaking their back catalogue, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you’ll love our list of games that deserve remakes. Check it out, and until next time, happy gaming, y’all!

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