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Dota 2 Not An Elite Sport In Sweden

Valve had decided that The International 10 tournament would take place in Sweden. But as of now, Sweden has considered Dota 2 to not be an elite sport. As the T10 tournament was unable to take place last year due to the Covid-19. And due to this, the current T10 tournament was supposed to be […]Read More


Nemestice; DOTA 2’s New Heavily Controversial Battlepass

Not so abnormal is the regular revenue generation from one of the biggest companies in the videogame industry. Valve today released a new event for their popular title DOTA 2 named ‘Nemestice’, but the real twist alongside it was a brand new Battlepass that normally withheld the few previous months of The International. Since this […]Read More

CS:GO Newest Update Makes You Pay To Play Ranked

With the newest update from Valve, it seems that players of CS:GO will have to pay to play ranked matches. However, ranked matches are not the only thing that players will have to pay for either. There are a few more features that CS:GO players will have to pay for rather than having it for […]Read More

Dota 2 The International 10 Is Finally Back With A

Due to Covid-19 Valve was unable to hold its most recognized and famous tournament, The International 10, last year. Thankfully, that is not the case this year. As The International 10 will be happening this year. Starting on the 5th of August and located in Stockholm, Sweden. Teams from around the world will be coming […]Read More

Dota 2 Will Now Let You Track Your Favorite Team

Team profiles are the newest feature to be added by Valve. This new feature can be used to follow the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) from in-game clients. This is something new for Dota 2. While other games have had this feature built-in for some time. This has been a great way to get regular players […]Read More

Valve Offers CS:GO Cheaters An Olive Branch

VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, which is a system set in place by Valve. It is basically an automated system set up by Valve to detect cheating inside CS:GO. This is done by detecting cheats installed on the player’s computer. In the case of CS:GO when a player tries to access a VAC server. In […]Read More

DOTA 2 Stats and New 7.29 Patch Predictions

The Singapore Major concludes the first season of this year’s DOTA 2 Pro Circuit. And as a forthcoming for the next big patch-reveal coming presumably this Friday, there is plenty to speculate what it shall hold. What’s confirmed as of yet is that a new hero will be making their entrance to the game alongside […]Read More

The DOTA 2 Singapore Major Day-3 Standings

The main Singapore Major event reaches the conclusion of its third day and there have been plenty of unexpected results for the DOTA 2 event. Fan-favourite teams saw themselves exiting the event even before the main Playoffs Bracket. A fan would be surprised to see which teams are sitting both in the Upper and Lower […]Read More

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Announced?

Netflix has had an abundance of anime added to their streaming service and has also found great success with their own original anime series as well ( Devilman Crybaby being one that has been praised by audiences and critics alike). Although with Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Netflix has finally decided to create their first original anime […]Read More

DOTA 2: The Dilemma, TI and Future in 2021

E-sports; a rising contender for the world’s most successful industries has hinged on a rocky road since the spread of the world pandemic. Yet, where many other professions have succumbed to great tolls, E-sports such as DOTA 2 has exemplified how the digital venue can take the limelight of perseverance with its whole growing online […]Read More