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TikTok Cup: TikTok’s entrance to the esports scene

An intriguing announcement comes from the popular app TikTok regarding college esports. The news holds a big scenario for their entrance to the esports scene. They have announced that they are partnering up with Collegiate Starleague and shall be commencing not one, but multiple online esports tournaments for League Of Legends, Rocket League, CS: GO […]Read More

League of Legends: Riot Games Has Canceled The Mid-Season Invitational

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has led to many esports organizers canceling their events. It has badly affected the esports industry as almost every big event has been either postponed or canceled. And now, Riot Games has officially confirmed that they have decided to cancel the Mid-Season Invitational for League of Legends. For those who don’t […]Read More

Northern League Of Legends Championship (NLC)

Northern League Of Legends Championship will have Riot Games hand a great deal of responsibility to the capable DreamHack who shall be hosting region-specific League Of Legends Championship for Northern Europe. It shall be the official League of Legends Competition within the region. It shall have two seasons per year. Twelve selected teams shall make […]Read More

Riot Games Announce Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship

Riot Games announce the start-up of the esports scene for Teamfight Tactics. They officially unveil the Galaxies Championship that will start in May. It shall provide the first ever official esports championship for the title. “Today we are excited to announce the first global tournament for TFT – The Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship — and […]Read More

Vodafone Giants gain partnership with Chupa Chups

Another interesting partnership is observed in the esports scene with the organization Vodafone Giants making a deal with Chupa Chups. The organization comes forward for their role in League of Legends and many other esports titles; they welcome the Spanish brand to their partners family. This comes after a previous sponsorship of another food industry […]Read More

League of Legends Developers Talk About Future Content

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has made many companies and organizations close their offices. This has been done to prevent the disease from spreading. While some companies have decided to completely halt their operations until things get better, others are telling their employees to work from home. The esports industry has been also been badly affected […]Read More

Rogue Warriors’ WeiYan handed a 2-year ban

Rogue Warriors come in the headlines from the LPL Discipline Committee with their player WeiYan facing a 24-month ban. The LPL has handed hefty punishment for both the player and his organization. It came to be known that the player was released as soon as accusations proved to be true. That, however, did not leave […]Read More

League of Legends Will Soon Get Autofill Balance

League of Legends might be one of the biggest video games in the world, but it still has some issues. And by issues, we’re not talking about bugs and glitches. Over the past few months, players have constantly complained about the existence of the autofill feature. For those who don’t know, this feature basically brings […]Read More

LEC Legends European Championship returns

News come forward about League Of Legends and the update to the postponed LEC. Organizers chose the online option and thus are moving forward to begin the event this Friday. “Due to the ongoing developments of the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to play the remainder of the 2020 LEC Spring Split 100% remotely online, […]Read More